George McPhee is Pleased With This Turn of Events (GIF)


GIF by welshhockeyfan

George McPhee has had a tough year. Two months ago, his Washington Capitals were just about dead last in the league and looking hopeless. Fast-forward to April 23rd: The Capitals are going to the playoffs. The Capitals have won their division. The Capitals’ captain is the league’s best scorer.

Damn right, he’s gonna celebrate. Imagine that relief, that vindication. He’s been under fire for months now, and he’s unscathed. If that doesn’t merit a Bender-from-Breakfast-Club fist pump, nothing does. File this far away from GMGM’s 3OT freakout and the raaaaaaage.

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  • swhirly

    Pulled it off. Indeed he did. You pump that fist George. You earned it. (PS – OV likes the filet at the Palm.)

  • Priscilla

    Don’t you…forget about me.

  • Chris

    sucks seeing forsberg in a preds jersey though 🙁

  • JenniferH

    I missed that and my sister told me about it; she said the gif would be all over the net soon enough, LOL! You earned the fist pump, GMGM!

  • Tim

    He better re-negotiate his contract before conference realignment though – we got lucky with the shambles Southeast this year.

  • This man is too invested in his team, and I love it.

  • HarmCity

    “Yes! My job is safe”

  • yv

    Great gif and GMGM totally deserve this!

  • scott

    thats a omg my job is safe for another year fist pump

  • Mac

    Still needs to be fired.

  • That’s nice, but can he Unleash The Fury?