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Alex Ovechkin is in the zone. I’m not completely sure what that means but think Peter Parker just after he got his superpowers in Spider-Man. Ovi is scoring at will every night. Thursday was no exception.


As the Capitals trailed 1-0 in the third period, Ovechkin carried the puck into the zone and blew by Senators defenseman Chris Phillips. As Craig Anderson went for the poke-check, Ovechkin calmly put his puck on his backhand and scoar’d.


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To celebrate, Ovi got creative with a combination of Booker T’s spin-a-roonie and that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles move where they spin around on their shells.

Spin comes at 51 seconds.

Ovi, who had four hits and three shots in the overtime loss, has pretty much a nearly unjinxable lead for the Maurice Richard trophy (well, unless Steven Stamko faces the worst goaltending in the league in his final game.) And hopefully, there’s another award in Ovechkin’s future as well.


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  • I’m really loving how our guys have been protecting our crease and taking no prisoners in the blue paint. Especially happy with Erskine lately. GO CAPS! 😀

  • RocktheRedbird530

    Any chance of getting a GIF of Oleksy’s straight left to Silfverberg’s mouth?

  • JenniferH

    OVI! OVI! OVI!

  • You guys are insufferable. Haha. Yes! Check in the morning. 😀

  • k1ill

    I can’t tell if you don’t know how to use Youtube’s timestamps to link to a specific part of a video or if you really wanted your readers to watch that entire TMNT video with awful music.


  • hahahahahah)))) Best!