Photo credit: Washington Capitals Instagram

Tonight, the Washington Capitals are holding their annual season ticket holder party at Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Over the years, the event has produced classic moments such as Alex Semin speaking English on video for the first time ever and the entire team riding a roller coaster. So far this evening, we have already been treated to a photo of Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko posing just before they rode on the Superman roller coaster.

For those of you at the event tonight, tweet or email us your favorite photos from the event and we’ll publish our favorites as the night goes along. RMNB readers, put on your fedoras and get out your fancy mobile phones. You haves some investigative reporting to do for us!



Photo credit: Washington Capitals Instagram


The quintessential #NeuvyFace photo. (Photo credit: @Jessica_Stan808)


Photo credit: @eduktor42


Mike Ribeiro hanging out with the event coordinator. (Photo credit: @eduktor42)


Troy Brouwer signs the Brouwer Rangers’ helmet. (Photo credit: @brouwerrangers)


“For the record, Maria is laughing, not puking.” (Photo credit: @sombrero_guy)


No one will top this. Martin Erat signed George McPhee’s bio page in a program which included a photo of Filip Forsberg. Amanda says he laughed when he asked him to sign it. (Photo credit: @unleashthefury)


Suzanne had the players sign her Ovechtrick shirt. (Photo credit: @suzannekang)


Ovi disgusted after missing out on a prize. (Photo credit: @itallfallsdwn)


Mikhail Ovechkin. (Photo credit: @mkpanda78)


John Carlson signing autographs. (Photo credit: @AmyD2010move)


A great photo of Eric Fehr. (Photo credit: @eduktor42)


Abby meets Alex Ovechkin. TOO CUTE. (Photo credit: Patrick Wood)


Nicklas Backstrom smiling. (Photo credit: @Jessica_Stan808)



Photo credit: @mkirilenko


Maria with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. (Photo credit: @mkirilenko)


Ovi holds his nose behind Maria. (Photo credit: @zyvo23)


Mike Ribeiro poses with @hotpinkhope’s new neon sock. (Photo credit: @amberlynne)


Matt Hendricks smiles for the camera. (Photo credit: @jesse_westside)


John Erskine tries to smile. (Photo credit: @AllisonGyovai)


John Carlson. Caps staffer looks stunned. (Photo credit: @jesse_westside)


Jay Beagle and Karl Alzner signing autographs. (Photo credit: @AllisonGyovai)


From mkpanda78: “When I gave Beagle this picture that I took, he started laughing. I asked if he remembered it and he said that it’s hard to keep track cause he tries to “kill Perry all the time”. He then showed it to Alzner who got a kick out of it as well. Matthieu laughed when he signed it later! Best day! I love the Caps!!!”


Joel Ward, Jeff Schultz, and the guy behind the Capitals Tumblr, James Heuser. (Photo credit: @kat4888)


Fantastic photo of Mathieu Perreault. (Photo credit: Molly Flatley)


#OleksyFace. (Photo credit: @suzannekang)


More #OleksyFace. (Photo credit: @kellygirl32)


And finally, Ovi picks his nose. (Photo credit: @makeyagomads)

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  • Matty P repping his home town team the… Diamondbacks??

  • .

    Maria will date anyone to get more famous

  • jennrubenstein

    at the last caps convention, somebody asked him about his red sox hat that he was wearing – he seemed a little confused and said “i just like the hat, i don’t really watch baseball.” if there was a tiny french canadian machine blog, we could compile all of the perreaultchocinco ball cap pics =)

    vid because it still makes me laugh:

  • I flippin’ love these guys!

  • I realize it probably wasn’t like this, but in my head, Ovie!Daddy is all “I WILL HUG YOU NOW YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL, YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE (laughs like an evil villain for 10 minutes)”

  • Yo8

    And cheap and useless hoes would say anything to put down classy and talented girls like Kirilenko.

  • Sidewinder8

    It’s all fun and games until you show a picture with Jeff Schultz in it.

  • Goat

    One of these years I’ll actually make it out to one of these. They always look like a pretty damn good time in retrospect.

    I have to admit, having it on a Sunday afternoon in the spring feels much more natural than a weeknight in September. Apart from the timing, the fact that the sun was out more than 15 minutes into the event must have been nice as well.

  • Great pix…what is your email address at RMNB? Have a pic of my daughter getting Green’s sig on her Green T…

  • lrhflute

    I used effective time management and got 9 signatures in 1 hour: Brouwer, Hendy/Poti, Fehr/Oleksy, Erat/Volpatti, and Mojo/Wolski! I was very proud! 😀

  • Well Maria is pretty famous herself,ranked just outside top 10 in tennis and that in the biggest individual sport in the world..So she dont date Ovi for money or fame.

  • No pictures of Erat? Come on guys, you can’t be that mad about the trade! Haha

  • There’s smth new about Ovi. He looks adult.
    is it just because of a beard, or there’s a new turn in his life, that makes him feel different…

  • In your dreams. But in reality she dates Ovi, because he is fun, smart and talented
    and you suck

  • i have said it a hundred times.. He had beard best player in the NHL, when he started to shave.. mediocre player.. now the beard is back.. best player in the NHL.. how can people not see this?

  • I wasnt there.. but from the pics i just want to give big cred to Maria, who isn´t really a Caps-player, and still went there and posed for pictures and so.. it shows a lot of class and a big heart!