On Tuesday night, CSN analyst and great head of hair Alan May took to Twitter to complain about his lack of a personalized t-shirt.

We’re on the case.


In Rachel Cohen’s pencil-drawn style, we see Alan just as he looked two years ago when the Caps pulled out a dramatic win over the Rangers. That’s how we like to think of Alan: pugnacious and passionate– maybe a homer, but still among the best hockey minds in our world. Wear this shirt because Alan May beat up all your favorite players from the early- to mid-90s and now he just insults their haircut and fashion sense.

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  • Purchasing sooner than later.

  • A beautiful likeness.

  • Guest

    He would never wear that shirt.

  • Hockeyshopped, why didn’t you sign this comment with your own name? 😀

  • hockeyshopped

    Woops. Must be the interwebs fault. Stay classy folks.

  • Rhino40

    Way cool

  • I wanna know why he isn’t between the benches every game!! Him and locker going at it is just as entertaining as the game (sometimes)!