Filip Forsberg spoke to Swedish paper Expressen in the wake of his trade from the Capitals to the Nashville Predators. In an article by Gunnar Nordström and Adam Eriksson, Forsberg describes his reaction:

“It happened suddenly, I didn’t know anything about it until I read it. I spoke to my agent just now and he said it really went quickly, but that’s what happens in this world. All I can do is accept it.”

Forsberg said that he had not yet heard from Washington or Nashville as of Wednesday afternoon, telling Expressen, “I’ve only spoken to friends so far, so I don’t know anything.”

Forsberg should wrap up his season this week. Before trading him away, McPhee expressed his interest in bringing Forsberg to the AHL as soon as possible. Those plans are now in flux according to Forsberg: “I don’t know about that either. I’ll answer when I know more.”

“We haven’t heard from Nashville yet, so I can’t say [whether or not they want him over after Friday],” said Forsberg’s agent, Claes Elefalk at CAA Sports. Elefalk was enthusiastic about the trade, saying, “It shows Filip’s value on the market. Nashville are giving up their best offensive player over the past few years and an AHL talent.”

Translation by Jake Ware

  • I’m warming up to this very quickly. We should trust in GMGM, Ovi needs a cup almost as badly as I do (my second biggest hockey memory is watching it get stolen in ’98)

  • he’ll do great in nashville; big farm, lots of room to run around.

  • hahaha

  • wait, does this mean we aren’t going to follow Filip anymore?

  • yv

    He better like country music, otherwise exodus of stars from Nashville (Radulov, Suter, Weber (unsuccessful) and now Erat) could bear some questions for FF.

  • I’m sure there’ll be an update every now and then, but yeah, we gotta move on.

  • Cesy Avon

    Neither team spoke to him before or after the trade? Harsh. I figured the Caps would at least care a little about their “future of the franchise”, enough to get someone from the organisation to give him a quick phone call.

  • I think this came from RIGHT after the news broke, so I think it’s understandable.

  • And we just went from a 3% chance of winning the cup to about a 6% chance of winning the cup. All while giving up our future. Brilliant!

  • Dominic

    I just don’t know how much to trust GMGM. Ex: I’m a Ravens fan, and Ozzie Newsome has given me a reason to trust his judgement, even on some really unpopular decisions. After last year, I can start to say the same about Dan Duquette as well. Given the up and down performance of the team, I don’t know if GMGM gets that same trust from the fans.

  • leaveittobeagle

    shit, where am i gonna get my gangnam fix?

  • I’m sorry, what? KUZNETSOV and Wilson exist for a reason. Kuz is FAR FAR MORE EXCITING. so many caps lock. also there was just an analysis done of players traded within 3 years of their draft, and almost none actually pan out. Kuzy will be boss. Forsberg clearly does not have the total support.

  • Also, have you watched Latta play or seen any of the reviews? They’re all glowing, this kid is gonna be a monster

  • I’ve slept on it. I still HATE the move.

    I hate how people have all of suddenly gone to, wow this Latta guy is pretty good too, this move looks smart! No it was stupid.

    The fact is as long as Green and Alzner suck defensively and they keep scratching Orlov(GA/20 .288 GF/20 1.7), everything points toward this team being badly run and a GM trying to save his job and a owner who doesn’t care as long as he gets his playoff revenue.

    The biggest thing I hate is, Nashville is where creativity goes to die. They’re gonna break him and that’s depressing after following him all year.

  • Brouwer!

  • I know it’s probably a shock to him, especially coming to Dev Camp last summer and envisioning yourself in DC and in a Caps uniform. But if you think about it, it’s a good move for Forsberg. He going to a classy organization with great fans that are really starting to embrace the game and the team. Also, Nashville’s team is actually better and is probably closer to winning the Cup than the Caps are. Good luck Forsberg and I hope you make it to the NHL soon.

  • Jeremiah

    this deal would be abel to be swallowed if maybe Hornqvuist was also a part of it. all i have heard about Latta is how great a teammate he was the word missing ifrom the reviews i haven’t seen is tlented mat bradley was a great teammate but talented he was not. in fact in Latta’s own twitter bio he say below average foot speed. mark brought up about players drafted then traded, i haven’t read the same study but i dod recall that peter forsberg went through that.. and Neuvy needs to play more this is getting ridiculous

  • Please…as a Preds and Caps fan I’d appreciate a nod here and there! And please take care of Marty for us! I know you’re all bummed about the trade, but don’t hold it against E! 🙂

  • ChuchutrainLA

    creativity does die in Nashville. Radulov bounced, Erat bounced, Sutter bounced, Ward bounced, Lindback bounced, Weber almost bounced from there…. Or maybe this is indicative of nothing….. These dudes alone is an NHL team’s worth of talent.

  • Hannes

    If you’re gonna feel that kind of sympathy for all players/prospects, you’re gonna have a bad time.

    Forsberg will probably turn out a decent top 6 forward, but to be honest… he is nowhere near Backstrom. I’d even say Johansson impressed more the year after he was drafted.

    It is a bit tough, we all had high hopes (probably too high) but this trade is hardly the end of the world. Take it from someone who lives in Sweden and watch him daily: He is a good prospect, but he is REALLY overhyped.

  • ChuchutrainLA

    Bro, you are missing the point. Hype or not, we could have gotten something way better than Erat for him, even if just because his hype value.

    Also, now, allegedly, GMGM uses his foot speed as justification for trading him. Well, my question then is to our scouting team. We were you when you spent our top draft pick on the guy with slow feet?

    I call B.S. Yes, dude played in a Second league. But, it is an ADULT PRO league. Most top dudes coming from NA play at this age with JUNIORS. Also, it is not like he has not scored on the TOP goalies from around the world during the international tournies he played in with Tre Crunur.

    I actually was always behind GMGM decisions because after 2006 he drafted well, did not follow hype, developed from within, did not buy into the hype.

    This trade makes us look like mid-2000’s NY Rangers.

    This trade makes no sense business or hockey wise.

    Sorry for the rant.


  • Pekkahed

    Radulov got bounced, Erat is getting older, Suter’s family/home played a great deal in his decision, Ward chased the money, and Lindback was traded.
    I would at least learn about a subject before discussing it.