GAME OVER GREEN! Caps beat Rangers 1-0 (OT)

Greg Fiume

Gorgeous pic by Greg Fiume

Hockey hypertension. The Washington Capitals and New York Rangers played a high-tension matinee game that had everyone watching in conniption fits. Superb performances by goalies Henrik Lundqvist and Braden Holtby kept the game scoreless through regulation despite some dazzling chances at both ends. I’m trying to think of a non-cliched way to say we were on the edge of our seats, but I’m way too wrapped up in this to be clever right now.

Braden Holtby refused all offers, and the Capitals dominated overtime until Mike Green ended it on the power play.

Caps beat Rangers 1-0 (Overtime). Caps lead the series 2-0.

  • John Erskine did not play his best game. While he contributed a few muffins and cannons from the blue line, he looked overwhelmed in his own zone, particularly when playing below the goal line. Braden Holtby bailed him out at every turn, but Ersk could use a bit more confidence and deliberation with and without the puck.
  • The Caps have a localized epidemic of Swedish Passing Disease. Nick Backstrom and especially Marcus Johansson had some prime chances to score squandered due to reticence to shoot. I think the feeling is that Henrik Lundqvist cannot be bested without some brilliant passing sequence, but he’s just mortal and will stop somewhere around 92% of shots over time. Gimme volume over quality, though crashing the net never hurts.
  • John Carlson was everywhere, driving play more than any other player and leading the team in shot on net.
  • Rick Nash had a semi-breakaway in the third period that went off the goalpost. We really owe that goalpost a thank you card. Someone get on that.
  • Eric Fehr is good everyday, but today he was extra special good. His penalty killing in overtime nearly led to a SHOTGWG, and he immediately followed it up with a diving block. Unreal play by the Caps’ unsung hero.
  • Mike Green, my baby. We’ve never seen Green play healthy in the playoffs until now. It’s a marvelous sight.
  • Braden Holtby made 24 saves in his shutout, and he needed every one.
Exclusive Joe B suit of the night

Exclusive Joe B suit of the afternoon

Holy shit, guys. We made it through this one. That was as tense as anything I’ve ever seen. I had to take off my shirt during OT because I didn’t know how to cope. I still don’t. These may not be sentences I’m writing right now– and my hands are shaking so bad my TYPOS REL/60 is probably off the charts.

The Caps really came through in this one. They owned the puck, played physically, and got their power play converting when it matters most. It wasn’t the team effort we saw on Thursday– this was a hero thing. The oft-maligned Mike Green had a very big day, and Braden Holtby did what we’ve come to expect from him– nigh perfection.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m houseruling Braden Holtby perfect through two games. That game-one goal against was a fluke. He’s been ideal– something of a postseason habit for Holtby.

The Caps now head to Manhattan to curbstomp the Rangers. I think they can do it. Every chump who picked Rangers in 4 or 5 is looking a bit silly right now. If the Caps stick to their game, they’re going deep.

Good game guys!

  • My heart……….


  • Um… any thoughts on the not-so-well-hidden lopsided broadcast commentary that NBC’s finest barfed up today?

  • Akay15

    Ooh McDonagh is gonna get Torts’d tonight. Sucks for him. GO CAPS!

  • Oh it’s even worse on NHL network

  • elementarynotion

    Ryan McDonagh = Playoff Goat. It is very gratifying to write these words.

  • Sorry my recap sucked– I do not perform under pressure as well as Braden Holtby

  • laxbrah95

    It’s all good! “swedish passing disease” => spot on!

    (P.S. Ovi actually matched Carly in leading the team with 7 SOG.)

  • JenniferH

    Considering how AMAZING the game was, I don’t think anyone can blame you. Personally, I thought the write-up was great and love any love for my Holtby, but I do think that Oveckin was an insane beast even without scoring.

  • JenniferH

    Oh my! Now that was some AWESOME Hockey! I’m so proud of this team, so proud of Holtbeast, Ovechkin (who was a BEAST himself), GWG!Greenie, Binky, Fehr… just WOWZA!!! I don’t know if we can sweep, but we’re looking good. The only reason it took us to OT to win is because Lundquist was insane; the Caps are playing some great hockey right now! 🙂

  • Yash Desai

    Swedish-Passing Disease? More like fellow countryman conspiracy!

    GG Caps we grinded through this one, lets go for the sweep.

  • JenniferH
  • You’re fine. My recap would’ve probably been

  • hahahaha

  • Why no mention of Ovechkin’s game…

    7 hits 7 shots. He broke Hagelin, Hagelin was not very fast the rest of the game.

  • Rhino40

    Meme of the game

  • Hopeless

    Can you say HELL YEAH TEAM EFFORT! I’ve been skeptical of this team, writing this season off as a wash early on. But oh man we just look so complete at the perfect time. It’s like I’m playing PS3 up in this joint when I watch them play.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Was waiting all day for Milbury to say something good about Ovie. Never did. His weird evil twin did, though.

  • yv

    Good observations Peter, I was first time in D-zone sitting and was very nervous about Erskine. Maybe morning games is not his time. But by some reason this time you have feeling that Caps will not allow the goal. Caps now really different, instilling confidence however close game is. And MG52, he is really abbreviated mine/grenade thrower model 52. Every team should think thrice before taking penalty, when you have Ovi, MG52, Ribs, Nicky and Brower.
    What a great place downtown DC was today after the game, rivers of red spreading happiness to outskirts on bright sunny day.

    Two in – Fourteen to Go!

  • Jeremiah

    every game is just a love fest for callahan , even praising him diving in the first

  • @TimHanson26

    The headline picture for this post is quite epic! Kudos. The game today was great. Caps controlled the pace most of the game. Outside of the overpassing, there isn’t much to complain about. Hope they can keep this up in a loud and unfriendly MSG. GO Caps!

  • dave6693

    So, just to get this straight, the reason why Alzner’s delay of game wasn’t called was because he didn’t deliberately chip it over the boards?

  • As an Owen myself, I love this!!!

  • serpent

    I hit the mute when that mutant comes on. Nothing he says is anything I need to hear.

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  • That’s totally me in the Backstrom jersey on the left!!