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The Washington Capitals emerged from the trade deadline a more dangerous team. Facing the New York Islanders in a pivotal game, they didn’t muster much offense, but they mustered enough.

A sleepy start allowed the Caps an early lead, but the Isles surged in the third and tied it up in the waning minutes. Thanks to some superior work in the Holtbestiary, the Caps made it to OT and all the way to the shootout.

SHOOTOUT MADNESS, HERE WE GO: Hendricks failed to paralyze. Nielsen couldn’t find the five hole. Ovechkin scored backhand. Boyes deked Holtby but lost the puck. Ribs got poked. Tavares denied. CAPS WIN! TAKE THE SOUTHEAST DIVISION LEAD!

Caps beat Islanders 2-1 (Shootout)

Bullets coming… but first…

Welcome back, Enrique. BAILAMOS, PEOPLE!

When you write the recaps, you can abuse the power too.

When you write the recaps, you can put a Nats meme in.

  • The first period was pretty darn sleepy until the final minute, when Mike Green beat Evgeni Nabokov to secure his fifth goal in four games.  What’s different about Mike Green lately? Shot volume. Of course I say that, but he scored on his first shot of the game tonight. Whatever.
  • Hey, what if everything I’ve ever said about the Caps is wrong? What if coaching and systems and age and defensive adjustments were just the factors that claimed credit or took the blame when the real problem was just Green, Backstrom, and Ovechkin not being truly healthy? I still kinda doubt it, but seeing Nick Backstrom set up Green for that goal was a flashback to 2008 for me, and 2008 was a damn good year. For me at least. How was it for you?
  • So Brooks Laich went down at the beginning of the second period and everyone got a serious case of teh feels. The puck seemed to hit Brooks in the ankle, forcing him to crawl to the bench. Laich retreated to the locker room, and then came out a few minutes later as if nothing happened. Laich didn’t play in the last ten minutes of regulation.
  • Making his dramatic return to the red #10 uniform, Matt Bradley put in a stirring perf— wait what? Okay, who is Martin Erat and why didn’t anyone tell me? Like I said on deadline day, Erat is a solid player who consistently drives play and eats tough minutes, He should be able to do great things with the top line when he inevitably gets promoted. While I wish we had a clearer view of the team’s long-term strategy, having more top-end talent on the team is terrific.
  • Big props to Jack Hillen for completely shutting down John Tavares tonight. Tavares had one shot on goal and no significant possession tilt.
  • Matt Hendricks caught a roughing penalty for sticking up for Fehr, who was being accosted by four Islanders during a post-whistle scrum. I guess refs have to punish stuff like that, but pretty much everyone watching thought it was awesome. Like that time Martin Erat jumped into Alex Ovechkin’s fight in that blowout loss to the Lightning a few years ago. Wait what?
  • The Caps didn’t seem to feel any stirring compulsion so the shoot the puck tonight, but then again, neither did the Isles. The game was kind of weird like that: lots of 5 on 5, not a lot of whistles, goaltenders filling their bottles with Four Loko to stay awake.
  • RIP Alex Ovechin‘s scoring streak. Ovi still attempted a good bit on Thursday, but didn’t find the net nearly enough to score. Two shots on goal. You know what: screw it. We’re houseruling him a goal for that shootout tally.
  • Mike Ribeiro was the Caps’ worst player with a staggering minus-10 differential on non-blocked shots. Not so hot when he isn’t scoring on every fourth shot.
  • The Caps almost got hosed on a nonsense delay-of-game penalty. Green’s chip clearly hit the glass, but the refs would have none of it. The Caps killed the penalty and survived to OT.
Joe B suit of the night

Joe B suit of the night

The Capitals are the best in the Southeast, and they freaking know it. Braden Holtby had to block some serious rubber to secure this win, but he did it.

So I didn’t see this coming. The Caps have certainly earned this, and I hate to be a wet blanket, but look at the division. The Jets have (or are about to) lose five in a row. The Canes just got blown out. The division is weak, and after this year it evaporates. Next year is gonna be a gauntlet.

Oh who cares. It’s freaking April.

Yeah, you’re right, italics. The deadline has passed and we need to keep ourselves ensconced in the present tense, where the Caps lead their division and everything is right in the world.

Crash the net.

  • Akay15


  • Buck

    Kyle Okposo=

  • Slapshot

    Matty P outdid himself with his celebration tonight!

  • Tonight, we are all Montreal fans.

  • JenniferH

    What a tense game! Slow beginner, but dang, nail-biting tension by the end. But we pulled out a win and we ARE THE SOUTHEAST DIVISION LEADERS!!! GO CAPS!!! Holtbeast was AWESOME! Greenie scores again. I’m siding with the RMNB’s houserule, Ovi scores again. WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Isles are the real deal. Quite scary actually. Holtby in the clutch tonight!

  • Akay15

    Mike Green channeled reverse Samson tonight!

  • Tough game, great win! Both goalies played good games to send the game to a SO but we have Ovechkin.

  • seandlax9

    I definitely spotted Matty P flailing around after the last Holtby stop. I demand another GIF

  • HarmCity


  • I cracked up at teh feels. what a great read

  • HarmCity

    I honestly believe if the Isles finished 8th and matched up with the Pens, they would take out the Pens. Tavares is lethal and Nabokov is playing like he was during his early career with the Sharks.

    As for this team, I am liking the change in culture of players we’re getting. Call me old school, but to me I like a mean/tough team. The Caps with Tinordi, Simon, Berube, Witt, and Hunter are who I fell in love with. Whether it’s calling up Oleksy, extending Erskine, claiming Voltron, drafting Wilson, bringing back Rechlicz, or trading for Latta, we are moving away from the soft mentality that this team had developed and instilled for over the last 5 years…..making Brads and Hendy do all the tough work. Would still love to see Ribeiro re-signed.

  • Toronto Caps Fan

    I think the Caps could win a rd or two in the playoffs for one reason and his name is Braden freakin Holtbeast

  • JustinC71
  • seandlax9


  • JustinC71

    Credit goes to Reddit, not me! 🙂

  • Nice recap as per uezsch. I have a lot of teh feels and half formed thoughts about tonight that don’t bear commenting but I am wondering about that last bullet point; did you mean hosed or is hosted on a nonsense penalty some hockey vernacular with which I’m not yet familiar?

  • Josh Ellis

    This is what they need to be successful. Offense is down, Holtby stands on his head.

  • Dominic

    I’m loving what Deputy is doing (plus, c’mon, He’s cute as a button.) But he’s about one more 3 run shot from pissing in a cup.

  • johnnymorte

    This is genius. I almost fell off my seat.

  • yv

    Yes, Peter you were wrong, this Caps maybe slowly, but just in time catching their game and might will peak at right time!
    it was nervewracking to watch the game in VC after 1st period. Isles were really serious not to lose it if not Holtby. First time in VC this season I saw Holtby was in the zone and almost perfect from start to finish. Ovi got another game-winner while MG52 scored again. And it worth mentioning that something strange happening with Ribs. Maybe those unsuccessful yet contract talks and passed deadline have mentally affecting him, too many passing and puck handling mistakes in both zones. Caps need him at his best in stretch run. Massive Caps mob scene around Holtby after the SOs was worth to see!

  • Fedor

    Somebody, explain this to me please:
    What can Hillen do that Orlov and Schmidt can’t?

  • Only for 60 minutes

  • FLCaps

    My wife last night re Okposo, “Oh my word..that man is horrifically ugly”. Go Caps.

  • Thanks Annie! Fixed.