Steve Oleksy Meets Jessica, Loves Her Binky Shirt


[Editor’s Note: RMNB reader Jessica Martin met Steve “Binky” Oleksy at practice Wednesday. She shares her experience.]

I’ve been waiting for a chance to meet Steve Oleksy ever since he played for the Hershey Bears. It was only a matter a time before he was called up to the Capitals and began blowing everyone away with his hits, fights, and ability to put up points. The only thing I needed was a sweet shirt or a jersey for him to sign. Russian Machine came to the rescue with their exquisite Binky 61 shirt. I ordered it as soon as I could, and when I got it in the mail I made plans to come out to Kettler.

As Wednesday’s optional practice wound down, a small crowd formed near the gate by the player benches. I asked an extremely nice gentleman if he’d be willing to take a picture of my encounter with Oleksy, and waited my turn.

As soon as I got to him, I asked him if he’d sign my shirt. He said “yes!” (of course), but I made him promise he would still sign it even after he saw what it was. I unveiled the Binky 61 shirt (to a roar of laughter from the other people wanting an autograph) and he laughed and shook his head, saying, “no way! They make this in a shirt now? How cool is that! I’ll definitely sign this. Definitely.” He took his time admiring it and signing it, then I asked him for a picture. He topped it off by saying, “I’ll only take a picture with you if you hold up the shirt!” I obliged. He thanked me, and I thanked him for being awesome.


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  • TinyElvis

    This is why hockey players are the best athletes. So awesome!

  • I should quit writing and just become a full time t-shirt designer. Thanks for sharing your story Jessica! Too cool!

  • YESSSSSSSS!!!!! I was so nervous!

  • Love that guy — he’s an excellent addition all around. He brings toughness and apparently a really great attitude. Seems like just the kind of guy we want to keep around for a long time.

  • Oleksy is an awesome addition for sure, presence is huge on the ice. Definitly sign this guy up with a nice lengthy contract.

  • Another reason why hockey is the best. The connection between a team and their fans is something special; you don’t see it in other sports!