Erik Gudbranson’s Dirty Hit on Martin Erat


Photo credit: Joel Auerbach

He’s been on the ice for less than 20 minutes in a Washington sweater, but the Capitals are once again without Martin Erat. In the latter half of an otherwise boring first period in Sunrise, the Panthers’ Erik Gudbranson decided to liven things up with a dirty hit on Washington’s new forward.

In a textbook example of boarding, Gudbranson shoved Erat right in the numbers and into the wall. Erat went awkwardly into the dashers, with his legs splitting apart as he contacted the boards. Unsurprising, the Caps reported Erat suffered a lower-body injury. Gudbranson got five minutes and a game misconduct for his handy work and might get himself a Shanaban.

With Brooks Laich going down too, the Caps have some big holes at left wing at the moment.

Per The Washington Post‘s Katie Carrera, Caps head coach Adam Oates said it’s “really hard to tell” how bad the injury is at this point and the team will reassess Erat in the morning. Let’s hope it’s not too bad.

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  • Dman

    Did not look good at all. Erat didn’t even have the puck. Hope that douche gets 10 games.

  • J

    Would have been nice to see someone actually stick up for Erat after that cheapshot…

  • What a dirty shot! Can you say suspension? Hope Shanahan comes down hard!

  • Freeman Lee

    Shanahan’s coming down hard modified for a hit on a Capital is probably 1 game and a steak dinner.

  • Andrew Merewitz

    My only thought is that the players didnt want to get a penalty and jeapordize our powerplay

  • 5bells


  • Sage Confucius

    Erat’s always been a suck it up and shake it off kind of guy. Since he didn’t return to the game, the injury is obviously something that bothers him a good bit. Hopefully it isn’t something that will cost him the rest of the season. Get well soon, Martin!

  • ChoppinBroccoli

    The only way Shanahan comes down hard on Gudbranson is if he forgets that Erat plays for the Caps now.

  • Joben

    It also seemed like they didn’t really notice what had happened until at least a couple seconds after he was face down on the ice.

  • Joben

    I hope Gudbranson gets slapped hard with the long armed dick of the Department of Player Safety.

  • dbr1

    Looks to me like the left knee got twisted, MCL sprain maybe. Hard to know how long he’s out.

  • So can we at least get a Player Safety video describing whatever BS reason Gudbranson was on the ice last night?

  • JimmyCrackCocaine

    Not a fan of suspensions at all.