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Alex Ovechkin is playing very well. He leads the league in goals, has tallied 18 times in his last 16 games, and is the single biggest reason the Washington Capitals are headed to the playoffs. We think he should win the Hart Trophy, awarded to the NHL’s most valuable player. Adam Oates, we now learn, agrees.

“I’m obviously very biased about that,” he told reporters after Washington’s 5-1 win on Tuesday, a game in which Ovechkin scored. “My answer would be yeah, absolutely. Obviously Sidney Crosby is another candidate for sure. He had such a scoring lead. But I think you’ve gotta factor in the fact that he’s missed a lot of games.”

“But it’s not really for me to say though, it’s you guys,” he added, referring to the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association whose members vote on the award.

Oates, perhaps, is even more deserving of a trophy than Ovi. The first-time head coach has mentored Ovechkin masterfully, guiding him through a difficult switch from left to right wing. It was a change Oates firmly believed would make him a better player — and it has. Meanwhile, Oates’s 1-3-1 power play is has been key to the Great Eight’s success this year, with Ovi registering a league-topping 15 man-advantage goals (out of his 28 overall).

“Alex has really led our team,” Oates said. “You see it every night now. You saw his energy tonight. Every team that we play, they have to focus on him. He’s in a good place.”

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  • if oates isn’t at least a runner up for the jack adams, well, i’ll be very upset on the internet about it believe you me.

  • Jeremiah

    do bloggers count in the hockey writer’s association?

  • Not sure, but that’s a good goal for us to have! haha.

  • yv

    Two AOs have found each other!
    Ovi has always finding the way to be at peak coming to playoffs time and to adapt and change without complaining to any system he was in before, however unfitting and not to his strength it was. I wonder how all those writers-‘analyst’ feel now, after many of them have written and said negative, often disparaging, things about Ovi and how much courage they have now to admit how wrong about him they were previously.

  • Wysh is a member (of the DC chapter) but I think he’s the only one.

  • I think we’re all biased who visit, let alone post, on this site.. but it’s simple to me. Take Ovi off the Caps, Caps aren’t winning the SE or even sniffing the post-season. Take Crosby off the Pens, Pens still legitimate contenders. Stamkos off the Bolts, hey, they still suck. Only person I think could win over Ovi, (If they went by my logic) is Bobs in Columbus.

  • Oh and excuse me for not mentioning John Tavares.. guy is also carrying his respective club

  • maveric101


  • maveric101

    A lot of fans, however, seem to think that the Hart trophy is simply intended for the best player in the league. That’s not the case. As you said, it’s for the player who makes the biggest difference for their team.

    “The Hart Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team.”


  • Dynamite

    Hart? Gagarin Cup for a start! DYNAMO MOSCOW!!!

  • Rhino40

    Suck it, Milbury

  • Niemi? Everybody is forgetting that poor kid!