Jason Chimera Scores a Goal


“WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (Photo credit: Patrick McDermott)

Jason Chimera hasn’t scored a lot of goals this season — so few, in fact, that’s it’s become A Thing. Chimera markers are special occasions to be celebrated– like a John Carlson backcheck. But Thursday, in game one of the 2013 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, we got another special occasion.

Just 46 seconds after Marcus Johansson took Steve Oleksy‘s divine saucer pass and put it behind Henrik Lundqvist in the second period, Chimmer added another goal to Washington’s tally. Taking a pass from Mathieu Perreault, the Bald Bullet swept the puck towards the net from the blueline. It seemed as if Chimera was trying to set up a play for Matty P, who by then had parked himself in front of net. Instead, Chimera’s puck trickled lazily past King Henrik.

“He’s had some struggles as far as the regular season goes,” Troy Brouwer said of Chimera. “To see him score early on, get confidence, play well [is good]. He loves helping the team out, he loves playing hockey, and he did a great job tonight.”

2013, so far at least, has been a crummy year for Chimera. In 47 regular season games, he registered just three goals. Last season, in a full 82, he scored 20. But, as many players are quick to point out, everything starts over in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And in that case, Chimera is now tied for second in the league in goals.

In the most beautiful moment of childlike joy I’ve ever seen, Chimera threw his hands in the air after the puck crossed the line, screaming as he skated towards the Capitals bench, which was ready to welcome him into their grasp. Karl Alzner then skated in from behind, wrapping his arms around Chimera’s waist, and lifted the 213-pound, newly-minted 34-year-old off the ground.

“I think he strained his back trying to pick me up!” Chimera said after the game. “It’s fun. This is what you live for as a young kid: playing the New York Rangers, scoring a goal. You can’t beat that.”

  • Hendybobendy26

    Good for Chimmy! I love seeing the boys rally around him for his birthday!!

  • Scott_DC

    Best part: there was a Rangers fan jawing with Chimmer when he was in the penalty box serving Fehr’s other penalty. After he scored, Chimmer skated over to the glass, looked right at the Rangers fan, and gave him the “What’s up, now?”

  • Scott_DC

    I just watched the video above. You can see him start coming over around the 40 second mark. Awesome.

  • warriorinside

    Please tell me you have footage of that or can get it.

  • Scott_DC

    I wish, but sadly, no. As I posted above, you can see him start to skate over in the video after his goal. I haven’t see any footage of the penalty box shenanigans. The Rangers fan was sitting right behind Eliot in the Morning.

  • This was going so well until you mentioned EITM I was at a game and sat 1 row back of EITM. 101 fans were yelling over to him trying to get his attention, and he just ignored, Fine his option to do that. What got my dander was every time his mug appeared on the over head, he would stop talking to whoever was next to him, so he could watch himself. I wonder if he has a lot of mirrors at his place.