This photo is smoldering with sex appeal. (Photo via welshhockeyfan)

A few weeks ago, Mike Ribeiro got in his first NHL fight– against Brad Marchand. It was a site to behold: the teams’ two tiniest players wildly throwing haymakers at — or maybe just near– each other. The bout was more cute than vicious, and on Thursday night we got another adorable dust-up a lot like it.

With a a minute left in the third period and the Caps clutching to a 2-1 lead, John Erskine shoved the living shit out of Eric Staal, just to let him know that he didn’t appreciate the Canes’ captain swinging his stick at him like he was Chris Davis or something. Staal pushed back, and then all 10 players on the ice converged in an sweaty swarm of hockey hate.


Photo credit: Evan Vucci

There were headlocks. There were punches. And then Marcus Johansson entered the fray, and it got even nastier. (I can’t believe I just typed that.) Johansson manhandled Jeff Skinner, who was teaming up with Jordan Staal to pick on John Carlson. Mojo isolated and retaliated.




Not so neutral now, eh? Wait, that’s Switzerland.

Johansson received two minutes for roughing and the respect of every Capitals fan in the world.

Watch yourself, Skinner!

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  • Chris Davis… best reference. I literally laughed audibly at this.

  • thought I saw big john push sasha minor out of harms way… now that’s cute.

  • Ian, this post is genius from the Chris Davis reference, to my new favorite phrase “sweaty swarm of hockey hate” to MoJo’s sheer adorable awesomeness. But my favorite part of this visual evidence is Ovi. The full-face headlock he’s got whoever (is that Skinner? EStaal?) in with a look of pure seething Russian fury on his face is stellar. But it’s his “slowly I turn” bit in the 2nd gif that is hilarious. As though he feels a disturbance in the Force because Marcus Johansson is fighting somewhere behind him.

    Thank you so much for this!

  • You’re a man now, Mojo. good stuff

  • Ovie is saving a stall from Big John. And making him smell his sleeve via a SUPERB crossface. Great pic!

  • Sidewinder8

    Is there anything not to like about MoJo these days?

  • MOJO was about to lay the smack down on TOEPIC

  • That 2nd paragraph is actually one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

  • Livia

    Sweden, like Switzerland, was neutral during WWII. Just ask any Norwegian.

  • Where have I heard Marcus Johansson referred to as “swede and sour” before? 😉

    Remember semin’s patty cake tantrum fight when he was a cap? I respect anyone who fights when challenged, regardless of laughable execution thereof.

  • Goat

    If you remove the part of the GIF where it looks like Skinner is going for the single-leg takedown, it almost looks like Johansson is going for a Muay Thai knee to the midsection.

    Seriously, much respect to young #90. The kind of thing that can turn a fanbase’s respect-o-meter way up (and, I would imagine, teammates as well).

  • From our twitter feed in 2011?

  • Nour


  • Pretty sure in that second GIF he’s setting up the Pedigree! Haha.

  • Uhhhhhh…….maybe that, then. Haha