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Troy Brouwer’s return to the score sheet for the first time since March 30th came in three parts. First was the power play goal, a zippy shot from the slot set up by Mike Ribeiro. Then came the empty-netter, in spite of Alex Semin’s cross-check, sealing the deal with only seconds to spare. And finally came the trash talk: Troy Brouwer letting ex-teammate and international man of mystery Alex Semin know what he thought of — well something, I guess. Lipreading is not our bag. If lipreading is your bag, give it a try in the comments below.


Alex Semin lashing out while trailing behind a shooter? I’m shocked. Shocked! /Casablanca


No really: what is Brouwer saying there? It could be anything, as these guys have a bit of a history. Of all Semin’s ex-teammates, Brouwer was first to say how over the break-up he already was. “It was tough to lose his scoring ability when he wanted to play,”  Brouwer told the Washington Post. “But all in all, I think we’ve been doing well without him.”

Six wins in a row, leading the division, and smiling all the way to the postseason. Yeah. Troy is right.

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  • Akay15

    “Hey Sasha, you reek!”

  • As Archer would quote Kenny Loggins: “Danger zone!”

  • good episode tonight, right??

  • Meh, what Brouwer did was nothing compared to what Ribeiro does each game.

  • I haven’t watched yet. I’m WEST COAST! no spoilers!

  • “Hope you enjoy your flight!” or something really derogatory lol. That’s what I got.

  • Akay15

    Definitely agree with you there. I still can’t decide what to think of him

  • HarmCity

    The real question is, did Semin even know what Brouwer was saying?

    Caps lead the division. O’s finally win a 1-run game. All is right in the world.

  • Todd

    I can read lips. Brower is saying, “Alex you suck”

  • In Your F******G Face!

  • Ribs has mad skills, but he has to learn to keep his trap shut. And today, the Carolina players were doing everything to get under his skin–and succeeded at one point.

  • Lizzie

    Brouwer’s a dick. Classless. He speaks of teammates/ex-teammates in a poor way. While Semin takes this negativity and remains silent about it, Brouwer continues to vomit it.

  • Pretty sure he said, “Hey, Alex! Remember that time we got McDonald’s together and you ate all of my french fries? Well now, you can eat my &%^!!!”

    [Then does Gangnam Style dance in front of Canes bench just out of screen]

  • Stephen

    what kind of stuff does Ribeiro do? Genuinely curious.

  • Yo8

    LOL What he didn’t say anything when Sasha was hot scoring goals and making assists? Of course now he feels at the top so he starts to say shit to the guy. At first I thought he just said all those things because he was disappointed with Sasha like many people do, but now I think this is personal.

    Anyways, whatever the grudge he has against Sasha he should keep it to himself because he only looked like a dick out there.

  • It looks like he’s berating referees. Tonight he talked smack before faceoffs and after off-sides whistles.

  • Dominic

    “and THATS for calling me “Sashas Replacement!”

  • Dominic

    To be honest, I”ll say it. It looks like he’s saying “Hey Semin, F**K YOU!”

  • jwoo

    dont know why any caps fan would hate on brouwer. hes passionate about winning and sasha isnt. semin was a ghost in big games and the locker room. plus he tried to get dirty on brouwer w that crosscheck. glad brouwsey showed up sasha and let him know how he felt. no time for losers. playoffs?

  • CDizz

    Brouwer opened up about an ex-teammate who, to the fans’ eyes, appeared to be very…selfish, in a way, when it came to his play. He showed up some nights as the best player in the NHL while many other nights came in as someone who just did not seem to give a damn. Semin was quiet because HE’S ALWAYS BEEN QUIET. He won’t say anything because 1. he’s shy and 2. his English is shit. Making a comment a while back about a poison on the team doesn’t make him classless. It was immature in a way, but it’s something I love about him. He speaks his mind.

  • JH

    The last part is “f¥€king a$$hole” I believe.

  • GuestZ

    Who’s to say he’s silent? He doesn’t speak English, or to reporters, so how would you know? I’m damn glad he’s gone.

  • Ash

    But does he do it in French or English?

  • That’s what it looks like to me. And well deserved after the slashing and crosschecking Sasha unleashed on him on his breakaway. I bear no ill will toward Sasha. I’m just glad he plays somewhere else.

    Also, he apparently broke Ovi’s heart by ducking out early. Hey, Semin? Fuck you.

  • Chris

    That in no way was a cross check by Semin.

  • Graham Dumas

    I was able to decipher the Brouwer code. He said, Ты че такой отстой, а? Сука бездарная! It’s well-known that Brouwer speaks better Russian than Dostoyevsky. Or was it Nabokov…

  • Yo8

    “Making a comment a while back about a poison on the team doesn’t make him classless. ” Yes, it does specially when at the time he made those comments the Caps were at the bottom and the Canes at the top with a hot Sasha. Again, Brouwer is at the top now so he thinks he can talk shit.

    Some people may call it being tough and honest, but I think that is just being a dick. And for the record Sasha can speak Russian to the reporters if he wants to, but so far no word. I wouldn’t mind to hear from him after Brouwer started all this bullshit. He deserves to speak his mind now.

  • Brozay

    He actually did. Remember the “when he wants to show up comment?” That was when the Canes were in first, bro.

  • Yo8

    Yes, but that was at the reporters not to Sasha. Sorry for not explaining myself very well. That goes for the other comment too.

  • Ribz’s already a pretty expressive dude, but I think he’s super sensitive whenever he gets hit up high and he feels like he isn’t being protected by the referees. Most of his tantrums this year have been a result of that.

    For those who don’t know, he had a super severe throat injury after taking a high stick in 2010. I’m not condoning his behavior but I think that’s a big part of why he does it.

  • Katherine

    Icing on the Brouwer/Semin storyline cake. Good to see him scoring goals again!

  • Initially, I thought it was “Good Morning, Good afternoon and Good night, Alex”. But now I’m thinking he’s asking him what his plans for May are.

  • Saw him mouthing off after that goal, but didn’t realize at first it was Semin…when I realized it was Sasha, it made that goal that much sweeter!

  • Semin stays quiet because he is plotting his revenge with high sticks and cross checks. That and he probably doesn’t know what they are saying, I am still convinced that he only knows how to say “I love to play here, they are like family” in English. Also GO GO BROUWER RANGERS!!!!

  • Completely unrelated but related, last night I was going to play my classic hockey intermission player interview drinking game where everytime a player says “Uh” you drink…unfortunately for me they chose to interview Troy Brouwer and he gives by far the best interviews on the team. Needless to say when Ovechkin gets the interview you will have a bad time…or good time depending on what time you get up in the morning.

  • JP

    Lol, Ovi is bad but Beagle will get you shithoused.

  • Goat

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the kind of “dickery” that the Caps have been missing for a long time. More, please. (Especially if it accompanies wins.)

  • Aud

    Depends on the ref..

  • Aud

    He speaks English just fine, and understands it even better – he chooses not to speak it. He understood perfectly well what Troy said to him

  • Aud

    Yes, Sasha understands English perfectly

  • CLBinTX

    Whoa, whoa…hang on a sec…. Say what you will about Sasha or Brouwer. Everyone who’s passionate about Caps hockey has an opinion. But, this biz that Sasha’s English is shit…IS shit. It’s well established by those who’ve spent much time around him & covering him that Sasha’s English comprehension/expression skills are MUCH BETTER than he lets on. He ACTS like he doesn’t understand/speak English very well when he doesn’t WANT to speak…usually to the media.

    My take…this beef is the classic tension between the ‘grinder’ & the ‘glider’. It’s not that Sasha won’t SPEAK, there’s plenty of guys on the team that can chirp – Brouwer & Ribs being two of them. Rather, it’s that Sasha won’t PUT FORTH CONSISTENT EFFORT. The grinder isn’t the most talented player on the team but gives his all every shift every night. The glider has all the talent in the world but – for whatever reason – lacks the will to do likewise. If you think it’s not frustrating for the grinder to watch the guy who could change the course of any game – or even a season – not do so simply because he won’t, then you’ve never played hockey…or any other team sport. This comes up all the time.

    For years, the knock on BOTH Alex-es was that they’d rather party than dedicate themselves to their profession. One Alex seems to finally be growing up. The other Alex…we’ll see. Last time I checked, there’s no Russia House in Raleigh. He’s gonna have to speak enough English to order drinks & spin game on some southern belles. Carolina finally gave him his coveted long-term deal, which puts to bed the other bit of misinformation about him – that he really doesn’t want to play in the NHL & would rather go back to Russia. I think that was a mistake by Carolina but I’ll be curious to see how it all plays out.

  • GuestZ

    I hope he did, then Brouwer won’t need to repeat himself.

  • I think perfectly is a bit of a stretch.

  • JF

    LOOOOVEEEE the trash talk. If you dont like trash talk in sports then your not a sports fan. You gotta talk trash out there. Every athlete in every sport talks trash because that is what it is all about. Keep it Up RIBZs

  • FLCaps

    I personally loved the heat we brought last night. Brouwer yelling at Sasha was awesome. As was Ribz doing his best impression of a mad rapper. We’ve finally got a gritty team. Ribz, Brouwer, Oleksy, Ersky. We’ve been sorta charmin for a while and the teams that win in the east have some snarl to accompany the skill. Keep it rolling boys.

  • SO_CAL_Brat

    I’d like to think Brouwer said something along the lines of “See what happens when you work for it?”

  • Brouwer is a douche, always was, long before he became a Cap, that said, it is always classless to yap after you score a big goal, says more about the person yapping than the guy on the other side.

  • Sarah

    Your winnings, sir.

  • Rhino40

    I once tried to play the same game last season, except you had to drink every time Dale Hunter said “y’know” during a postgame presser.
    I don’t remmeber much after that presser.

  • Yo8

    Yes, I understand that he felt frustrated with Sasha blah, blah, blah, etc. But Sasha is not with the Caps anymore and Brouwer already said what he felt to the reporters so what is the point in yelling at Sasha now? This makes me wonder if it was a ‘grinder and glider’ case like you said did Brouwer felt that Sasha was part of the problem of why the caps didn’t advance in the playoffs and that’s why Sasha should have been kicked out sooner or because Sasha was taking his spot and he felt he deserved it more? Clearly both and it is understandable because we all feel and think that way at some point, but yelling at the guy because you feel or think that way is another thing.

    To me it was just classless and a shitty move from Brouwer.

  • Red

    As an immigrant, and someone who speaks 3 languages, I feel I have a responsibility to clear up some misinformed opinions expressed in this discussion.

    Understanding a language and speaking it, are not the same thing, and require two separate sets of skills. It’s a matter of theory and application. Allow me a quick metaphor. I can learn everything there is to know about a car and the traffic system – that doesn’t make me a good driver. Every day I see people who have no business being behind the wheel of a car. This lot either don’t know the basic rules of the road, or just don’t care to apply them. And a vast majority wouldn’t be able to tell me what a crankshaft is if their life depended on it (application w/o theory). Conversely, there are people with erudite knowledge of everything automotive who rarely get on the road, whether that’s due to apprehension, anxiety, self-consciousness, physical disability, or just a simple lack of motivation (theory w/o application).
    Understanding and speaking are not mutually dependent skills, and you can’t directly judge the strength of one on the basis of another. For example, my mom reads constantly, and her vocabulary and language comprehension are off the charts, but she speaks English like a 12 year old in front of a packed classroom. Mike Milbury is on air every day, speaking and saying words, without any apparent qualification do so. A typical athlete soundbite draws from a pool of about 200 words. I think anyone would agree that knowing a few words and being able to stick em in a sentence does not a linguist make.

    Consider these things next time you want to make judgement calls and criticize someone based on how well or how often they speak.

  • Well put. Thanks, Red.

  • qwin

    Kind of looks like “Hey Semin, you’re a f*g”
    I love Brouwer and all, but really wish he didn’t do this.. I also which the fans didn’t boo him. I miss Semin 🙁

  • Capt (20) Obvious Conspiracy

    “Hey Sorry, Friend!” Yep, that’s totally it.

    Bit he also could be replying “A Sandwich: Free!” to Semin having asked him what he’s eating after the game as they skate towards the net.

    Then again I think he is taunting him: “I sit with your Friend!” Alex Ovechkin, every game, on the bench.

    Okay, I must confess. He broke the Code and exposed Sasha’s herbal proclivity:

    “Hash house Freak!”

  • Yeah. Even with a * that’s not an okay word to use… anywhere.

  • If it came between keeping Semin or getting Ribeiro I’d say we definitely won.

  • Ash

    so what is the point in yelling at Sasha now?

    I dunno, man. If someone was crosschecking me in the back as vigorously as Semin was doing to Brouwer en route to the empty net, I’m pretty sure I’d have some choice words to yell at them. Seems like a fair response. And he hasn’t said anything about Sasha since that first interview, so…?

  • Ash

    He yelled at the dude during a hockey game. As hundreds of other players do to one another, whether or not they like each other, or whether they have played with each other before. And he defended hard against him. Like, you know, BROUWER GETS PAID TO DO. That’s normal. I’m not sure where you’re getting this storyline that Brouwer’s got an extraordinary grudge or Sasha is unfairly persecuted.

  • Yo8

    No, you hit the guy back or you score a goal and celebrate with team mates like Ovi did against the Bolts. I didn’t see Ovi going to the bench and yell at the guy’s face for cheating!

    I have seen Ovi crush past team mates and friends and they didn’t say anything and if was the other way around Ovi didn’t say anything to them. The only one who has bitched and moan is Malkin.

    Crosschecking? He barely got him hahaha! So I don’t understand why he would be so angry. To me it looked more like he was rub it in his face like a bitch rather than being angry at him.

  • Yo8

    No, he gets paid to score goals, hit, defend his net and fight a douche bag from the other team. Yes, I know that this is a hard game were past team mates and friends from other teams and not so friends at all are going to beat the living crap out of each other. That’s why Ovi send Sasha flying the game before this past game and that’s the reason why Sasha tried to stop Brouwer from scoring. But the trash talk is trash talk and a dick is a dick!

    And for the record I’m not the one who started that “story-line.” People here say the same thing “he just showed the frustration that he had towards Sasha’s game.” Well, I simply ask just frustration or there is more than that? It may sound immature that professional grown up men would feel that way but then again trash talk and lack of respect for past team mates is not the best example of maturity.

  • MiddleFingerLake

    Brouwer said, “hey Semin, you’re a front door rectal port”, sure it’s classless but class is just plain over rated.

  • Ash

    …yeah, I don’t know what sport you’ve been watching, but I’m not sure it’s the same hockey I watch. And he did. He scored the ENG, he hugged Backstrom, and he yelled something most likely rude to the guy who was whacking him. As you do. As most likely a Cane player would have if the situation had been reversed. AS NEARLY EVERY NHL PLAYER DOES. His line and Semin’s matched up during a lot of the game, so I’m sure they were– gasp– playing hard against each other!

    I really don’t see what you’re seeing, and I suspect we’re not going to agree. Brouwer behaved to Semin exactly as any other player in his situation would.

  • Ash

    You know, part of this post was that we didn’t know what Brouwer said, only that we suspected it was rude. I am pretty sure you don’t know exactly what was said either, and you’re just projecting your feelings onto it. Hockey players, like nearly all other athletes, trash talk. It is part of every sport and you’re welcome not to like it, but to say that they shouldn’t do it or that it doesn’t help isn’t necessarily true or logical. If trash talking makes a guy lose his temper and take an ill advised penalty (say, one Alex Semin) and the resulting powerplay puts the Caps ahead, hey, it was worth it.

    You don’t have to like it, and you can look down on Brouwer for doing it. But that doesn’t make you right.

    Well, I simply ask just frustration or there is more than that?

    We don’t know. None of us fans practiced or played or hung out with the players, so whatever whole story is there, we will probably never know it. While I would have preferred that Brouwer thought more about the timing of his initial remarks, I didn’t disagree with anything he said. Sasha is indeed a phenomenal player but he also would sometimes give less effort than he was capable of, and sometimes, he played lazy and took bad penalties as a result of that. It’s an observation many Caps fans were making long before Brouwer (or Matt Bradley) said anything to the press.

  • Yo8

    I’m not against them playing hard, but I don’t buy that merely a push was the reason for Brouwer to yelled at him. Also, like you said this a hard game so why bitch about a push? I would have rather see Brouwer hit him back or score like he did! The goal was enough to make a statement and not any other player in that situation would have acted in the same way.

  • Yo8

    “but to say that they shouldn’t do it or that it doesn’t
    help isn’t necessarily true or logical. If trash talking makes a guy lose his
    temper and take an ill advised penalty (say, one Alex Semin) and the resulting
    powerplay puts the Caps ahead, hey, it was worth it.”

    Okay, fair enough but how trash talking to Sasha would have
    helped the team when we had a two goal lead and there were only 6 seconds left? Was it really necessary? No, it wasn’t because we already have the game. Also, Sasha fighting after an insult? Hahaha! We all know that was not going to happen. I would like Brouwer to say whatever he said to Sasha to one of those big guys that can break a skull with a single punch. Let’s see how that goes.

    “We don’t know. None of us fans practiced or played or hung
    out with the players, so whatever whole story is there, we will probably never know it.”

    I can’t say what I think is what actually happened, but you can’t say what I think it happen didn’t happen either. Nobody can tell except the players, but after what Bradley, Neuvirth, and Brouwer said in each of their interviews it makes me wonder if all of the players are in the same page. People questions Ovi’s commitment to the team and call him a selfish player that only cares about individual achievements, but nobody seems to question the rest of the team like they don’t have personal problems and individual goals of their own. The same was with Sasha. Only those “observations” were made, but nobody question anything else.

    Brouwer said that we were better off without Sasha at a moment that we were not good and even now that we have gotten better we still look weak. People say that Sasha was going to do terrible with his new team and it happen the completely opposite. So clearly people forgot to observe other things.

  • Ash

    I don’t think we’re arguing about the same thing anymore (I’m not even sure of the point you’re arguing), and I doubt we’re going to change each other’s minds. You seem to think Brouwer was out of line for both his comments to the press and his yelling at Sasha in game, and I disagree on both points. I expect we should leave it there.

    People say that Sasha was going to do terrible with his new team and it happen the completely opposite.

    Do feel free to dig up evidence of this.

  • LeftCoastCapsfan

    Sadly, I think Brouwer called Semin the f-word, rhymes with gag. =( Sasha was my favorite player on the Capitals before he left and while I’ll always be a Capitals fan first and foremost, it hurt when he left. I see the benefits of him having left and am grateful for it but still. I think Brouwer could lay off Sasha now. They’re doing fine without him. Period. End of story.