Epic celebration! (Photo credit: Greg Fiume)

In the last couple years, Mike Green has struggled mightily with injury. His goal production has slumped, and he has failed to put up more than 8 goals and 24 points in the last two seasons. But over the summer, Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee went all in on #52, giving him a three-year contract extension and a substantial pay raise. A lot of people, including me, were critical of the signing. We were wrong.

That confidence McPhee showed in his struggling player has paid off this season, as Green has returned to form, scoring 12 goals and tallying 26 points in 35 games. Against the Rangers on Saturday, Green did what he did best– scoring the game-winning overtime goal, the only goal of the game. AND HOLY #$%& WHY I AM WRITING SO SERIOUS. WHAT A GOAL WHAT A GOAL WHAT A GOAL!

As Mike Ribeiro fakes a shot, he slickly tosses a pass to Green at the point. Green winds up with all his might and BAM. GAME OVER.

“He’s a money player like that and he did it again,” Braden Holtby told professional creeper Pierre McGuire after the game.

It’s Mike Green’s world we’re living in right now, and all the vespa-riding and shots and Green Life-living is okay by me. Woot!




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  • Oh man, teh feels after that goal. i’m surprised my neighbors didn’t call the cops on me!

  • JenniferH

    I screamed when it happened. Then I rewound and watched it again five minutes later… and screamed all over again! WHEE!!!

  • Actually, they did. But the cops couldn’t hear the phone over the Caps fans.

  • So this is what a healthy Mike Green looks like!! Was watching in Dubai (prime time!) and this was the most beautiful PP all year.

  • blondinwrx

    love the rags fans crying about the non call on delay of game. just shows how smart they are. check the rule book Einsteins. if a play like that was ever even introduced to be a penalty, hockey is dead. cry more rags fans. Holtby the magician.

  • Dubai! Awesome.

  • vahockeymom

    Professional creeper. I’ll be chuckling about that all through the playoffs.

  • Wife was napping. Green scored. Husband screamed. Wife woke up. Totally worth it.

  • What a finish to a great game!

  • Watched live from San Diego this morning. Lost my mind with the OTGWG by Greenie. Loved watching the phone booth explode when it happened, too. Miss DC!

  • 10/10 would scream again

  • Rhino40

    “Woot!” is absolutely goddamn right, Ian. Thank you. Thank. You. Thank you, #52, for a great–though belated–52nd birthday gift!!!

  • Was watching in Germany and had people over so they could learn more about hockey, most of them thought I was crazy when he scored. I haven’t yelled so loud in a long time.

  • KareeLyn

    The hop step Ribeiro did in excitement post-goal is highly underrated.