Kuzya skates with the national team. (Photo credit: Champtionat.com)

Evgeny Kuznetsov has been engulfed in rumors of trades to the KHL’s Dynamo Moscow and getting lured out of his current deal by Capitals officials. But speaking with Mikhail Zislis of Sport-Express, Kuznetsov cleared the air on both sides of the Atlantic. Kuznetsov squashed the rumors and restated that he’ll make the jump to the NHL next year.

From Sport-Express:

Is there anything behind the information that Washington has a representative flying over to Helsinki looking to get you over there sooner?

No, it’s a conspiracy. Don’t believe it [smiles]. I keep up with the people from the Capitals, talk to them friendly over the phone. Nothing new has happened in regards to that. They invited me to visit and talk. They know my plans well. I have decided for myself to spend the next year in Russia and then go to the NHL. Why should I rush?

Are the talks about getting traded to Dynamo worrying you?

Not at all. I’m planning to spend the next 365 days with Traktor. Don’t belive anything else. There are people who like to talk about everything, but they can write whatever.

You’re so confident as if there were no Nichushkin trade to Dynamo.

That was a whole different story.

Kuznetsov’s re-commitment to Washington is noteworthy, but his ability to speak authoritatively about his team’s asset-management decisions is a bit less certain.

  • I hope the “invited me to visit and talk” Kuznetsov is referring to Development Camp. That’d be nice.

  • If he can make the team!

  • I wonder if it’s just the translation (not to question the awesome Fedor, I just mean the whole “lost in translation” angle), but he always comes off like a bit of an arrogant jerk.

  • I think translations tend to come of as sort of to the point, and even with that said, I don’t perceive any arrogance.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Yeah, I hear he can’t play. Who is he anyway?

    …oh, a first round pick? Barely out of his teenage years, and is freak of a hockey player? Well then. Let’s give him money 🙂

  • OlietheGoalie

    Can he shoot puck in net?

  • Would love to see Kuznetsov in Dev camp this year with Galiev, Wilson, Barber, and the draft class of 2013.

  • I’d love to see em all– but I’m really doubtful they’ll all pan out. Galiev particularly.

  • Yeah. Galiev has some of the tools, but the systems based part of hockey he really struggles with. He’s definitely more of a project.

  • To me, he appears to be a fun-loving, happy dude who can sometimes be over-sensitive with the Russian media. We spoke with him at Development camp a few years ago. You can joke with him and he goes along with it.

  • Yes, when you’re translating from one language to the next, always — as a reader — give some leniency to tone for exactly that reason.

  • yv

    According to Kuzzya, he considered everything before signing that 2-year contract, especially, possible lockout and be visible for Olympics. He might got a very good deal for this season, when he getting couple M$ more playing for Traktor, instead of be in AHL minors during lockout and, then, playing as a rookie for the Caps after. But to my mind, he has made huge mistake by signing for the second year without option to get out of contract.
    He has nothing to prove there already and will just waste another year. His KHL numbers for the regular season, however respectable, already showing stagnation compare to previous season, while in playoffs they dramatically dropped (in 2012-12 gp, 7g, 2a, 9 points, +3, in 2013- 25gp, 5g, 6a, 11p, -5). As a result, in contrast to last year, he hasn’t be selected for the national team on already ongoing Worlds, despite it is much more inferior team to the last year and the expected team for Olympics, and plays without key forwards, like Ovi, Malkin, Datsyuk, Semin. By not playing in NHL for Adam Oates’ Caps next season he might missing a great opportunity to elevate his game to superstar levels, like Ovi, Stamkos, etc. did at his age.

  • buck

    is he still in the ECHL?

  • Yeah he is. He’s done well there though. They did the right thing with him. Get the systems play ingrained in him at a lower level, so he doesn’t fail constantly in a higher level and lose all his confidence.

  • And just who’s roster spot will he take?

  • More of the same news about Kuzya. I’m more interested in next season than next-next season.

    Like Pat I am also interested to see who’s spot he would take. But again, next-next season is not even on my mind yet.

  • johnnymorte

    Disagree. Ovi spent some time in the KHL prior to his arrival and he was ready to play. When he came he was physically developed. Kuzya realizes what he needs and would rather do it at home. Nothing wrong with that. Only worry is that he has a change of heart.