Happy playoffs, hockey people!

On this very special day, we’re releasing a bunch of new shirts to the RMNB store— and we’re sure you’ll love at least one of them. If you’re into Perreault’s post-game celebrations, The Wagon, or meteors, we’ve got a shirt for you. And if you hate Pennsylvania (and who doesn’t?), we’ve got you covered as well. Seven new shirts in all, in men’s and women’s cuts, all printed on the finest natural synthetic fabrics available.

Wwith Mother’s day coming up, all Women’s tees are 15% off. Just use the coupon code MOTHER2013 during check-out.

We’re real proud of this new batch of shirts. Take a look and let us know what you think!

#PerryCelly T-Shirt


Emotions run high when hockey goes to extra innings. Anything can happen in sudden death overtime, but it seems like one thing always does: Mathieu Perreault freaking out. The #PerryCelly shirt, illustrated by RMNB’s own Rachel Cohen, is your way of commemorating and celebrating along with him.

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Wagon T-Shirt


Carrying the Caps like a rickety Conestoga, there’s the ever-reliable Matt Hendricks, whose name has fallen out of fashion in favor of this new one: The Wagon. He’s sturdy and well-worn, like your mom’s Buick Estate, except Hendy does somewhat more more punching and goal-scoring than grocery-getting.

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RMNB Space Logo T-Shirt


We’re proud of our ties to space. Sorry: spaaaaaaace. There was the time Igor found ice on Mercury, and then the whole meteor thing that nearly melted our servers. Hockey is now just a side project for us, something to fill the hours before our next space adventure. Wear this shirt if you’re boldly going with us.

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The Ten Train Brings the Pain T-Shirt


Tom Wilson wears the #10 jersey in Plymouth. The Whalers announcers dubbed him “The Ten Train” for his railroading hits, which along with grain and dry goods, also bring the pain. Rock The Ten Train shirt so you can tell your friends you were onboard with Wilson first.

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Hip-Check 3D T-Shirt


Dmitry Orlov and hipchecks go together like milk and pasta. Also like milk and pasta, Orlov’s hipchecks can be devastating to your health. And while this shirt probably isn’t 3-D even when you wear the glasses, it looks rad in any situation. Disorient your friends all day long!

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Pennsylvania Is The Worst State Ever T-Shirt


Pennsylvania is awful. Why is is there a town named Intercourse in PA? Why does driving over the Mason-Dixon Line feel like traveling back in time to an era before pothole-filling technology was invented? Pennsylvania hosts two of the Capitals’ most heated rivals, the Penguins and the Flyers. Let your enmity be known in this lovely shirt, which comes in two variations: retina-burning Philly orange or Pittsburgh powder blue. Also appropriate for ironic or self-loathing Pennsylvanians, because we call agree on point: Hershey rules! (As noted in the small print.)

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I Survived The Chelyabinsk Meteor T-Shirt


The Chelyabinsk meteor injured over a thousand people, but most of those were from broken glass and the like. Everyone made it through okay, and now it’s just a wild story with lots of concomitant property damage. And because The World is Wrong, your humble hockey blog was first to cover it all. The “I Survived the Chelyabinsk Meteor and Read About it First on RMNB” shirt is part solemn remembrance of a crazy time and also a really nice way to help us pay for the ridiculous bandwidth expenses that came out of it.

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  • Bah. You guys totally ignore the Reading Royals – also in Pennsylvania, and looking to proceed to the third round of the ECHL playoffs. If you get a chance watch some of the bad blood that’s gone on this series with the Florida Everblades! (yesterday both teams had to fly on the same plane…. let’s just say it wasn’t congenial)

    I’ll buy an orange AND a blue shirt for my whole family IF you add Reading to the disclaimer!!!!

  • Love the new shirts – but why can’t the ladies join in on the PA hate train?

  • Michael McGraw

    No “ERATicate ‘Em”?!?! Guess I’ll have to wait til next year…

  • Guest

    AND THE BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All your shirts are awesome…but how about some of those same designs on coffee mugs? Also some hats, beer steins, shot glasses, and “humangous” car magnets would be nice.

  • There are no orange shirts in the entire women’s selection on Spreadshirt — that factored into why I just did the men’s. Do you want a particular color?

  • Haha. I didn’t realize he had fans already. Also, I missed another opportunity to do Wolski’s Wolfpack and just have a giant howling wolf on the front.

  • Someone missed the fine print. LOL


    Shut up and take my money.

  • ralphy

    i dont get perry celly. celly?

  • Will look into it over the summer, David

  • IntheDudeWeTrust

    I totally dig all of these!!
    How’bout an Ovi Rocket Richard shirt, with his name on a rocket traveling through space, or something?

  • elguapo

    Because it’s the Pittsburgh.

  • Tim

    I live outside of Philly and am a big Capitals fan. Not all of PA is weird….only about 95% hahaha

  • Love all the new shirts, especially #PerryCelly! That being said, this thread needs moar Brouwitzer!

  • Or just a photo of his smiling face on said rocket.

  • http://brouwerrangers.spreadshirt.com The Brouwer Rangers store will have all your Brouwer needs I’m sure.

  • FLCaps

    Love the shirts…but I’m holding out for an Erskine and or Oleksy one. Make it so.

  • LynneDee1

    I Love the new shirts!! And I ordered Wagon!!

  • Sage Confucius

    Perhaps the blue one would be your best option then.

  • LynneDee1

    Well Brouwer is a Cap now Not Ranger!!

  • Lynne, if you have Twitter follow these guys http://twitter.com/brouwerrangers They dress in spandex and support Brouwer. They are Caps fans! Hilarious dudes.

  • Steve

    Where’s the shirt with the RMNB Ovechkin angry-face logo?

  • 21Girl

    Just bought a Perry Celly! Couldn’t resist!

  • FLCaps

    Oh I read it when you guys published it. How sweet would a Binky shirt be? Oleksy, binky in, punching someone in the face? Epic.

  • How do shirt sizes run in comparison to player shirts sold by the Caps?

  • I live in south central PA. The penguins and flyers fans around here are ridiculous. Bonus is that the bears are so close.

  • Vaguely reminiscent of the Capstronaut…or those Blue & Green guys in Vancouver…

  • It’s ironic that PA is the “Worst State Ever” but it’s also where the Conestoga WAGON was invented. In PA the Flyers, Pens and Roads suck but Intercourse is freakin’ awesome PA Dutch food is the some of the best. Where can I send you some Whoopie Pies Ian?

  • Haha. If you’re serious shoot me an email ianrmnb@gmail.com

  • Done….Let’s Go Caps, Bears, and Royals from Lancaster PA.

  • I like all of these t shirts but i like most red one which have The Ten Train Print. Where I can buy it ??

  • vsergio69

    So you hate Pennsylvania, yet your own farm team, the Reading Royals are one game away from winning the Kelly Cup!!!!!!! You jinxed yourself and the Bears with these crappy tshirts, you better not jinx us!!! Too bad you guys didn’t come up to Reading, Pa to watch a Championship team play!

  • Happy and hopeful for you guys to finish it out. But the shirt, come on man, clearly it’s a joke about the Flyers and Penguins — and maybe Intercourse, PA too. 😀

  • Ahh..its really cool. want more t shirt with different heat logo, check it now http://newimageheattransfers.com/.