This thumbs up from Kirilenko is more lucky than a swimming pool full of horseshoes and four-leaf clovers. (Photo credit: @mkirilenko)

A thumbs up from Kirilenko is more lucky than a swimming pool full of horseshoes and four-leaf clovers. (Photo credit: @mkirilenko)

Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

That washed-up Russian, Alex Ovechkin, has scored 17 goals in his last 15 games. During that span, the Washington Capitals are an astounding 12-2-1, which has taken them from the cellar of the Eastern Conference to the top of the Southeast Division. I guess we really did forget to flush. The goals have made Ovechkin a MVP candidate again for the first time in years and literally the happiest guy on the planet.

Saturday night against the Lightning, Ovechkin punctuated a huge first period for the Caps with a beautiful semi-breakaway goal. As the Lightning prepared for Ovi to shoot from the circles, the Great Eight surprised everybody on the ice and went to his backhand, beating Ben Bishop to the right post. It would be Washington’s third goal of the period and the team’s 20th shot.

Let’s just forget about the two periods after that.


The goal, which was reminiscent of Ovi’s game-winning overtime tally against the Islanders in 2011, was his 27th of the season. Ovechkin is now the NHL’s league leader in goals once again. And this time his reign will last more than an hour.

Maria, please keep coming to all the games.




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  • terkybo

    love the way you play the game, Ovie…keep it up!

  • That was a beauty, fantastic game except….well just except. Whew huge 2 points, 4 more wins should do it.

  • And that feed by Backstrom?! How is that being overlooked!

  • ChuchutrainLA


  • yv

    Beside this goal, I think Ovis prolong muttering after he didn’t finish his opportunity, if it was shown on TV, I think, in the second period, is worth a gif. It was shown on big screen in VC and you can tell how mad he was on himself. I’m sure he will score, at-least, 4 goals in remaining 6 games, that’s how possessed he is right now.

  • terkybo

    Backys pass is not being overlooked, it just what he does and has been doimg…his kudos comes in his increasing his upper-body strength in the past couple years to mostly ride the puck in along the boards while being rode hard into the boards…he’s a beast!

  • given his success with kovi and ovi, it’s now obvious that oates is some kind of broken russian winger whisperer. kinda makes me wish semin were still here (not at 7mil though that shit cray).

  • why has no one commented on the RING…must be a girl thing

  • Nomo

    new skates ?