Matt Hendricks Checks Erik Condra Into the Net (GIF)


Photo credit: Greg Fiume

With the Washington Capitals securing the division title on Tuesday night, Thursday’s game against Ottawa started off predictably slow. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t any fireworks. For example: in the first period, when Matt Hendricks did some heavy-lifting and power-cleaned Erik Condra into the net.


If this were pick-up basketball, Hendy would have been penalized for not calling the bank shot.


My favorite part is Kyle Turris. He watches the play happen, and you can almost see him tell himself, “Man, I should probably do something.” Then he skates towards Hendy, looks him directly in the eyes …and offers a half-hearted shove. Yeah. Someone got scared of The Wagon.

Can’t blame him.

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  • OlietheGoalie

    Love Hendricks. So much. Great player, and fun to watch.

  • hendybobendy26

    You just dont mess with the master wagon…… Word.

  • serpent

    I nominate The Wagons for the HEART Trophy!

  • The Puck Wagon is here to serve some serious shit.