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I hope your employer allows long, flexible lunches, because from 12 to 3 pm and 5 to 7 pm on Friday, the NHL — in conjunction with NBC Sports — will be giving away free cupcakes at Union Station. And not just ordinary cupcakes. Per the, um, fantastic, press release from NBC, these are limited edition “Stanley Cup(cakes),” which include logos of all 16 teams competing in the playoffs.

It’s a nice, tasty treat to enjoy the day after the Caps stomped out the Rangers in game one 3-1.

Crumbs Bake Shop today announces its partnership with NBC Sports Group and the NHL to create a one-of-kind campaign to promote the Stanley Cup playoffs on NBC Sports.

Crumbs Bake Shop with NBC Sports and the NHL will celebrate the start of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs. As part of the “Because It’s The Cup” marketing campaign, Crumbs has created a limited edition set of  “Stanley Cup(cakes).”  The campaign, which encourages fans to ‘tweet before you eat’ launches Tuesday, April 30 with a press conference in Madison Square Park, NYC, includes:

Crumbs Cupcakes featuring all sixteen (16) playoff clubs to be sold at all Crumbs retail locations throughout the country. Select teams at select locations

NBC/NHL/Crumbs co-branded mobile vehicle touring key play-off cities distributing the specially “iced”  Cupcakes

Delivery of custom sets of Crumbs Cupcakes to local sports radio stations, affiliate and RSN television networks, media and key business partners

“We are excited to partner with Crumbs bakeshop on this unique element of our ‘Because It’s The Cup’ Stanley Cup Playoffs campaign with the NHL” Said John Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, NBC Sports Group. “Working with Crumbs on this promotion is important to our overall efforts to connect with fans in fun and unique ways.”

“As a bake shop known for making original and unique cupcakes, creating this one of kind experience for the Stanley Cup playoffs is a great opportunity for Crumbs.” Said Julian R. Geiger, President and CEO of Crumbs Bake Shop. “We are excited to partner with NBC Sports Group and the NHL and look forward to a successful partnership.”

If you go down to get some, make sure to post pictures in the comments below!


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  • jennrubenstein

    was a little bummed they weren’t team logo cupcakes… but they’re red white & blue, that totally counts.

  • jennrubenstein

    hm, apparently can’t post the pic from my phone? probably my phone’s fault. only 27 days until my gs4 is here =/

  • Peter Hassett

    oh yeah, comments don’t really support mobile upload yet– sorry!

  • Mac Johnson


  • Mac Johnson
  • Mac Johnson

    No gif support? 15 minutes down the drain…

  • Sad and not full of cupcakes

    DISCLAIMER: Tiniest cupcakes ever! False advertising, they are not normal size and have no team logos… #disappointed

  • Ian Oland

    Mac! These are awesome man! Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great time.

  • Ian Oland

    Try uploading it to tumblr and then pasting the web address of the GIF into here. That should work.

  • Mac Johnson
  • Peter Hassett

    woohooo hahaha

  • Peter Hassett

    peter want cupcake

    workweek long

  • Ian Oland

    hahahahaha this is amazing

  • Ian Oland

    Please send your angry emails to:

    Pierre McGuire
    NBC Sports
    Toronto, Canada 78SDKJ

  • DClark1032

    Crumbs Bakery has the real deal: