Alex Ovechkin Hit in the Face by a Puck (Photo)


Photo credit: @ovi8

Alex Ovechkin was hit in the face with a puck during Thursday morning’s practice. As initially reported by District Sports Page, Ovechkin was struck in the chin by his own deflected shot. He left the ice, bleeding and swearing. A team spokesman reports that Ovechkin will get stitches for the injury. Ovi himself tweeted the photo above.

Here’s how The Washington Times’ Stephen Whyno says it went down:

Goaltender Braden Holtby made a save, and the puck bounced up and appeared to hit Ovechkin on the chin.

In Ovi’s absence, Aaron Volpatti (5 points in 59 career games) skated on the top line.

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  • How hard was that damn shot?! That looks nasty

  • finally, volpatti will silence his detractors and earn oates’ confidence as a top line winger, displacing ovechkin on the first line, and leading the capitals to the promised land.

  • JP

    I know he’s got that Gillette sponsorship; that’s going to make a close shave much tougher…

  • deb

    Ouch..that seriously hurt!!! Man only a hockey player could smile about that one

  • ouch! thats quite the gash

  • Dominic

    He forgot how to hockey.

  • The beard is coming! The beard is coming! It’s gonna be sick!

  • I was actually at practice and my brother and I had no idea what had happened! We just saw Ovi facedown on the ice for about half a minute and Mike Green was signaling for somebody from the bench to come over when Ovi finally got up. He threw his stick into the bench on the way to the locker room, swearing the whole way. Now I can see why he didn’t come back to practice…

  • 28IS(still)GREAT

    I blame Holtby! (kidding)