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Braden Holtby has always been an aggressive goaltender. From stealing sticks of opposing players to jumping into scrums, the Holtbeast is not afraid to assert himself. Heck, he’s even slashed Evgeny Kuznetsov in the ankles. Well, two nights after jumping on top of Erik Condra, Holtby cross-checked Travis Moen into the air after the Canadiens forward skated just a wee bit too close to the net.


GIF by me!

You can tell Holtby didn’t completely think this through because Jack Hillen took a stick to the face and got knocked over too. But hey, sometimes the greatest things in life are improvised.


Ouch! (Video via Fedor)

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  • Eric


  • You gotta love the guy, even if he did take out his own teammate.

  • brian!

    I love how in-sync Hillen and Moen falling down is, that might be the best part of the clip!

  • yv

    His name should be pronounced “Halt-by” or ‘stop’ from german, no by-passing allowed!

  • Sidewinder8

    The second I saw this, I instantly thought “This has RMNB written all over it.”

  • tj

    best is the girls reaction.

  • JenniferH

    I know I sound like such a fangirl (which, OK, I am), but man, I just love me some Braden Holtby.

  • jowitt09

    I think its about that time, to photoshop Braden Holtby with a bears head