Brad Marchand is a great hockey player. He has a big heart too. His gutless diving, however, has to stop.

In the third period of the Capitals’ 3-2 overtime win over Boston on Saturday, Marchand dropped to the ice like a piano falling off the top story of the Empire State Building after Alex Ovechkin gave him a friendly slash in the ribs.

Is the covering of his face and getting in the fetal position really necessary?

Fortunately for us, Ovechkin had a chance to discuss the play face-to-face with Marchand in a heated scrum after the whistle.




Yeah, that’s not even fair.

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  • That phrase, “You’d love him if he was on your team” usually gets tossed around about guys like Marchand but forget that noise. Cannot stand Marchand and it’s all about his flopping, diving, and overall injury faking. That non-sense needs to start getting called regularly or fined for.

    “64.1 Diving / Embellishment – Any player who blatantly dives,
    embellishes a fall or a reaction, or who feigns an injury shall be
    penalized with a minor penalty under this rule.”

    Doesn’t seem to apply very often. Refs have a hard job, sure, but they know, we know, players and coaches know the guys around the league who are notorious for embellishment.

    End of rant. Marchand sucks.

  • That guy is one of my favorites to hate, would have been good to take out Boston 2 yrs. in a row. But will be even better to take out NY.

  • brad marchand

    Oh my that slash… I hope he recovers soon.

  • LOL

  • yv

    Time to call that Vancouver fan who created and posted two big videos about Boston Bruins. The second one couple month ago after Bruins’ HC Julien complained about other teams players diving and embellishment?! The gif of this Marchand ‘reaction’ should be shown to Julien or, at-least, made known to Boston press.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Hate that short little troll. I hope he gets a puck to the nads.

  • JenniferH

    My first intro to Hockey was the Caps vs Bruins in the Playoffs last year. And, MAN, I couldn’t stand Marchand. His was the first non-Caps Hockey player name I learned because I needed to curse out the right guy by name.

  • Dominic

    Marchand out 4-6 weeks with a body-injury.

  • liquid8d
  • blondinwrx
  • …to the ego! To me, diving should be made a double-minor penalty to discourage it.

  • hollaz

    I was at the game and I don’t know if the cameras picked it up because I haven’t seen anything written about it, but Marchand kicked Ovi during that scrum… what a punk

  • freckleface81

    Man, do I hate that guy. He’s the worst, seriously. I said it at the game and I’ll say it now, if I saw him on the street, my instinct would be to trip him. And I totally agree, Matt, that the whole “you’d like him if he was on your team thing” does not apply. I’d still think he’s an ankle biting diver.

  • IMO, the multimedia team at VC should play a music video of the Beatles’ song Yellow Submarine every time Marchand dives in our building. The same should also apply to Matt Cooke and to Sydney Crosby, when.if they return.

  • hunter

    Like Marchand or not IF YOU ACTUALLY WATCHED THE GAME AND SAW THE REPLAY from the behind the net angle you would actually that Ovechkin purposely turned over his stick and targeted Marchand in the ribs between his pads. IT’S CALLED SPEARING not slashing… supposed be an automatic ejection. He, as every hockey player does, knew exactly where to hit him. There’s no place in the game for this type of action… especially from a superstar like Ovechkin. You’ll never see Ovechkin do this to someone that can actually stand up to him… he’s too much of a wimp for that.

    Did Marchand embellish this a little… possibly… maybe even probably, but that’s not his history if you actually watch him for any length of time. Marchand is a scrappy player that gets under your skin with his scrappy play but he’s not know for diving… unlike Ovechkin. Don’t believe me… go back and watch some tape.

    In my book I’ll take hard scrappy play like Marchand’s day in and day out rather than Ovechkin’s play which is great when they are winning… but when the Caps are losing he quits playing. Ovechkin this year sucked… SUCKED… when they needed him most.