The Steve Oleksy Sucker Punch (GIF)


GIF by welshhockeyfan

Like DC101’s Roche and his Doo Doo Time Spectacular, we’re apparently taking requests now. Because you demanded it in the comments, we’re happy to present the Steve Oleksy sucker punch of an Ottawa Senators player: because sometimes marking your man requires more than just tying up his stick– particularly when you don’t have a stick of your own. For Binky, that meant dropping a defenseless player like a bag of hammers with a gloved haymaker to the mush.

No penalty on the play. Hockey, folks!

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  • WoodyandtheBoners

    The kid can sell a hell of a punch!

  • I’m so confused on who owns which stick…

  • crosby87sucks

    love this guy

  • Over_head

    Either Oleksy has a right hand made of steel or that was a bit of a dive.

  • Perhaps the refs saw both – the punch and the dive – and decided not to call it, as they offset each other…

  • Gringo Hank

    What Chris Gee said, whats going on with the magic sticks? Where do they come from?

  • Steve

    would have been perfect if he had caught the sens stick and played on lol

  • Kyle Schoembs

    Ok I love me some Binky, but this is a cheap shot. He cold-cocked him, #hereslookingatyouPeter. Don’t get me wrong I am glad it was our guy that was the puncher and not the punchee, but lets call a spade a spade people.

  • Gringo Hank

    Wow, the more i look, the more mindfakked i get. What is this sorcery!?

  • Gringo Hank

    Looks like Silfverberg has a stick caught in his jersey or something.

  • Charlie

    That was a Huge FLOP!!

  • just give him the norris already

  • Freeman Lee

    When I first saw it, I laughed at the audacity of it. This time I’m laughing at the flop.

  • maveric101

    The stick with black tape that flies up is Silfverberg’s. I have no idea what’s going on with that stick on the right, though. Looks like it was taped to Silfverberg’s back or something.

  • DownGoesFrasier

    When a wild animal feels his home being threatened he reacts aggressively.

    Oleksy is a freakin Dire Wolf

  • I like how they called everything but this.

  • Mid-punch, Oleksy gives his stick to the Caps player skating in, since his stick is tied up with Silferberg. That’s heads-up hockey.

  • troyerlaw

    Uh, no. That is not what happened. First of all, forwards give stick to D-men, not vice versa. Second, Oleksy’s stick got caught up under Silfverberg’s arm earlier in the play. Oleksy was without a stick. He momentarily held his arms out, to get ref’s attention. Then, as the play continued and Silfverberg continued toward the net, Oleksy did what he could to stop him, i.e. he punched him. As for whose stick was whose, I believe the one underneath Silfverberg at the end of the play belonged to Oleksy. At first he picked up the other one to play with it, but afterward, he went fishing for the other stick, which was still pinned beneath the prostrate Silfverberg. I personally didn’t mind the punch. I don’t think he was even really trying to punch the guy in the face. He was reaching backward to stop him at same time as he was watching play develop. He would have been just as happy pushing him in the chest. What I DID mind were Ribeiro’s stupid, selfish penalties at the end of the game. Cost us the game, increassed likelihood we will face OTT in playoffs, and gave OTT the season sweep heaiding into the match-up.

  • Haha, that was a good one. Way to go Steve have to remember to stay out of the box though come Tues./Wens.

  • scott

    shannaban inc

  • GreenMarine

    It was Oleksy’s stick… they tangled up at the boards and Silfverberg, by choice or by accident, took off with both his and Oleksy’s stick…