Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

Over the past few weeks, Matt Hendricks has been invisible on the scoresheet. He hasn’t scored a goal since March 3rd and hasn’t tallied a point since March 22nd. That’s why tonight, when The Wagon scored his fifth goal of the year, he danced like a four-year old who just learned how to use the potty.



GIFs by welshhockeyfan

After getting shoved out of the zone, Hendricks hustled back into the play and bumped into some people along the boards. After taking possession of the puck near the net, Hendy found his centering pass (to no one) bounce off Ondrej Pavelec’s pads and in. It was ugly and clumsy, but that’s Hendy rolls. Cue the dirty dancing.

I guess Hendricks and Jay Beagle should drink protein shakes before the game everyday.

Thanks to John Stannard for sending us the video.

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  • KS2013

    … Potty training at 4 years old?

  • Hey, for some of us, it takes awhile! Haha.

  • KS2013

    Fair enough! =)

  • 5bells


  • JenniferH


  • “We’re not going to name names………..John Carlson” hahah

  • Gribbo

    Best part of this goal was Hendy wiping out the D afterwards. Just incidental likr.

  • Clifton B

    He absolutely crushed that d-man to start his celebration.

  • Someone buy Beagle and Hendy a NutriBullet — too much nut debris in their smoothie!