• Best.


  • JenniferH

    Oh, I’m so glad you posted this. I missed it during the game, and I certainly love Perry’s OT-win paroxysms of joy!

  • Alex Gregory

    I’m not sure what’s more awesome about this blog entry; the gif or your drawing lol

  • We should make this a shirt

  • Mash

    Can’t wait to see his playoff celebration

  • Varly needs a hug. From perry. ASAP!

  • Let’s hope we see these awesome celebrations downing NY.

  • Gremstitl’

    That needs to happen. I’ll take 83.

  • Gremstitl’

    Derp, make that 85. Clearly I was thinking of the OTHER shirt you’re going to make out of this meme: that of Beags looking more and more worried at Matty’s antics.

  • HarmCity

    Never gets old!

  • Pete

    #perrycelly t-shirts?

  • We believe his name is Puppy.

  • CDizz

    Hahahahahaha oh my god, I already liked Perreault, but this just ices the freaking cake

  • Sooooo, is this a thing yet? The only thing missing are the literally hundreds of movement lines you’d need to draw to truly convey his winseizures.

  • “winseizures”….me likee…