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Claude Giroux is one of the best and toughest players in the NHL. Last season, he had 93 points for the Flyers and then played beer pong two weeks after getting dual wrist surgery. It’s hard not to like him.

Capitals rookie defenseman Steve Oleksy is pretty tough customer too. Midway through the third period of Sunday’s game, as Giroux tried to glove the puck, Oleksy delivered a big, clean, open-ice hit on the Flyers captain.


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It was the epitome of a clean hit, but don’t tell that to the Flyers’ Jake Voracek.

After Giroux hit the ice, Voracek skated a beeline towards Oleksy with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

Voracek bloodied Oleksy in the fight, as the latter had his jersey pulled over his head.

While Flyers fans raised to their feet to salute their young Czech for idiotically fighting a player after a clean hit, they got really mad when the Philadelphia announcer read out the penalties. That was pleasant.

Voracek received a five-minute major for fighting, a ten-minute misconduct, two-minutes for instigating, and two-minutes for instigating while wearing a face shield. I’ve never seen an instigator called in a Caps game, so excuse me while I go change my trousers.

Both Marcus Johansson and Alex Ovechkin scored on the resulting four-minute power play. Then they gave up their two-goal lead in the final ten minutes and loss in overtime 5-4.

Let’s give a stick tap to Steve Oleksy for making a great play on open ice. That bloody sacrifice should have been rewarded with a big win, but big wins are hard to come by this year.


Photo credit: Paul Bereswill

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  • Yv

    That’s just a shame that such sacrifice by Oleksy didn’t end up in a win, while total stupidity of Voracek turned out to be a winner for Flyers.

    On another note, Ovi continues his torrid scoring pace, and it is even more interesting to hear Adam Oates’ big interview to S. Malamud about Ovi. I’m sure you will probably cover it. Really fascinating stuff.

  • flyers4ever

    Oleksy got bloodied, Flyers win. It’s a good day.

  • Alex Ovetjkin

    Alex Ovetjkin blog already covered the interview, which I’m assuming that’s where you read it so why would you say this blog needs to cover it too…give TJ’s blog some friken credit too.

  • Sage Confucius

    Great open ice hit by Oleksy. Voracek is an idiot for going after him. If I was Giroux I would talk to Voracek about retaliating after a clean but hard check. That four minute penalty should have cost the Flyers the game. There’s no excuse for going after a guy playing good hockey.

  • Yv

    I dont know who TJ is but I know about your AO site. I have mentioned about the first part of the interview here on Friday and thought that rmnb might would be interested to cover. Sorry, didnt know before this post that you partially covered it yesterday.

  • TJ is great.

  • Barack Obama

    I think Claude can take care of himself… he doesn’t need a damn babysitter.

  • freckleface81

    That was pretty much just gross. No other way to describe it. And, by the way, is a perfect example of why the tacit permission for fighting in hockey is disgusting.
    Yes he got put in the time out corner, yes it nearly cost his team the game (lord would I have loved if it did), yes he broke both the actual rules and the “unwritten” rules of fighting but seriously, if fighting wasn’t so accepted as some “integral part of the game” (an integral part of the game which is completely against the rules of said game), we wouldn’t have some idiot running around punching people in the face for no good reason.

  • give me ten binkys and i’ll give you the world

  • is the correct pluralization “binkys” or “binkies”?

  • rebel177

    Great hit by Oleksy- Caps took advantage of PP opportunities and seemingly were well in control. We’ll see how much the frittering of a golden chance to win costs [ or doesn’t ] come last few games as all scramble to oblivion or playoffs. Don’t see Voracek getting any league discipline but he’s at least worth a look.

  • Rhino40

    From Webster’s North American Hockey Dictionary:
    Bink-y (Bĭnk’) 1. n A common brand of rubber infant pacifier sold in English-speaking countries 2. n. Nickname of professional hockey defenseman Steve Oleksy (see). Lat. bincare: “to kabong”, “to beat the living crap out of”, “having the heart of a lion”. pl. Binkii, Binkæ
    That answer your question?

  • Rhino40

    Get back under your bridge, troll…and stay there!

  • CapsCrybabies

    It seems the fans have followed their captain in whining every time they get a bump or bruise. Whaaaa it was a clean hit and he punched our guy whaaaaaa… Clean hit or not the Flyers are a team playing in desperation. It was a big hit on his captain and he was going to extract some revenge BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT GOOD TEAMMATES DO FOR THEIR CAPTAIN. Too bad the Caps captain doesn’t garner that much respect from his teammtes, or the Caps faithful might know a little something about that.

  • Rhino40

    Vokracek has no honor, he has no Code, and God is watching…

  • CapsCrybabies

    That was Voracek’s first fight of his NHL career. Hardly a goon…

  • freckleface81

    I didn’t call anyone a goon. I said the incident was gross and he’s an idiot that punched a guy in the face for no good reason.
    I don’t care if he’s never done it before and won’t do it again, I don’t care that Oleksy doesn’t seem to care, I don’t care that noone was hurt etc etc. It was a shameful display of unsportsmanlike conduct, that only happens because fighting is tolerated in the “unwritten rules of the game”. The fact that this was even against THOSE rules make him an idiot, generally for not being able to tell a clean hit from a dirty one, and the fans cheering him on disgusting bloodlusty brutes.

  • CapsCrybabies

    I guess you just don’t really like hockey then.

  • john

    You Russians will never understand North American hockey (smile). Sheesh. It doesn’t matter whether the hit was clean, and never has in the history of hockey. Guys go after your star player, you try to beat the shit out of ’em. Stupidity? Look around the league: (nearly) all of the American and Canadian players play that way, and increasingly Eastern Europeans and even Russians. You make guys think about the repercussions of being heavy-handed with your stars, you get the stars room to skate, and you keep them a little safer. They get you wins.