Caps Trade Filip Forsberg for Martin Erat

Jeff Gross

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Wednesday’s trade deadline was pretty tame for the Washington Capitals until a few minutes after 3 PM, when we heard Mike Vogel that the team had “something brewing.”

Then… about two hours of speculating and waiting. The Capitals were “incredibly mum” according to Bob McKenzie. The Caps Report video special with Alan May, Mike Vogel, and John Walton went into extra innings– vamping to fill time until the news broke. George McPhee declined to name the trade until all involved players were named.

Those players  turned out to be Martin Erat, a 31-year old RW lefty from Nashville, and Caps prospect Filip Forsberg. Nashville threw in Michael Latta as well.

Erat takes big minutes for Nashville and drives play, but has had a rough season with the Predators this year. Erat makes $4.5M each year with two years left on his contract. That’s a hefty price tag for a top-6 player, and under a constricting salary cap it raises some quandaries for the Caps next season.

McPhee and Leonsis both recently called Forsberg the future of the franchise, a talented young forward from Sweden expected to join Hershey this month.

This is a bad trade.

Press release:


Capitals Acquire Martin Erat and Michael Latta from Nashville

The Czech Republic native ranks second in Predators history in career points, goals, assists and games played

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Washington Capitals have acquired forwards Martin Erat (mahr-TIHN EE-rat) and Michael Latta (MIGH-kuhl LA-tuh) from the Nashville Predators in exchange for forward Filip Forsberg, vice president and general manager George McPhee announced today.

Erat, 31, has recorded 21 points (four goals, 17 assists) and 26 penalty minutes in 36 games with Nashville this season. He ranked tied for first on Nashville in points and led the team in assists at the time of the trade. Erat ranked second among Nashville forwards in time on ice per game (18:55) and tied for second among Nashville forwards in power-play time on ice per game (2:41). He was named an alternate captain for Nashville this season.

The native of Trebic, Czech Republic, currently ranks second in Nashville franchise history in career points (481), goals (163), assists (318), games played (723), game-winning goals (26) and ranks third in power-play goals (42). He recorded a career-high 58 points (19 goals, 39 assists) last season for Nashville and has eclipsed the 50-point plateau in five of the last six seasons. The three-time 20-goal scorer has represented the Czech Republic in the World Championships (three times), World Junior Championships (twice) and the Winter Olympic Games in 2006 and 2010.

The 6’, 196-pound forward has registered 23 points (eight goals, 15 assists) in 46 career playoff games with Nashville, ranking second in playoff scoring, games played, assists and fourth in goals in Nashville postseason history.

Erat was drafted by Nashville in the seventh round (191st overall) in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft. He has played all 723 of his career NHL games with Nashville.

Latta, 21, ranks second on the Milwaukee Admirals (AHL) in points (34) and first in assists (26) among active players. He compiled a plus-9 rating and 184 penalty minutes (led the team) in 67 games played this season. In 122 career AHL games with Milwaukee, the St. Clements, Ontario, native has recorded 23 goals, 41 assists and 286 penalty minutes.

The 6’, 215-pound center was drafted by Nashville in the third round (72nd overall) of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. He will report to Hershey.


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  • Horrible trade. I’m embarrassed to be a Caps fan today.

  • Jack


  • ugh

  • Chris

    What a horrible trade. I am livid with GM GM its time for him to go

  • This is unbelievable. One of the best prospects in the world traded like this. GM knows as much about hockey as Milbury. DC must riot!

  • katzistan

    This makes absolutely no sense. Our future for a guy with four goals?

  • Fedor

    Doesn’t Forsberg project to be a 50-to-60 winger… In other words, Martin Erat?

  • Quinn

    wow. shoulda just stayed pat. wow. that is one bad bad trade

  • Livid. Absolutely salty

  • king


  • Bill S.

    So disappointing.

  • What was THIS???? The Caps were doing just fine this season, they didn’t need a guy who would help them for one season and then get injured for the rest of his career. Forsberg was a STEAL in last year’s draft, well, now they just traded in the diamond for a lump of salt…

  • northernMD

    Hey… HEY… he had 20 goals in 09…

  • Mike Honcho

    The Caps are loaded with prospects… Kuznetsov, Wilson, Barber, etc… Step back from the ledge guys… or don’t, you fucking pathetic pieces of shit.

  • doh !!

    fail….but seriously, why is anyone shocked anymore ?

  • Michael Honcho

    I’m embarrassed to be a human being alongside of you buddy.

  • What??? WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! McFee I was one of your biggest backers but………. WHAT HAVE YOU JUST DONE TO OUR FUTURE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Josh

    I actually can’t wait to see Marty in a Caps jersey.

  • So angry

  • =(

  • None of them are the forward that Forsberg is

  • Mike Honcho

    McPhee doesn’t care about your faith in his job performance!

  • Why!??! Terrible trade.

  • I’m looking for a new car, does anyone want my reliable 2001 Camry with 250,000 miles on it? I’m looking for around $50,000…

  • WHAT??

    I have loved GMGM for years and stood behind him the whole way. No more after this. Horrid trade. Even if he was a prospect, he was a steal last year and the future of the team. Screw GMGM. Instead of building for the future, he does nada for the present while destroying the future.

  • Mike Honcho

    My only gripe with the trade is that he didn’t send that pussy Shultz or Chimera the other way.

  • CM

    This is the worst. I don’t even… This caps team, the one that’s .500 and despite occasional flashes of brilliance can best be described as “meh” has no business making this trade. I was never in the “blow it up” camp but this mortgage is the exact opposite of what we should be doing right now.

  • Quinn

    alright chris we got it. you don’t like the trade

  • Manitoba_Mercy

    thanks this calmed me down a bit. I forgot. plus erat produces so we should make it to the playoffs this year hopefully

  • John.

    And this is why idc what Peter Hassett has to say. This was a great trade.

  • Even is that is the case think of it this way: Foresburg is not even 20, would have multipul years under an entry level deal, would be our restricted free agent, and could be our next Nikki to play with Kuzy. Now we have a 4.5M cap hit for a 31 y/o and we potentially lose 10-11 years out of this player by switching.

  • chukwukamso

    remember: now we get to hear Wes Johnson yell MARTIIIIIIIN EEEEEEERAT and that’ll be cool as heck

  • Mike Honcho

    More excited about Kuznetsov than Forsberg anyway. You fools be trippin! Deep draft this year too. Erat is a good playa, playas.

  • Justin

    This is the last straw for GMGM. He has to go. 2-3 years from not this will be looked at as one of the worst trades in Capitals history…

  • John

    I’m embarrassed that I actually read this dumb article.

  • Kait

    I’m not usually one to decry the actions of those a little more in the hockey world than I… but this was a TERRIBLE trade. A 31 year old who’s having a bad season for one of our top prospects, who would have been ready to join us potentially by the playoffs?

    Maybe it’s time GMGM gets his vision checked. I am thoroughly ticked off over this trade.

  • By this logic you wonder if GMGM would have traded Bryce Harper away.

  • Justin

    I bet he lets Ribiero walk after the season too…

  • Well, I’ve thought about this for the past five minutes, and, if we were really were planning on resting our franchise on this one kids’ shoulders, we would not have gotten very far, because although he is a producer, he is not exactly a great succesor to Ovi…

  • Michael P. Honcho

    Would be better than overpaying for Ribiero when they’ve got Kuznetsov coming in 2014. You fools be trippin!

  • I am really upset. I was hoping that Kuzy and this guy would be makign a big difference for us in the future, and honestly Kuzy seems to be a huge primadonna, making Forsberg a great backup if things got crazy. I was expecting Forsberg to be an anchor for our future. I am really bummed right now. This is a terrible trade IMO.

  • Forsberg was a STEAL at 11 and we give him up for 2 more years of mediocrity!?!?

  • Alex

    At first I was horrified, but the press release made me feel a little better… Just a little.

  • He wasn’t supposed to be, he was supposed to be the next Nikki to pair with Kuzy (think younger Ovi). Thus hammering down our top six with both younger and older pairs.

  • I’m also embarrassed but it has nothing to do with hockey or even this blog.

  • Mikey Honcho

    I’ll bet you haven’t even watched one Preds game this year to even know! Basing your opinion of a player on one season of numbers on a team that plays a defense first brand of hockey is unwise. So typical of Western thought.

  • Jeremiah

    the headline needs the emoticon version of a disgusted face. a good owner would have stopped this forsberg sells ticket erat disappoints in nashville. for an owner who always talked about building through the draft this is total crap trading away a great prospect so carelessly with a shallow pool of prospect that might come and play for you

  • well, this guy seemed like more of a scorer…

  • Bill Simmons

    What are they thinking of?

  • yourajoke

    kuzy is the only one in the same skill level as forsberg though.

    A lot of skill was just traded away dumbass.

  • Michael P. Honcho

    I don’t trust your opinion, you don’t even capitalize the first letter in your sentences… and you claim to be a CAPS fan. haha. Go take a cold shower buddy, you need to cool off like Fonzie.

  • Erat is mediocre and Kuzy + Philip were supposed to be a pair both coming in year after next.

  • Fedor

    Kuznetsov is definitely better than Forsberg.

  • KareeLyn

    I feel like people just starting drinking.

  • well, this seems relevant

  • SO_CAL_Brat

    April Fools???……right?

  • hodja

    srsly, you related to erat or something?

    I am guessing just plain dumb.

  • Fedor

    Would Forsberg be a 60 points guy right away? He’s at least two years away.

  • Deej

    Oh no. This is terrible news. What are they doing? Why? Why would we trade our top prospect for an aging, under performing veteran that we don’t particularly need right now?

  • Kuznetsov can’t be forced over to the NHL. Cap’s are loaning Forsberg, they call him over and he has to comply or be met with sanctions, to my understanding.

  • Mick Honcho

    Those were your expectations of Kuzy and Filip. Don’t get all mad at the Caps organization because they aren’t living up to the fantasy that you are projecting onto them!

  • Jeremiah

    would rather hear fillip forsssberg not mediocre erat who disappared in the preds with lots of ice time to have his name called

  • KareeLyn


  • is Erat going to be a 60 point guy ever again? I’ll dice roll on Forsberg getting there in two years and staying/surpassing for another 10 than hoping Erat is the Caps missing piece

  • mike honcho

    Nah, it’s just entertaining to see all you Caps freaks lose your shit over a deadline day deal. How many Chrises are posting right now?

  • silentmachine

    I’m not happy about this trade but I’m withholding most of my judgment until I see how Erat performs in the Caps’ system but… Didn’t RMNB (or someone else?) post something a little bit ago about the Caps being one of the oldest teams in the league? THIS IS NOT HELPING

  • David

    This franchise is all about keeping the seats filled, not about winning a Stanley Cup. If Ted was serious about winning, he wouldn’t have allowed this to happen. This is Ted’s doing, not GMGM’s.

    Now we’re on the hook for another 4.5 million next year, I’m assuming we’re just going to let Ribeiro walk?

  • Jeremiah

    that is not really loaded first no real guaruntee that kuzya ever comes over. seccond two other names is really shallow compared to every other team in nhl no first round ick no top prospect coming back thisis a really bad trade to a shallow prospect pool for the caps

  • Josh

    He was in the 2nd tier Swedish league, we have no clue how good he will be. He is a good prospect but Kuznetsov is said to be better then him anyway.

  • Mikey H.

    According to you… but you don’t appear to be a professional hockey scout. My apologies if you are though.

  • DHasek

    I just McPheed myself…

  • 28IS(still)GREAT

    I’m not as convinced this was a bad deal. No way to objectively measure how “good” or “bad” this was until Forsberg goes pro full time. For now, its objectively a net positive as we’ve acquired another winger that should in theory start to produce right away.

    Of course, if its anything like our previous pick up from Nashville (Ward), then maybe we just got saddled with an under performing asset and disproportionate cap drain. We’ll soon know.

    Stay calm. We all know the real gem in the development pipeline is Kuznetsov. Lets just hope he doesn’t get drafted by the Red Army.

  • This post and the vast majority of the comments make me embarrassed to be a Caps fan.

  • You failed literature class I’m guessing.

  • Kevin

    Ownership should be embarrassed. It would be one thing if Teddy was hands off and let GMGM hang himself. But you know Leonisis signed off on this. 5 year plan? Nahh sorry Caps fans his goal is to sell out the season, make the playoffs and get extra income. Nothing he has ever done would make an outsider think he “plans” to win a Cup.

  • Jim

    Damn I know a lot of caps fans don’t know much about hockey and it appears that Hassett is one of them. This was a great deal.

  • Red Army? Way to go with Russian insults on a Russian-positive website

  • Alex

    Well, there goes one top prospect… Now our brightest potential stars are Wilson and Kuznetsov. Actually, I do feel a LITTLE better now… NOW PLEASE GEORGE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON”T TRADE EITHER OF THEM!!!

  • I’m not a fan of this trade. It’s the possibility of the future over the short term. I think we could have traded more expendable players to make this deal.

  • Mike Honcho

    Plenty of skilled players have failed to have sterling NHL careers. Your insult does not concern me.

  • Forsberg wasn’t even playing in the Elitiswhatever. Essentially the Swedish AHL. Prospect for a top-six sure thing. This COULD end up being an awful trade. But right now, I don’t believe it is.

  • mike honcho

    Do all you whiners realize that you’re losing your shit over a guy that has yet to play an NHL game? Plenty of touted prospects turn out to be busts. You never can tell. Gotta get back to real life. Eat a dick. Honcho out.

  • El Domesch

    Holy shit, we traded away a 70 goal-scorer… oh wait, he hasn’t even played in the NHL…

  • kyle schoembs

    So what does this mean for Rib’s future with the Caps? With the cap limit going down next year will we have room? He was asking for something like 4/5 years $4/$5 mill per.

  • I can’t even deal with all you “caps fans” right now.

    The outcry is embarrassing. Forsberg is not a sure fire top six and wouldn’t have helped us for a long time.

  • Thank you.

  • Mike Honcho

    One last thing before I go: Y’all should be more pissed that Schultz and Chimmer are slated to eat up $4.5 million next year than Erat. Get rid of those two whackers and factor in Wolski and Poti as UFA’s…. bam there’s your Ribiero, provided he actually wants to sign with the Caps again. Critical thinking…man, what it can do…

  • People really are overreacting… Forsberg is an awesome prospect but he’s never played above 2nd tier Sweden and Erat is a 45+ point a year guy. Yea Forsberg could end up being amazing but he could also end up staying in Sweden or being vastly overrated. Give the trade time to play out first.

  • I cannot believe this. Horrible trade. And I’ll eat these words if we win the cup this year but right now I need to go find a rainstorm where I can go cry and wail and rend my clothes because I hate everything and this is terrible and I thought you merciless jerks weren’t going to break my heart again until we played the isles tomorrow.

  • deej

    If we don’t make the playoffs this year, we basically just gave away our 1st round top prospect for nothing. Not to mention what this does to our cap space next year.

  • GMGM

    Schultz and Chimmer makin’ 4.5 million bones next season, and y’all are bitchin about Erat?

  • Freeman Lee

    So your official stance is: Erat for FF isn’t so terrible because FF has yet to play an NHL game, but no way in hell is keeping Ribeiro worth it because we’ve got Kuz…. who has yet to play an NHL game?


  • Hockeynightincanada

    For every good move, be it hiring, sign, or trade GMGM has made, he’s made 3 bad ones afterwards. He’s a “C” graded GM with a team that went as far as the Cup Finals with a team he inherited.

    I don’t care too much about this trade overall. Never was high on Forsberg, but Erat isn’t anything special either nor is Latta. A nothing for nothing deal.

  • OK, look, this trade means very little, at least for now, and we will never really know the effects, Forsberg might have been successful with the Caps, but not with the Preds, or maybe vice versa. If it REALLY is as bad as some of you guys are making it, then we will end up with great draft picks in the coming seasons, so it evens out.

    Trades like this just show how smart the workings of sports leagues really are. If we do badly because of this, we will end up with players better than Forsberg. So it is made to even out. Stop stressing over this, and besides, posting an angry comment isn’t going to change the results

  • Question for the pro-Forsberg people – what has he done that gives you any indication he will even be as good as Erat as the NHL, let alone better? Have you looked at this stats in the Swedish second league? I’m guessing no…

  • Hockeynightincanada

    You really don’t understand the dynamic of being a Washington Capitals fan do you? (smiley)

    Angry commenting is one of our main characteristics

  • Pete


  • Hockeynightincanada

    Scott Stevens, the gift that just keeps giving, turns into Martin Erat in the end of all things so far.

  • Pete


  • WOW, Marty is sure to produce more in the Caps lineup than he did within the Pred’s system, but still, I don’t think it is ever a good idea to trade away top end prospects like Forsberg, and if you’re going to, put it out there and likely get a lot more than Erat! Bad trade in my opinion!

  • I think they make you fill out an agreement to do so when you watch your first game

  • Pete


  • Oh, and I do that plenty, but, we are physically repeating the same message over and over. I post angry comments toward San Fransisco Giants fans daily, but I say different things every time


    There is so much failed logic here and assumptions made on nothingness.


  • Champ

    Suck this mcphee, you suck! just like you signed Jeff Schultz for 4yrs…. Dumba$$

  • Hockeynightincanada

    But it is fun!

  • Hendybobendy26

    Dont say that…. you may be upset over this trade, but team didn’t do anything to deserve talk like that.

  • fdsa

    Real life? Your life assumes to be trolling RMNB. You account for 25% of posts on this thread and they hate on any view point. If there is a “real life” for you, I would go back to it quickly. Your internet life isn’t too glamorous.

  • If you would like to point out what I have said that is incorrect, I gladly ask you to, I am taking courses on sports science, and I would like your sincere corrections

  • Dark Stranger

    Don’t quite agree with the timing of this trade. I would say this was not the year to be trading futures for veterans when team probably has to reload anyhow and the odds are, it would not result in a long run. Trading team’s #1 prospect for a vet would have made more sense 2-3 years ago when team had more talent.

  • to say the same thing over and over?
    That’s like saying that running around in circles for an hour is fun…

  • overreact this

    A what should have been fourth overall draft pick was just traded for Erat. The reaction is tame if you ask me.

  • seandlax9

    I think GMGM reads all the bad things we say about him and he just got all of us back in one fell swoop.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    I am upset over the direction this team took after 2008 when they deciding to go for a one-dimensional offensive run and gun team….failed to address the teams holes at the blueline (and they still are), and taking so long to provide a #2 Center behind Backstrom. Lack of toughness in the players standing up for each other also diminished for a good period of time, although it is somewhat starting to re-generate. Overall, there is a multitude of reasons a lot of us are frustrated with how this team is being constructed. Doesn’t just reflect this poor season or trade.

  • fad

    We traded away what could have been great for a known mediocre. The guy was said from GMGM to be the future of the franchise. It was a dumb trade.

  • People are just mad that they waited around for hours for a pompous announcement of this “news”.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    I was just saying the same thing earlier. It was a good payback!

  • seandlax9

    At least I have something recent to reply with when my friends of other sports teams ask me why all Washington sports fans are giant cynics.

  • I invite everybody to read up on our coverage of Forsberg over the past year and come to your own conclusions about him as a player. Tons of video and highlights of his goals.

  • Manitoba_Mercy

    Truth is this was not an even trade which is why i can understand the negativity but it should help us immediately. Luckily we have decent depth.

  • The best European skater in the draft. Leader, smart player, he’s versatile — can be a scorer or a checker. I bet he stays in the league longer than Kuznetsov will.

  • Trevor

    Seems Legit

  • Buck

    April Fools….?

  • Chukwukamso — I love your positivity here. It helps. Haha.

  • Yea i mean I wanted him to stay as much as anyone else and think he’ll be a good player. But i wouldn’t go so far to say im embarrassed to be a fan, I’d give it some time and see how Erat pans out after finally coming to an offensive system.

  • John, why do you think so?

  • Yeah, we know. You guys fancy European prospects.

  • I’m with you, Christoffer.

  • Pete

    I don’t understand how with Forsberg on the table we couldn’t get something better than Erat? Iginla, Pomenville, Gaborik were all apparently up for sale.

  • We can’t make assumptions about a kid who plays against goalies who are basically neuvy 5 years ago…

  • Joben

    Can’t decide which is a more appropriate reaction:

  • Stay that way until we see Erat play

  • I am. I think the team is mediocre and to trade the future for another old, overpaid guy and another minor leaguer who might have a future as a bottom line dude, is embarrassing. Ribeiro should have been flipped for picks or prospects. We have way too many veteran defenders. I just don’t understand what McPhee is doing anymore. This move feels panicky.

  • Thanks for having my back, hodja. Haha. 😀

  • Holy_Cal — I guess you’re super excited about the deal? Why? Would love to hear your perspective.

  • You can have an experimental Saab being built in Sweden right now if you throw in a ’11 Chevy.

  • I always value proven players over draft picks. Ryan Leaf was a very sad sad lesson in life for me to learn. So, no, I don’t have a problem with this trade.

  • My head is spinning. We had the best prospect pair going, and now it’s down the drain. What a freakin’ gut punch. What mealy-mouthed explanation will we be fed in response to this?!

  • JT

    I’m trying to figure out how GMGM is going to blame Gabby for this one.

  • “This is a bad trade.” I don’t get how anyone can say this with even a smidgen of certainty.

  • Something to keep in mind and you see this in the NFL, owners and management blow up a player “future of the franchise” to get greater value for him. For one reason or another, it is clear there has been intent to trade Forsberg.

  • northernMD

    And the kicker on top is that now how do we resign ribero and alzner in the offseason. I was completely ok with tanking this season given the talent at the top of the draft, and most fans would have understood too given the shortened season a mediocre year. And now we can barely resign our players and have put all our hopes on Kuzy to improve the team in 2 years.

  • Peter

    How about “this reflects bad priorities for the caps”?

    Erat might do great. If the Caps win the cup this year, I’ll sing McPhee’s praises. I’d have rather the transaction go towards creating a team that can make the playoffs in all of the next few seasons. Erat is in decline, consumes salary space, doesn’t play center, and will probably be gone in 2 years. Forsberg is infinitely more fungible than erat and hasn’t been evaluated fully yet. He might be garbage or great, but now we know he won’t be anything except the guy we dealt for Erat.

    I’m prioritizing the long term fortune of the team over improvement now (not that erat is a rental). I think this trade does the opposite of that, so I think it’s bad.

  • Top six for this year wasn’t a priority? Making playoffs wasn’t a priority? They had strength on RW and dealt from it. Have to give up something to get something.

  • If he were great he’d be in the NHL now. Instead he’s decent in the Swedish second league.

  • Hendybobendy26

    I’m just a stickler for never saying words like “embarrassed” when talking about your team. Bashing this trade & gmgm will not improve the situation, & whinning is really annoying. In the grand scheme of things, I think everybody is overreacting. Prospects usually never work out the way we think they will, & if this helps us win now, where FF would have help is later, I’m okay with that. But leave it to Caps fans to think one player will make a team.

  • ChuchutrainLA

    I do not know why but I am kind of appalled by this trade. Are we moving from being a white-collar hockey club to being a blue-collar, dump and chase, low-IQ, low skill, grinder crew where we staff the team not with players representing the best the individual hockey nations have to offer to having but with guys whose best accomplishment is a compliment by Millbery-Cherry types because they “play-hard”?
    Reality check: this is NHL. Everybody plays hard here. Not everybody can produce. ……. PISSSSSSED. Is GMGM falling pray to the Canadian gung-hoe commentators who just love to hate OV, europeans, and intelligent beatiful hockey Caps play?

  • Peter

    Priorities are stack ranked, and at this point in the team’s cycle I’d prioritize their ability to make the playoffs in a realigned east in the future (which will be hard) above their ability to make the playoffs this year, which is still uncertain and likely unfruitful.

    But again: that’s a value judgment. I didn’t think the caps needed to be better now– but they gotta be better in the future. Hopefully erat can help on both time frames, but his clock is already ticking.

  • Okie Dokie. I’m no hockey blogger, and my expertise is in Orioles baseball and local politics… but here we go.

    A. Forsberg has never played a single minute at the NHL level, and only at the second level in Sweden. He isn’t facing the top talent in the world night in and night out like Erat is.

    B. He is a prospect. He offers no value to a club until he can come in and compete on a daily basis. That is years away for Mr. Forsberg.

    C.Forsberg plays in Europe, and may not be able to translate his talents into our North American game. Smaller rinks, more physical, etc.

    D.Martin Erat is a top six forward, he is very talented with nice hands and is a slick skater. More importantly, he is left handed. We all know Oates covets left handed LW’s. He will fit in nicely with Ovie and Backstrom. Also. He back checks.

    E. If anything this moves signals intentions to win now (with the Southeast up for grabs), all while being in tune with the future. We still have Tom Wilson waiting in the wings, no pun intended.

    F. Michael Latta. A small centre with tons of heart and he was second on the Admirals in total points. I’ve read reports about the young man, and he sounds very promising, all whist being a tad undersized. Reminds me of Cody Eakin, whom I miss to this very day.

    G. McPhee is good talent evaluator, lets not pretend for a second that he isn’t. Shouldn’t the very fact we were willing to trade away such a ballyhooed player raise some flags? Shouldn’t we have been concerned when he fell to us in the draft? He was considered the second best European skater for the ’94 birth year.

    To be very honest, I was excited for his arrival and was hoping he’d land at Hershey, and when Dreger brought his name as a “theory” I was momentarily dejected at the premise of losing such a potential top talent. However, this season is wide open and anyone has a shot to win. I hate to go all Machiavelli on you guys, but in this case the end justifies the means. Plus, Forsberg isn’t a sure shot, why not sell high?

  • ChuchutrainLA

    FFFFF ME SIDEWAYS. We will regret this trade….Truly–>More so then losing Semin for nothing after he refused to return after being shitted on by the “Millberries.”

    GMGM needs to do a better keeping his head above the water of negative rhetoric lacking emperical evidence from the armchair QBs on NHL-N.

  • So.. if we don’t win the Stanley Cup in the next 2 years, is this trade considered a big fat FAIL??

  • Hockeynightincanada

    I understand that, and I like the name because Hendricks is awesome. I can play the Kool-Aid/Fence-sitter/Darkside well. It’s why I post on multiple blogs to interact with different types of fans. To be honest, Erat is good, but I don’t think he is a game-changing player. To me, I was just never a fan of the direction this team was going in. Some were. Depends on the perspective you have of the game. I am more of a tough-grind it out-defense and solid goaltending type than fire-wagon offense like others, but more importantly, I like balance. We haven’t really seen the Caps go out and address the holes on the blueline and it took a long time to get a #2C.

  • datroof

    He’s 17!! Do you think we will win the Stanley Cup this year? Because if we don’t then this was a bad trade. We traded a guy with big time potential for a mediocre aging player. Not only that, we will lose Ribs at the end of the year becuase this mediocre player costs too much. We traded a 2nd round pick and a prospect for Ribiero. So basically going forward, we lose a guy with top potential, a proven assist machine, a second round pick, an extra prospect for an overpaid aging player…this makes sense to you? GMGM, your time has come. Leave.

  • Hendybobendy26

    Thanks, hendy’s a bad ass, & I am hoping for a contract extension coming very soon. I like the grinders too, & I’m not much for superstars, I like balance as well. I just feel that the levels of overreaction are so high right now. If GM hadn’t made a move, he’d be cursed, he made a move, he’s still cursed, so damned if you do, damned if you dont. Do I think he made a stellar trade, no. Do I wish he had shipped Shultz the hell out, yes. But he didnt. I guess the only thing I can say is that if you are so unhappy with GM either jump ship or deal. Complaining about the front office unfortunately doesnt change anything. He’s trying to win a cup, we’ll all just have to wait & see.

  • NovaCath

    Reactions to this trade show just how well Ted and GMGM have sold the “can’t mortgage the future” line. For years, they desperately needed to fill certain positions but it was always “can’t trade the future away” for trades and “too expensive” for free agents. Now they trade one of those top prospects and the return seems disappointing to many. Maybe Nashville did not want any of the Caps players that fans would gladly wave goodbye to. There is always the chance that Forsberg will turn out to be Anton Gustafsson II. Maybe getting points in the last few games made the chance of making the playoffs more of a reality but by the time that the Caps decided to be a buyer most of the big names were taken or no one wanted the Caps’ rift raff or other players with a no trade clause did not want to come to DC.

  • Yeah, I don’t think Ian or I are making the argument that Forsberg > Erat. I think we’re making the argument that future success is both more important and more achievable than short-term success.

    Personally, I’m okay with dealing Forsberg, but I don’t like the manner of the return (even if the quality is solid, which it may be).

    Feels like GMGM gave the Caps a fish so they could eat for a day, but what they needed was to be taught how to fish.

    Apologies for awful analogy.


  • blondinwrx

    You win. No one will know clear answer until Forsberg has played a few NHL seasons and we see how well Erat fits in, that being said – the recent Forsberg hype smells real fishy, in addition to him falling at the draft. GMGM polled every single caps scout if he should do the deal and unanimously they decided to pull the trigger.

  • Fair enough, I just don’t see how one prospect is worth getting so up in arms, so to speak.

    Kutznetsov is still coming… whenever that shall be. I’m still hoping Ovie can talk some sense into him and get him here after the KHL season ends. I can dream.

  • unwanted erection in class? we’ve all been there

  • Alieninvasion

    I agree 100% with the panicky comment. It appears like George McPhee is too proud to admit we need to go through some rebuilding and possibly miss the playoffs. Instead, we are getting mid level players to try to fix the current rather than prepare for the future.

  • I liked the idea of Forsberg. He seemed nice, funny, and awesome at 2nd tier swedish hockey. Probably not enough for me to be upset about this. What am I missing?

  • Alieninvasion

    I don’t see a problem with moar goals. Isn’t that what the whole purpose of the game is?

  • Alieninvasion

    No, that will mean Erat deserves a 5 year extension.

  • Hendybobendy26

    I’ve been a diehard Caps fan now for a few years, & I really love this team! One thing that I dont love is the majority of the whinny fans! Ted will never hire you for advice or support, you will never be GM, but yet it seems that on every public forum Caps fans, more than any other team, always have complaints. I guess I just dont see the point, being a fan means supporting the team. If you dont agree with what GMGM does…. stop being a fan. & if you’re a true fan, just keep supporting them. I know its been tough because you dont think GM knows what hes doing, but obviously he has a plan…

  • Alieninvasion

    Sell Chimera for picks?

  • He’s 18 actually, and closer to 19 than to 17. Still young, yes, but again he hasn’t even shown himself to be amongst the most elite players in the Swedish second league. He may end up being great, but that’s a long shot.

    And he’s not mediocre. He’s a consistent top six forward. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

    And are you serious that you would sign a long term big Cap hit contract for Ribs? Speaking of aging…. I’d love to see Ribs stay on, but not at 5 years and the money he’s looking for.

  • datroof is saying that if we aren’t trading ribs (which seems definite now) then we are basically including him in this trade because of our inability to afford him after paying for Erat. Now Ribs will simply walk away at the end of this season without us seeing any return.

  • I understood that, I was just surprised he’d have been amenable to giving Ribs what he wants, which is a 5 year big money deal.

    Also, I actually think you might be overestimating Ribs’ trade value. Certainly something is better than nothing, but keeping him for the post season has its value of course too.

    The reality is giving Ribs what he wants is insane. If he’s willing to come down on his value, we could perhaps work him in under the Cap and get a deal for him that’s not nuts.

  • No i completely understand the pro’s and con’s of trading vs. not trading ribs and I honestly don’t know which option i prefer. It’s a similar situation to the Ravens dealing Anquan Boldin this offseason as they knew signing him was unlikely and instead traded him for very little before free agency started.

  • tim oshea

    thank you, well said.

  • See the thing about Kuznetsov… he definitely has more talent, sure. But his makeup is something that concerns me. From his taunting on the ice to his dealings with the media, I just don’t know what to expect from him. I can’t wait for him to come over though. We’ll be the first ones to interview him! Haha.

    Also, thanks for being such a great part of the discussion, today. While I may not agree with you 100%, I respect how you’ve gone about expressing your opinion.

    And oh yeah, go O’s.

  • So we just traded our “future of the franchise” for someone to help get us into the playoffs in this “shortened season” that really won’t matter 1/2 as much as an 82 game season. 2016 headlines “Capitals former 1st round pick in 2012 records 1st hat trick as Nashville downs Washington in game 7 of the Stanley cup finals” ugh.

  • johnnymorte


  • 28IS(still)GREAT

    Really? Go watch 10 minutes of Mike Milbury commentary and let me know how that remark ranks as an insult. But if your panties are truly in a bunch – Прости.

  • Lol. Chimera had 20 goals last year….

    We don’t tolerate comments targeting sex like that. Please keep the “panties in a bunch” stuff out next time.


  • They want the cup. It’s so obvious 🙂
    Let’s see

  • For Wednesday, April 3rd, I was.

  • holidayblues

    60% of my sadness is because I liked Filip a lot :(((
    Also because I dropped Martin Erat from my fantasy team weeks ago and now someone else has him.
    The rest is because I wanted to see Kuzya + Filip play together and be awesome.
    + I don’t like Nashville >:(
    (Late comment because I live halfway across the world, and this was not something nice to wake up to right before class.)

  • My first post here and by no means an expert on hockey, but I’ve been a fan since the late 80’s.

    My question to all those talking about the long-term prospects of Forsberg vs. the immediate gain of Erat is:

    At what point do we stop looking ot the future and focus instead on the present? By the time Forsberg is ready to be a real contributor in the NHL, are current top players will be well into the downslope of their careers. Is Forsberg ever going to replave Ovie or Backstrom? Doesn’t seem like he’s blowing people away at his current level to point to that kind of future.

    On the flip side, the East this year has one great team that just lost the best player in the world indefinitely. Every other team in the conference is beatable. The Caps may not be great, but recent play has shown them to be solid anf they WILL be the 3 seed thanks to an unbelievably pathetic division. Yes, I’m probably a homer, but I believe they can compete this year.

    We have a very small window left with the “young guns.” We either completely blow the team up now or stop looking 5 years out and make a push this season and next. For once, I think GMGM made the right call.

  • With this trade the Caps have become the new Maple Leafs. Trading 1st round prospects for players in decline trying to salvage a playoff spot. This move was all about McPhee trying to save his job and willing to mortgage the future to do it.

  • well then luckily its April, 4th now 😉

  • Rhino40

    Caps lock much?

  • Ian Oland’s mother

    Fuck you dude, for real.

  • matt28

    shut up