Caps Fan Representing in Afghanistan (Photo)


Brian is a lance corporal in the Marines, currently stationed in Afghanistan. Brian brings his Caps flag out on every patrol. Brian is my hero.

Thanks for reading, Brian– at least when you’ve got internet access. Crash the net.

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  • Unreal! Thanks Brian for shooting us the email and… like defending our country and stuff. Stay safe over there! We’ll be rooting for you like you’re rooting for the Caps!

  • Tim

    Too cool. Semper Fi brother! If you need anything. Let us know. From one Marine to another.

    Go Caps!

    SSgt / USMC

  • As Wes would say – WE….THANK…..YOU…..


  • Brittany

    Nothing hotter than a Marine who is also a Caps fan! Stay safe & go Caps!

  • MJ90nCaps

    Thanks Brian

  • dad

    you make me so proud SON! Rock the Fing Red boyeee!!!

  • Bridgette

    @ Brittany – you’re right, nothing hotter! 😉

    I love this picture. You could turn anyone into a caps fan 🙂 Be safe out there Bri, and hurry back!

  • You have always been the Caps #1 fan even half way around the world and this just proves it!!!! I’m so proud of you for serving your country and representing your Caps! Be safe and I can’t wait for you to come home.

  • LizzieD

    So very awesome! Thanks for your service and all you do for us!