Game Over Green: Caps Edge Bolts 6-5 (OT)


Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

Thursday night against the Hurricanes, the Washington Capitals continued their march up the Eastern Conference standings with some Ovi scoring and Brouwer yelling (what else is new) as they defeated the Carolina Hurricanes. Tonight, they looked to extend their six-game winning streak against another flailing Southeast Division team from more humid parts, the Tampa Bay Lightning. They did. It was fun ’cause the Caps scored a lot of goals, until Tampa did that too.

It started with a Brouwitzer, then a Hillen blast (just kidding), and then some Russian dude with a missing tooth. In the second it was JASON FREAKING CHIMERA, Panik for Tampa, Panik puns for people on Twitter, and a Fehr tap in. The third, as usual, was where the Caps screwed things up, with two St. Louis goals, another for Panik, and one for Purcell. However…


In the end, there were wings for the people in the stands and two points for the people on the ice. Caps edge Bolts 6-5 (OT).

  • Tonight was a matchup between the league’s top two scorers: Alex Ovechkin and Steven Stamkos. If the Lightning were any good, it might even be a matchup of two MVP candidates. Ovi wasted no time taking over the lead with the final scoar of Washington’s three goal first period. Forehand, backhand, one-legged flying celebration, glass smash.
  • The amazing turnaround for Ovechkin continues. The hockey world had given up on Ovi two months ago; now he’s on pace to win his third Rocket Richard Trophy.
  • Nine shots on goal for Ovechkin, seven for Mike Green. I hear these guys are doing well lately. Greenie won it in overtime.
  • Seventeen goals in 15 games for the Great Eight. EVERYBODY TO RIGHT WING.
  • Troy Brouwer is also hot hot hot. Unleashing another Brouwitzer on the power play, Troy registered his third goal in two games. Sadly, though, he didn’t swear maniacally at Alex Semin after this one.
  • Also, also doing well lately: Jack Hillen. This guy’s month just keeps getting better. Contract, baby, goal, goal. Don’t look know, but JH38 is becoming a fan favorite. Seriously.
  • Jason Chimera scored his first goal since NBC was worth watching — March 17 — tonight, converting a sublime tick-tack-toe with Mathieu Perrault. And Peter missed it. Again. Because he was in New Jersey. I know.
  • The third line was super awesome tonight. In addition to Chimera’s goal, Eric Fehr had a tap-in tally and Matty P. had two succulent assists.
  • Nate Thompson‘s unplanned meeting with a Green slap shot shows once again shows that visors are good for you. Yes, Thompson ended up bleeding all over the ice, but he could have easily lost an eye — that’s what was behind the shield.
  • The Caps keep collapsing late in the game and it continues to be super annoying. This game was 5-1 at one point. Please stop, guys.
  • Richard Panik put some fancy moves on while all alone in front and Marty St. Louis (that short dude) fired a delicious snipe over his catching glove to start the Tampa comeback. In the third, it was those two guys again.
  • And then… disaster.
  • With two and a half minutes left, Teddy Purcell fired a backhander past Holtby. Verizon Center could not believe it. The fans should know better by now.
  • The Capitals gave up 40 or more shots for the second straight game.
  • There’s a reason Tampa’s hockey team is called the Lightning: thunderstorms are forecasted in the area for the next three days. This information is useless to you.
  • This tweet made CSN. Ian is very proud.
  • Marcus Johansson deserves all the credit in the world tonight. His beautiful move to the net drew the game’s decisive power play.
Joe B. Suit of the Night

Joe B. Suit of the Night

I was one of the team’s biggest doubters in the winter, but after seeing Adam Oates’s handiwork — with the system, the power play, and Alex Ovechkin — it’s hard not to think this team might be able to make a run in the playoffs. This team, believe it or not, may actually be good — as long as you play a two period game. This game was a tale of two different teams. The first one was unstoppable, as fun as those amazing (regular season) Caps teams from a few years ago; the second was pathetic. At least they still won, their seventh victory in a row.

Pete H. will back in the saddle for Leafs v. Caps on Tuesday. Enjoy your Sunday. Boo Orioles.


  • Akay15

    GAME OVER GREEN!! OVI LEADS SCORING! CHIMERA FREAKIN SCORED! And this Hillen guy is AWESOME! Wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take a SEVENTH STRAIGHT CAPITALS WIN! Feels like the playoffs again!

  • JimmyCrackCocaine

    Chris Gordon is so much better at writing than Peter Hassett the dog f*cker.

  • MSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curse him!

  • Katherine

    Joe B said something about banking the win. He must be a fan of #thebank.

  • JenniferH

    It’s like they grew complacent, like they thought they were safe and so stopped trying? I don’t know. Hopefully this was a wake-up call that leading or not, so-so team or not playing against, never stop playing like you’re behind! Still, we won! It wasn’t pretty, we blew a 4-goal lead (twice!), but in the end, we won and got our two points to continue our SEVEN-GAMEWININNG-STREAK! GO CAPS!!

  • The way it happened? Not good.

    Especially disappointed that Ovechkin played very good defense only to have his other team mates have brain farts and 2 goals be scored.

    Either way, is changing divisions going to make anyone here hate Lightning less? Not me, them getting one point means higher draft pick.

  • lsuboy95

    Didn’t include Ian’s tweet about scoring on that fourth PP? That was straight to the bank.

  • Can’t believe a couple weeks ago I was saying Mojo was useless. Man i am i dumb

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Why is Mike Green being interviewed? He was horrible tonight.

    MaJo was our best player out there tonight. He was the first forward to get back on defense, was patient reading passes, had a couple takeaways, and generated a good portion of scoring chances. That’s how you do it!

  • Hockeynightincanada

    MaJo has proved me wrong many times this year and I couldn’t be more happy to eat crow about that. Good kid with a smart head who is becoming a quality two-way forward.

  • Dominic

    Gordo trolling the O’s fans I see.

  • Yeah, he loves the Yankees. No, I don’t think he has a soul. 😀

  • Mojo had a TON of turnovers tonight, but yes, he has played splendidly since he came back from injury. It’s promising.

  • “well he scored a million goals and assisted even more
    he pisses bolts of lightning and knits while he scores
    his tooth are so crook you think he might he’s sly
    but he’s just tiny and weird, mister martin st louie!”

  • yv

    Watching replay right now at home and, at-last, I know what is the real sign of the spring arrival to Mid-Atlantic area. It is not what groundhog saying, it is when opposing GT complaining about the sun in VC. Sitting there fans didn’t have any idea what was the cause of the game delay.

    I remember at the beginning of the season everybody saying that stupid phrase that two-goals lead is the most dangerous. However, with Caps you can say now that any lead is not safe. So much positive was for 38 min and, then, I dont know exact ly, but the number of scoring chances for TBL should be staggering.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    From beneath the troll mask, I can’t quite make out if that Is Brian Wilson or Qui Gon Jinn?

  • JimmyCrackCocaine

    Yeah I lift unlike any of the RMNB’s writers.

  • What if i told you……………………….

    He’s on my fantasy team?