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Odd thing about low-scoring overtime wins: half the players mob the goal-scorer and the other half  (and I’m extending mucho kudos for this) mobs the other guy, the goaltender.

Way to go, Mike Green and Braden Holtby. And bravo to the guys who remembered how they got to OT in the first place. This lovely GIF is going right next to Joel Ward’s bench-clearer in Boston on our GIF mantel shelf.

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  • Andy

    I love seeing the guys (generally defensemen) running back to holts first, not that green didnt deserve it i just like seeing how organically people respond

  • It made me LOL that certain players looked one way, looked the other, then split for whichever player they wanted to give a hug to first.

  • Matt Hendricks is originally clearly thinking of giving Holts the first hug, but then turns around when he sees much of the rest of the team heading the same way.

  • Hendybobendy26

    Hendricks did end up hugging Holts first! Trust me, I watched it over & over again! He always hugs the goalie first in OT wins, last year against the B’s too! ( :

  • yv

    VC was crazy after the goal. And we were unfortunate that when MG52 scored the OTGWG MP85 was on ice, otherwise we should be entertained with a gif of absolutely crazy Matty going berserk on the bench!

  • Greg

    I love watching Oates. Takes his hands out of his pockets, a quick handshake and he’s gone. Guess he’s trying to beat everyone to Metro.