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After netting a hat trick against the London Knights in game 2 of the OHL Western Conference Finals, Tom Wilson has continued to bolster his status as an elite playoff performer.

Wilson, whose tremendous play in last year’s postseason secured him a spot in the draft’s first round, scored three more goals in the next two games. Both times Wilson’s goals helped to build Plymouth’s comeback efforts, but the Knights took the lead back and won. In both games, the final score was 6-4 London.

Wilson’s consecutive goals begin at 1:00 mark. Carrick’s tremendous backhand cross-ice assist is at 1:45.

In game 3, Wilson’s goals helped the Whalers to pull off a miraculous come back. The Whalers started third period down 3-0 (two of the Knights goals by potential first-rounder Bo Horvat). Wilson scored two consecutive goals in less than four minutes, allowing his team to get back in the game. Five minutes later, a big goal by Ducks’ prospect Rickard Rakell tied the game. Fast-forward one minute and Mitchell Heard gave the Whalers the lead off of amazing cross-ice feed by Carrick.

Then the Whalers’ emotion started working against them. Connor Carrick picked up a minor for cross-checking, and London’s Max Domi tied the game on the ensuing powerplay. 50 seconds later, Seth Griffith gave the Knights the lead. A frustrated Heard shoved one of the Knights in the back of the head, picking up a major for check to the head, burying his team’s hopes of tying the game. Wilson and Vince Trocheck later picked up misconducts for “Persisting” – trying to start a fight despite the linesmen keep the players apart. The Knights kept their cool and coasted to victory as Domi scored an empty-netter.

Wilson’s assist is at the beginning of the video. His goal – a deflection off Carrick’s shot – is at the 1:40 mark. Two more of Carrick’s assists are at 0:35 (notice Wilson screening the goalie) and 1:25 marks.

In game 4, the Whalers started off well, twice getting the lead in the first period and outshooting the opposition. The Knights managed to tie the game going into intermission and then took a two-goal lead by the halfway point. Late in the period, the Whalers tied the game (Wilson provided the equalizer), but the Knights scored early in the third.

Tom Wilson, who missed three games with a reported concussion, has 16 points in 11 games, placing him 7th in playoff points per game and tenth overall in points.

Game 5 may end the Whalers’ season. It will be played in London  at 7PM EST. The OHL has streaming available to watch.

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  • CDizz

    The kid reminds of a combination between Lucic and Brouwer. Hard-nosed, gritty, but skilled enough with his stick to get pucks in the net. Really hope he can bring this game to the NHL level.

  • Jeremiah

    unrelated to wilson, it would be cool if the caps could draft that Horvat kid. i don’t believe the caps have drafted from the knights since Hunter bought them” Carlson joined after being drafted i think”.

  • yv

    So, if they would be eliminated where Wilson will play next in Hershey or here?

    On Monday is draft lottery and there is developing detective story about one of potential top 10 players, Valery Nichushkin, who has played with Kuznetsov’ Traktor Chelyabinsk and who now playing in semis of WJC-U18 in Sochi. There are multiple reports, unofficially confirmed (officially only after April 30) that he was sold this morning by Traktor to Ovis Dynamo Moscow for 10M$(!) and even Putin was involved in these secret talks in Sochi. He will sign 2-year contract with 1 year opt out and should get the highest salary of the team, 2M$ per year, but because of Dynamo veterans and coaches objections, probably 1M$ plus bonuses. He didn’t know about the trade, but managed to shake it off and just scored high-reel goal, copy of Ovis goal to OTT, against USA and gave 2:1 lead to Russia in the second period.

    It would be interesting to see how this story affect his draft selection.

  • yv, he could play either with Hershey or Washington after his season is over this year. I would bet the farm on him playing for the Bears.

  • yv

    Ian, I didn’t know that you are a cowboy and a gambler)! I bet your cowgirl will be not happy when she will suddenly find that her boy lost a farm in Caps betting (she might already knew that betting against unpredictable Caps and Ovi is a dangerous thing) and she need to do now what city girl do!)
    Interestingly, I have looked on betting and I see that for Conn Smythe Ovi is only 30 and way below many other players (Crosby tops at 8), while Caps have only 3% chance to win SC. Maybe good time to take these bets?

  • Haha. That’s really interesting and a bit surprising. Unfortunately, you’re telling this is a guy who went to Las Vegas for a week and didn’t bet any money!

  • I won $3k in Atlantic City two weeks ago and am up $30k in lifetime gambling. Blackjack, baby.

    Kings to win the Cup.

  • yv

    I saw recently in couple BD movies (21?… )what happening with the blackjack lovers, especially from Ivy leagues. Not so encouraging looks after, in AC including!)

    And no repeat SC winners in this league! Caps-Ducks would be entertaining.

  • I don’t think Anaheim can make it that deep. They’re a 48.13 possession team ( Only one team has ever won the Cup with that little possession: the 08-09 Pens– and I think their possession numbers were skewed by Bylsma’s late entry.

  • yv

    You, Peter, have obsession with possession!)

    Really interesting, attractive diagram, while it is only for 5 years and small. But what I see is that differences in possession numbers between 0.45 to 0.55 (upper and bottom left) is insignificant when you get into playoffs, while it is very significant to get into playoffs.
    From 22 teams you still have 1 cup and 1 finals in low group, versus 50 teams produced 3 finals and 2 cups in high group. Above 0.55 is of course different group and, unfortunately, Caps, probably b/c of those games 5-7 with Habs, didn’t make it deeper.
    It just suggesting that playoffs is different animal. Anything is possible, especially for Ducks with BB’ painful experience.

    What would be interesting is to compare possession numbers for same playoffs teams during regular season and during playoffs. I can guess that there would be significant differences for many teams, suggesting new tactics and strategy, and Caps of this year might fall in this group.