More Steve Oleksy Face Violence (GIF)


GIF by welshhockeyfan

Two days after Steve Oleksy took a wrist shot to the cheek, he absorbed even more facial violence in game two, this time getting high-sticked in the mouth by Derek Dorsett. Dorsett was whistled for a minor penalty, and Binky, just like on Thursday, didn’t miss a shift. But his poor face.

Little plays like this win playoff games, but it’s too bad that Oleksy continues getting brutalized. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without scars, without stitches at some point,” Braden Holtby said after game one. You can now add a fat lip to that list– all mementos for a sterling season.

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  • He has all summer to heal up.

  • Holy mother of Faces

  • Actully he’s only going to have 2 months if you know what I mean

  • CJ

    Crosby should take a lesson from him…

  • Rob

    He is a T-1000. If he gets hit the only thing that will happen is you will see his steel-alloy skull.