Fifteen years ago, former Capital Esa Tikkanen had a breakaway in game two of the Stanley Cup Finals. It could have iced the game for Washington and led them to the franchise’s first Cup. Instead, his shot completely missed the wide-open net and the Capitals were swept in four games by the Detroit Red Wings.

Caps prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov had his own painful playoff moment Friday. With Traktor Chelyabinsk trailing Dynamo Moscow in the KHL Finals 2-1, Kuzya had a chance to put Traktor in total control of game three, when he was sprung on a breakaway mid-way during the second period. At approximately 95 MPH, Kuznetsov performed his patented breakaway move where he fakes a forehand shot and then puts the puck waaaaaay on his backhand, trying to slip the biscuit past the goalie. It almost worked.

What a move. Traktor would end up losing to Ovi’s former KHL team 1-0, which will give Dynamo the chance to repeat as champs Monday in Moscow.

Regardless of Kuznetsov missing, his speed and skill was on full display once again. George McPhee must be salivating… or doing whatever an undertaker does.

  • Zee

    Honestly, even if Tikkanen scored and the Caps held on to win game 2, the Caps still likely would have lost. That Red Wings team was loaded to bear. That said, that was the turning point and man did that sting.

  • I may have been blinded with emotion at the age of 14, but I really think they would have won the series if they won that game. All the confidence they built up in that years playoffs, immediately dissipated after that game.

  • DCJohnnyD

    GMGM will trade him for a 30-something 3rd liner at next year’s trade deadline.

  • MikeD

    Why would you post the Tikkanen clip? Why?!?

  • Jeremiah

    i read taht Poile said that Forsberg will maybe make debut on monday for preds…is Kuznetsov playing wing or center right now? also how come wing from euro countries play with right shots playing left wing and left shots playing right wing. i.e. bondra, jagr, yakupov oiv until recently, and when kuznetsov plays wing it is usually right wing?

  • Steve

    Because they can cut inside from the wing to the slot and get a good shooting angle while using the defenseman as a screen.

  • MattD

    So, any chance he wears a better looking sweater next year? Any year?

  • and its easier to pick up the puck in full stride.. you can take it on your backhand if its in front of you, and your forehand if its behind you.. if you play like ovie does now.. you cant reach for the puck if its behind you..

  • He said he’s coming over after the 2014 Sochi olympics I believe.

  • MiddleFingerLake

    Another fine mess. Peddle his ass like we did Forsberg and get some men in here to play the goddamn game.

  • MiddleFingerLake

    When he gets on the smaller ice surface I am concerned he just won’t be able to cut it. Particularly after some of the NHL’s goons smack him around a bit.