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If you searched Alex Ovechkin‘s name on Twitter the afternoon of March 27th, you witnessed several Capitals fans freaking out publicly.

“I was just within 10 feet of Alex Ovechkin,” @ChiSportsLife said. “No big deal.”

That beautiful March day, Ovechkin filmed a commercial for Verizon Wireless, where the script called for the Russian Machine to approach random people walking by Verizon Center and start up a pick-up hockey game.

Tuesday, the commercial was finally released to YouTube  — and it is awesome.

Surprisingly, not everyone wanted to play hockey with Ovi.

“Nooooooooooooooo,” cried one lady scurrying into Verizon Center to avoid The Great Eight.

“Street hockey?” one jogger replied when asked to play. “Right now?”

“I don’t know how to play,” another passerby, looking mortified, said.

“It’s okay,” the gregarious Ovechkin replied. “We’re going to teach you.”

And teach them he did. Ovi brought out all the tricks scoring goals, high-fiving the crowd, and getting everyone involved. Capitals announcer Wes Johnson summed it up best mid-way through the video: “F Street definitely stands for fun today.”

Thanks to the DC Sports Bog for first posting.

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  • I’m curious how legit the actual event was, though. Were there no actors involved at all?

  • Whiskey

    Ovechkin touches girl on the back with other girl teammates around: “Alright, I’m going to take beautifuls”


  • JenniferH

    So cute!

  • Chris D.

    when did they film this i would of loved to of been there in DC that day. ( while i was suppose to be working)

  • Technically yes. Wes Johnson is an actor! He’s going to be in an episode of Veep and did you see that Ray Lewis commercial?


    In all honesty, the whole thing was organic. The Caps Fan Club and people who were walking by that day were the only ones who participated.

  • El Domesch

    Well, that’s hilarious!
    The jogger surely was thinking “holy shit, i must be dreaming. there’s an Alex Ovechkin in full hockey gear asking if i want to play hockey with him.”

    and btw: Are they really using 299$-TotalONE-NXGs on the street?

  • Yo8

    Terrible… This should have been done before a game with a lot fans are walking and buying tickets. The atmosphere would have been awesome instead of having an empty street.