George McPhee Speaks for a Really Long Time (Video)


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Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee spoke twice today– first to Mike Vogel and later to the general press corps. He covered pretty much everything in those chats: injuries, the trade deadline, incoming prospects (including his desire for Forsberg to come over). While he was non-committal about his plans for the deadline (“There may be a lot happening. There may be nothing happening. I don’t know.”), McPhee did chalk up his team’s difficulties this season to injuries. Just like he did last year.

McPhee spoke for nearly 40 minutes. There’s a lot to discuss here. Stay tuned for that. For now, here’s the full video.

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  • Hockeynightincanada

    Video stopped working for me at around 14:00, but I guess I wasn’t missing anything that I didn’t already know. Quite comical how many fans can always predict what excuses he will use in interviews.

    Is he really pondering having Kuznetsov as his #2C if he can’t re-sign Ribs? Both he and Forsberg are primarily wingers, although have played center before. No pressure kid 🙂

    McPhee’s overestimation of his talent has hindered this team in the past….I fear the worst is yet to come if this keeps up, especially if either Forsberg, Wilson, or Kuznetsov don’t pan out to what scouts say they will.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Oh, and RMNB should be the official page or reporters for the Caps, since they seem to answer more questions and provide more to fans than the professionals.

  • Yv

    Curious timing of this meeting.You can understand if this meeting has been scheduled for after deadline when you can talk about a lot of things. It was obvious that GMGM,and as most other GMs, would not open up about trade deadline plans. Otherwise, the main purpose of this meeting is really obscure. It is not a message to the team, to coaches or to fans. But what is clear is that GMGM is not looking as before. It seems, he is under much more stress and much more reserved than usual.

    On another note, it seems known here Slava Malamud start publishing in Sport-Express his big interview with Adam Oates about Ovi. It looks like one of the most upbeat interviews and words about Ovi you can read. Such AO phrases as “…believe me, you didn’t see even a part of what Ovi can do… You can’t even imagine who he would be after the year..etc.” really striking.

  • johnnymorte

    Strong undertones that he’s looking to trade…and not defensemen or goalies. Based upon the initial offer to Ribeiro, they;re not looking to have him past three years with a decrease in salary on a per year basis. If they don’t sign him and we make playoffs, things can get ugly as he’ll be looking for a lucrative contract. He is the catalyst on the PP, and that’s irreplaceable right now. If we don’t make playoffs his value is going to drop and that’s the best situation regarding who’s hand looks better. I say pay him heavy on a short term deal. We’ve got good prospects coming up if we lose some of these perennial third liners it’s not a big deal i.e. Chimera, Ward. These guys are overpaid. I would love to see Briere in a caps uniform. The Flyers have some good assets and they’re sucking wind. Get on that GMGM.