Earlier in the year, Nicklas Backstrom filmed a bunch of spots for Geico and, as the season progressed, the commercials have been gradually released to the public. In January, Nicky taught us how to score 15 goals in 15 seconds. Then, a month later, he showed off a pretty graphic splinter. Now in April, we’re treated to a lockerroom interaction between Backstrom and the ghost of Lord Stanley.

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that that’s not tea in Lord Stanley’s cup.

Thanks to Puck Daddy for first posting.

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  • Dale Hunter’s reaction after seeing this: “Yeah, well… heh… that’s hockey, ya know.”

  • GuestZ

    Why does GEICO continue to suck? I mean, at least this isn’t the damn gecko, but come on….

  • I’m not sure I follow….

  • yv

    Speaking about hockey, before the S. Cup Nicky should secure other cups for his linemate. Tonight Stamkos got a goal and assist, while MSL a hattrick, that significantly complicate Ovi’s hunt for Art Ross b/c he is now 5 points behind MSL and 3 behind Stamkos, but still two goals ahead of Stamkos for the Rocket with two games to go for both teams.
    Avenge for previous losses to Ottawa and score more goals tomorrow night!

  • That was a weird freaking commercial. And I hope it doesn’t serve as a jinx.

  • Manitoba_Mercy

    these commerciaLS MAKE NO SENSE

  • Fedor

    Is it me or does “ghost” look a lot like Steven Stamkos?

  • You mean “scoar moar goals?”

  • maveric101

    Huh? The gecko series are their best ads, IMO. I mean, they’re not actually good, but they’re better than those stupid cavemen ads.

  • Add about 6 more ya know’s.and we’ll know for sure it’s Huntzie

  • I love how he instantly goes back to taping his stick!

  • Slapshot

    This commercial would make a lot more sense if I could drink whatever was in Lord Stanley’s cup. I hope Nicky cashed a rather large paycheck for this one.