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Filip Forsberg was impressive in Leksands IF’s first game of the Kvalserien, scoring two goals in a 3-1 win over Michael Nylander’s Sodertalje SK. On Thursday, the 2012 first-round pick was at it again, this time tallying two more goals in a 8-3 blowout win over Timra IK.

His first goal is at the 22-second mark. His second begins at 56 seconds.

With five goals in seven tournament games, Forsberg is second in the Kvalserien goal-scoring race and fifth in the point race with eight. Not bad for an 18-year-old.

The blowout win was also important because it basically guarantees Leksand a promotion to Elitserien, Sweden’s top hockey league, next season. With three games to go, second-place Leksand is nine points ahead of the third-place team Timra. Even if Leksand loses all three games and Timra wins all three, their points will be equal at 18. Leksand has a ridiculous 24-goal advantage over Timra in the tie-breaking goal differential (+17 for Leksand and -7 for Timra), so it is almost impossible for Timra to qualify.

Forsberg’s last game is scheduled on April 5th. After that, he is eligible to join the Capitals organization.

Filip Forsberg: so good he gets his own t-shirt.


Photo credit: Leksand Facebook page

Additional reporting by Ian Oland.

  • Do you have an English link to order one of those shirts?

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    Looks like, within couple days we will know, whether Forsberg maybe will get an opportunity to play several games (5 or less) for the (new?) Caps at the end of April, when Caps will play 6 of last 8 games at home.
    It seems, the other Caps prospect, Kuznetsov, would also potentially be free soon, after his Traktor Chelyabinsk dramatically lost 5:6 in overtime, after leading 5:3 10 min before the end of third period, and now trailing AK Bars Kazan’ 1-3 in KHL conferences finals.

    On another note, since RMNB was practically the first site in USA that reported about dramatic meteor explosion above Kuznetsov’ Chelyabinsk, it might be of interest, that PBS has premiered a 1-hour Nova program about that event. Highly recommend to see it with first scientific analysis of many video footage of the event (including those showed on this site), trip to those places, interview with M. Garnett, Canadian GT of Traktor, computer modeling of the whole event, like practically it is Earth that hit asteroid, who unfortunately for it passed by minding its business, and many more. Surely it would be repeated and it also available online.

  • I want that shirt

  • we already got a #16 here kid