Streak Ends Here: Senators beat Caps 3-1

Andre Ringuette

Riding high on an eight-game win streak, the Washington Capitals had all kinds of confidence before their game at the home of the Ottawa Senators. Confidence apparently doesn’t translate into puck possession, as the Capitals got totally tyrannized by the Senators. The Capitals had only a nominal offense and seemed to be suffering from some rare disease that you see on House that disables your ability to pass the puck. Meanwhile, the Senators were smothering and aggressive and a pretty darn hockey team. Don’t wanna see them in the first round playoffs– knock on Joel Rechlicz’s stick.

Senators beat Caps 3-1.

  • I missed most of the last two Caps games. Everyone tells me they’re a good hockey team, but what I saw tonight is what the francophones would call le garbage.
  • The first period was muy soñoliento. Wait, we’re in French Canadia: Très somnolent. The Caps held the Sens shotless on two soft-call power plays, but the Caps offered precious little offense. My precious is down, but it was pretty apparent that Ottawa was tilting the ice big-time.  Some great work in the crease by Braden Holtby kept the game scoreless through twenty.
  • But the Caps’ insouciance towards offense continued in the second period. Playing almost exclusively in their own end, the Caps probably weren’t surprised when Kyle Turris eventually beat Holtby blocker side to make it 1-0.
  • Holtby got an P90X workout all night, particularly when Chris Neil beat him on the backhand but rang the post. Holtby covered that one and had to do Travolta-esque splits right after. Holtby was active all night, and got run on more than one occasion.
  • Martin Erat, who is apparently an actual hockey player for the Washington Capitals, batted down a high puck and sent it laterally to Mike Ribeiro, who put the Caps on the board with a layup. Erat, who drives play, might be a good complement for Ribeiro, who is riding dirty as a passenger on that line but has finishing skills.
  • So get this. Holtby got the puck behind his net and then made a blind pass up the boards to a guy in a red uniform, which would’ve been fine in a home game. Instead, Cory Conacher scored an unassisted empty-net goal to re-establish the Senators lead. No one has named a child Cory since 1990, by the way. He was the last one. Anyway, Holtby pulled the same move half a minute later, although he seemed to be looking that time. I’m not saying Holtby was bad– far from it, but the onslaught of this game’s first half and that one goof coulda been reason enough to give him a break for the night. He deserved a better team in front of him.
  • Nick Backstrom took no shifts after the 12-minute mark of the third period. So… yeah… not good. We’ll keep an eye on that one, as we know pretty well what a Caps team without Nick Backstrom looks like. Update: Stephen Whyno says Backstrom was hit a by a shot by Mike Green.
  • Who is this Craig Anderson person?
Joe B suit of the night

Joe B suit of the night

Here’s one thing I can’t allow: “Braden Holtby lost this game for the Caps.” Nu-uh. Ottawa put overwhelming shot volume on Holtby, while Washington could hardly be bothered to fire a shot even when behind in the third period. This was one of those puck-possession blowouts that can’t be overcome unless your team is scoring on every other shot. The skaters lost this one.

Don’t look at the out-of-town scoreboard, guys. It looks like the Jets are within striking distance of the division lead– even after an 8-game win streak. Next week’s game against the Dirty Peg is gonna be intense.

This sucks. I miss two games, Gordon writes about all kinds of crazy Ovi goals and stuff, and now I’m stuck with the bummer loss. Not as if my personal suck comes close to the universal suck in the world this week, but yeah this sucks. I blame congress. Crash the net next time.

Programming note: I’ll be attending the PuckBuddys party at Nellie’s on Saturday. Come buy me a beer and watch me spaz out trying to cover the game and be social at the same time.


  • jennrubenstein

    puckbuddys party is yay

  • I think Backstrom got hit in the nuts by Greens shot.

    Maybe stomach.

    Though I’m really hoping that his reaction means its not wrist or arm.

  • Akay15

    Is this what Lindsay Lohan feels like when she’s told “no more” and sent to rehab? Falling from a streak high sucks.

  • boring hockey by the sens; shitty hockey by the caps.

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Not here to express frustrations. No need for that after all the crow I’ve already had to eat the last few weeks. Streak was bound to end soon. Question is when will the Jets now lose? Bad decision-making by Holtby on both goals, but he also kept us in a game that should have been over long before. To Ottawa’s credit, they just played that good tonight. I feel like the NHL has yet to see the best of what Oates and Maclean have to offer to their teams.

  • Anybody else coming to the PuckBuddys party?

  • Next game against the Jets is going to be CRAZY!

  • via Katie: Green on Backstrom: “It caught him in the arm. He’s alright but definitely gave him a bruise so I hope everything’s ok.” #Caps

  • yv

    Total stinker. Not a single player deserves positive marks. No any kind of energy at all. Either they become too comfy at home, or they have extra heavy meals during their’ collective dinner/lunch. And Holtby, each time he playing the puck with his stick you hold your breath. Oates and players should be annoyed by again loosing to OTT and by satisfactory smirk by their head coach after the final siren.

  • holtby was very good tonight.

  • GuestZ

    when he had the horrible team in front of him. left all alone and he lost it for us. now i love the kid, but tonight was pretty much on him. had the rest of the boys played better and scoared more than they did, it’d be a different feeling. but just because they sucked doesn’t take away from the fact that those 2 goals are on Holtby alone.

  • GuestZ

    now this comment i can agree with!

  • yv

    Very good when no soft goals, even if not that gift-second goal Caps might came out with at-least one point. Considering that Jets may lose in OT b/c of Semin’ goal at last min, that point could be huge.

  • These assholes always end our streaks, losing or winning………..

  • Ash

    Filibustered 🙁

    But, I still think we can take this division. And we can start building on that right back again on Saturday.

  • Except for that one brain fart where he misplayed the puck (and maybe Alzner should have had his stick ready), Holts was brilliant. Sadly, it’s his mistake that allowed the game-winning goal. But given the rest of the team played like crap, there’s no way you can pin this on Holtby. If not for his brilliant acrobatics, the score would have been much worse.

  • Jason Rogers

    And apparently my little avatar dealy isn’t working.