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All things considered, Alex Ovechkin had a quiet night on Tuesday. But, at this point, a quiet night for Alex Ovechkin means a goal to clinch a division championship, a crucial assist, and one literally earth-shattering hit. Verizon Center serenaded Ovechkin to “MVP” chants and signs, cheering him on in his comeback season. It was a perfect night.

Lets’ review.

Ovechkin first got on the scoreboard with a beautiful assist for Nicklas Backstrom in the second period. That big goal gave the Caps a 3-2 lead and seized back the momentum they had surrendered after two unanswered goals by Winnipeg. There’s not much to say here — well, other than Ovechkin’s hands are softer than 1000-thread count linens.

Thanks to @stopthehats for the video.

Then the crowd let Ovi know that, if they were credentialed members of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association, he would totally have their vote for the Hart.


M-V-P, M-V-P, M-V-P

Next, Ovechkin decided to throw his weight around, crushing Evander Kane at center ice as the two both went for a loose puck. Kane gingerly skated back to the Jets bench, and regional seismologists are still struggling to comprehend the hit.

Finally, with 29 seconds left in the game and the Caps defending a one-goal lead, Ovechkin scored an empty-net goal to clinch the Southeast Division title for the Capitals. I screamed, Joe B screamed, we all screamed for ice cream O-vie.

Video via @bryancasto

Here are just a few of the signs, photos, and other celebrations of a special night.


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  • I’m not sure how any of you are writing posts with coherent thought processes. I’m so pumped I keep standing up and shouting and its like 90 mins later!!

    How sweet it was that Ovechkin had the final goal to clinch the division. I mean..for someone who is washed up that was pretty good right? Cherry on the sundae of our 5th division title! F**K YEAH! Here we come playoffs…here we come…

    P.S. I want the bulldog.

  • (mellifluous stream of happy profanities)

  • I loved seeing the fist pump from Perreault again

  • Honestly, it was extremely difficult haha https://twitter.com/ianoland/status/326878474281304064 This post is 97% media.

  • yv

    Just arrived from the game and start watching replay b/c so many garbage goals that required so many reviews, even Ovi by some reasons and too all bemusement was announced the scorer of 3d goal until 3d period. You can lose your voice there even without horn guy. Media guys selected correct stars of the game. Caps scored 5 goals but it might a record that not a single one belong to pretty ones. Now Ovi with the help of other Caps should continue path for all hardware and then Playoffs.

  • You included the word “seismologists”…so that balances out some of the media. (;

  • Emily Casto

    Thanks to @bryancasto for amazing video footage of the last part of the game! This handsome gentleman truly captured what it felt like to be in the Phone Booth- and I hear he has a smokin’ hot wife 😉

  • Trying….to…contain…myself…can’t….say…it….damn…aww, f$%^ it…here we go again