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Admit it: over the last few years you’ve given Alex Ovechkin some grief. From his not-so friendly communication with his coaches to skipping the All-Star game, The Great Eight has generated more heel heat than B.P. Richfield from The Dinosaurs. The dwindling goal totals haven’t helped either.

On Tuesday night, Ovi completed his epic return to glory, scoring his league-leading (for about an hour) 26th goal with his fanciest move of the season. After throwing the puck through Michael Ryder’s legs, Ovi wristed a shot just beyond the circles and past Carey Price. It’s the first time Ovi’s led the NHL goals since… um… how about the early 80’s?


Ovechkin is now receiving media attention as a potential Hart trophy winner, and boy does he deserve it. He’s mastered a (at first difficult) switch to the right wing and was moved to the right circle on the power play. Ovechkin has responded with 14 power play goals — the most he’s scored in a single season since 2008-09 — and more shots. Ovi has put the puck on net more than any other player in the NHL.

If this were a full 82-game season, Ovi would be on pace to break the 50-goal plateau for the first time since 2009-10.

Ovi, you rule. Now let’s enjoy GIFs of his sweet goal tonight, lovingly crafted by the mega-talented welshhockeyfan.




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  • God it’s even better to watch through gifs.

  • Mjbrickwall

    The gap on the Hart seems a too much to overcome so late in the season, but the Rocket Richard is definitely within easy reach.

  • I can’t believe he got the puck through Ryder’s legs with it bouncing so much. I didn’t see that until Hana sent over the GIFs. Holy wow.

  • Canes last win was March 12th… Nearly a month ago. Ovechkin deserves the Hart for being the man who figured out Kirk Mueller.

  • CDizz


  • JenniferH

    So sweet!

  • Sam

    Hart is MVP. You’re thinking Art Ross trophy

  • yv

    I’m still disappointed that he didn’t finish empty netter, and fortunately it didn’t cost Caps the game and they survived the onslaught. But I’d like to mention what a discouraging effects Ovis goals and his tremendous shots have on GTs. You can see this sometimes on close ups of GTs after his goals. They almost have a desperate, shaking looks behind the cage, like Florida’s Markstrom or Price tonight. And you can understand why, they see the puck on the Ovis blade, then puck disappears, and then they know that puck is already in the net. As I recalled that what Lundquist and Brodeur mentioned last year. Just vicious shots.

  • That’s our hero right there….. Just need Brooks to come back and I’ll be totally happy!

  • Dee

    That’s hockey 2nite in TSN canada shows it deflected off Johansson, so NHL might give Mark the goal

  • Rusty

    These GIFs are seriously amplified if “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” by Motley Crue is playing in the background

  • The Canes did win on March 30 at Winnipeg. But you’re essentially correct; they’ve earned only 3 points in the 14 games they’ve played since March 12.

  • Mark?

  • Slapshot

    How about Ovi’s setting up a screen on Price for Hillen’s goal? Love it when Ovi. Crashes the net. The man is walking on water these days!!!!

  • Dominic

    Maria has been in town about a month. I”m gonna let you draw your own conclusions. I know I have.

  • You made a Dinosaurs reference. Another reason why RMNB is my favorite.

  • Rhino40

    I scoar Goal hahahahahaha!))))))) best.