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The Carolina Hurricanes lost 9 of their last 10 games before visiting the Washington Capitals for their final meeting of the season. Since re-signing a contract for too much and too long, Alex Semin had cooled off in a way that literally no one on earth could have expected, but the team was motivated to climb out of their rut on Thursday night. Dominating the early minutes, the Canes seemed to have a handle on the game until Verizon Center released the long-dormant kraken of secondary scoring.

Caps beat Canes 3-1.

  • This felt like a letdown game, didn’t it? The Canes kept the Caps without a shot for the first 10 minutes, scored on an power play, and kettled up the home team in their own zone. It coulda been bad, but the Caps eventually clawed their way into a possession tie by the end of the first period.
  • Hay, Troy Brouwer scored his first goal in two weeks, a monster shot from the slot on the power play. Sassymouthed Mike Ribeiro set him brilliantly, patiently waiting for the right moment from the goal line. Brouwer has been pretty dull of late, suffering on a weary second line, but his goal was everything the Caps want from and love about Troy— smart positioning, net crashyness, and shooting the puck so darn hard that Joe B dubbed it the Brouwitzer.
  • Troy got two– with an empty netter in the final seconds. It’s great to see Troy get back in the game– but even better to see him have words with his old frenemy Alex Semin. Hopefully those words were small and spoken slowly.
  • It was a night of pretty goals: Mike Green spanned the space from the blue and the faceoff dot like a stalking lion before releasing a roofer to Justin Peters‘ far side. I dunno if Green is “back” in the mythical way that we hope Ovi is back, but I’m really eager to find out. When he is on, Green is among the best in the league.
  • Some explain to me how Maria gets cell signal in Verizon Center? My iPhone turns into a 400 dollar brick when I’m in there. (Actually all the tweeple are telling me that the fan wifi has been solid lately. That’s awesome. I’m gonna watch YouTube videos and download episodes of Arrested Development next time I’m at a game).
  • My least favorite thing about Mike Ribeiro is that when he’s on the ice most of the shots go towards his team’s goalie. My second least favorite thing about Mike Ribeiro is how he jaws at refs and players at every turn. I don’t know if his trash-talk led to the soft cross-check penalty that neutralized a first period Caps penalty, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean– how does he talk to waiters? Cause that’s a deal-breaker to me.
  • 15 shot attempts– 6 of them on net for Alex Ovechkin. He’s not gonna score every night, but if he shoots like that he’ll come darn close. Ovi was also a big factor in Green’s goal: he was all up in the goalie’s grill, presumably chatting about his golf swing and passing on musky odors.
  • I’d write about the Matt HendricksNicolas Blanchard fight, but it’d be like describing the taste of water. It happened and then it was over, and that is all there is to say about it.
  • Braden Holtby acquitted himself quite well after two games off. After a scary start, Holtby dialed in and was offering up his typical inhuman rampage saves by late in the third (that glove in the last 90 seconds? Sheesh.) 43 saves!
  • The mini-brawl between Skinner and Johansson was just adorable. Anne Geddes cute. Awwwwww.
Joe B suit of the night (thanks, Clare!)

Joe B suit of the night (thanks, Clare!)

It’s tempting to turn every game into a “Did Ovi Scoar?” thing, but we can’t. The Southeast is still tight, and wins gotta matter more than goals right now. And besides– if Ovechkin can play the way he did tonight, he’ll get his.

I like the way the Caps played this one. It was an atrociously and unacceptably slow start, but they found their groove didn’t allow Carolina to tilt the ice.

Caps are on a streak. Six wins in a row. Jets gained no ground tonight. The stars are shooting and the Holtby is halting. It’s springtime in DC. Buckle up.

And oh yeah, totally called it:


  • JenniferH

    What a wonderful game! Nailbiter in the last 4 minutes, but Holtby, Defense and Brouwer prevailed. Holtbeast lived up to that nickname! 43 saves, wowza! SIX-WIN-STREAK, BABY! GO CAPS!

  • Any expert lip readers on the staff able to see what Brouwer said to Semin after he scored the empty netter?

  • Akay15

    6 win streak? I’m LOVING how Neuvy AND Holtbeast have been playing! And everyone else! Except for Ribs’ mouth.

  • Thought the same thing. It wasn’t, “Wanna get some ice cream after the game?”

  • Question: Do we really even WANT Poti back in the lineup? No offense to the guy, but yeah…….

  • “Mcdonald’s is superior to Burger King, that is a FACT!”

  • PeterSpazLet

    Whenever I see something was written by Hassett, I immediately hit x on my tab.

  • Dmitry

    I see what you did there…

  • Joben

    Schultz has been a healthy scratch for the last 6 games, coincidence?

  • Ashley Holler

    Lovesies: kraken, sassymouthed, crashyness, polite to waiters. Blarghs: coulda, frenemy. Almost all the way awesome.

  • KareeLyn

    Important question… what exactly did Joe B’s suit look like tonight?

  • I’m just gonna assume you hate puppies and ice cream too.

  • “Good morning, Good afternoon and Goodnight, Alex.”

  • Slider…you stink.

  • y u no like

  • Livia

    Envy is a terrible thing.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    I wonder where Joe B. got “Brouwitzer” from. Boom! #brouwerpouwer!

  • Big night for you guys! Were you in the house?

  • it was the color of a well tanned Joe B

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Yes, sir. Brouwer chuckled at the Brouwitzer sign at warmups, but clearly took it to heart. (Neuvy looked genuinely puzzled, but the again, that could just be Neuvyface.)

  • Hahahahahahaha

  • You guys are awesome, keep up the epic. GO GO BROUWER RANGERS!!!

  • Rhinor40

    Wasn’t the first Caps goal last night scored on the Brouwer play?
    Your last bullet: great photoshopped babies reference.
    Yet another pearl on your lengthy string of prose excellence. Kudos to you.

  • Rhino40

    Anyone got a gif of that?

  • Clare

    Finally acknowledged on RMNB?!!!?!!!!!!!! I’m crying… so happy.

  • Rhino40

    I feel the need: the need…for speed!

  • Must have “Brouwitzer” t-shirt!