Alex Ovechkin has been scoring a lot of goals lately — 17 in his last 15 games — making him the NHL’s league leader. At the Capitals’ season-ticket holder party at Six Flags on Sunday, he proved that his touch transcends hockey. Ovi for Hart whatever trophies soccer players get!

And no, the video isn’t doctored.

so sick)))))


GIF by welshhockeyfan

Thanks to Jordan Tenenbaum for the photo and video. Additional reporting by Chris Gordon.

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  • He shoots with the left foot? That’s impressive and very tough to do

  • GOAT….too soon?

  • A hole in one and now this. Sometimes I think he’s not mortal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wylmOGotyvY

  • Lebcapsfan

    Wasn’t his father a professional soccer player?

  • Andrew Stobie

    It is literally as tough as shooting with your right.

  • He sure was!

  • haha before i started recording, his dad was giving him tips on how to kick.

  • Someone has dubbed a Joe B goal call overtop Jordan’s video. Haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mnFVglDfLM

  • ChuchutrainLA

    no article on F-berg’s debut with the Preds? Common guys, you know you want to:)) #sickunbelievable

  • MiddleFingerLake

    Ovechkin is the man!!! I’d like to see what kind of soccer player Sindy Crybaby is. He’d be one of those punks who dives and fakes an injury all the time. At least a soccer ball wouldn’t knock all his choppers out.

  • Haha Sindy. I get it, because that’s a girl’s name. And girls are awful.

    Good one.

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  • MiddleFingerLake

    Don’t see what article of the policy it falls under but you’re in charge. I should probably just read the articles and not post comments. I can’t see what irks you about this. However, you seem to have a pretty bitter and condescending way yourself. I guess two wrongs do make a right after all.

  • NoOneCares

    Maybe because your comment was completely unnecessary and unrelated? Comments like that are why no one takes Caps fans seriously.

  • I watched the entire game last night and he was exactly as good as I’ve advertised him to be on this site, though he got some ridiculous ice time. He played about 18 minutes, played on the PP, and Nashville’s first line. He was one of the best players for Nashviille offensively though I’m not sure how much that’s saying because their team right now is terrible! At the very least, if you like Forsberg, he is in a very favorable position to maximize his talent. He’ll have every opportunity to do so.

  • MiddleFingerLake

    Ya, you’re right. Any opinion other than your own should be subject to severe criticism and the person responsible should be ostracized and possibly put in the public stocks. I’m sorry my lord.

  • MiddleFingerLake

    He must be extremely happy that he’s not playing in Hershey, eh?

  • LaterBro

    He could have just silenced you, but showed you enough respect to keep your comment up.

    Do you make fun of all players when they suffer injuries? Or is it just when they lead the league in points and assists?

  • Melissa Allen

    Another version of Ovi playing soccer and scoring 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGP1xkffXlE

  • No, you’re right. You’re entitled to an explanation.

    Our site is for everyone, including women. Talking shit about players is absolutely encouraged here, but doing it in a way that makes merely being a woman an insult is not. That’s what #5 is all about.

    (I also think a guy who comes back from multiple concussions to lead the league in scoring isn’t very crybaby-y, but that’s a substance issue– not a style thing.)

    Anyway: I’m not trying to pick on you or anything, I’m just trying to keep our site friendly to anybody who wants to read and talk about hockey.

  • I used to talk shit playing basketball in high school, calling guys bitches and stuff like that. Then you grow up and you witness your beautiful fiancee worried about how she looks before you go out to get dinner, and you realize how bad saying these things actually are. Men are no different than women (actually, we’re probably stupider) and it’s not a way to put down someone. I’m really proud that we try to break these walls down.

  • Yo8

    It is when you are a right foot shooter. Messi is a left foot shooter, but he can also score with his right foot. Not every soccer player can score with both feet, but it is not impossible to learn. It all depends on the training they had as kids.

  • MiddleFingerLake

    No need to worry. I’m done. Have a nice time folks.

  • MiddleFingerLake

    OK, gotchya. Enjoy. This is more lame than the Washington Compost. You guys have fun hugging each other. I’ll move on.

  • I don’t think it’s fair to say men are stupider. It’s a case-by-case basis.

  • Genuinely sorry to lose you as a reader. Always welcome back.

  • If you’re a right handed guy, you probably shoot with the right foot. In soccer it’s very hard to shoot accurately with your weak foot. Imagine Tom Brady passing with his left hand…

  • He also throws left handed. Look up his first pitch at the orioles game.