Mike Green Scores Again (GIF)


Photo credit: Kathy Willens

The Capitals lost to the New York Rangers 4-3 on Monday, but let’s not let the sadness get the best of us. There were some good moments in the game, most notably Mike Green‘s exemplary play throughout. In 24:32 of ice time, Green had two shots, blocked two others, led his team in possession, and scored his second goal of the playoffs. And it was a beauty.


GIF by official-nhl

In the second period, Green beat Henrik Lundqvist high glove side, which, for those of you who have suffered through these two teams playoff series over the last five years, is where the Caps have scored 98.972% of their goals against The King. Beautiful shots like this remind me of 2009, when Cool Mike was hitting the top shelf on the regular using his now discontinued Bauer Stealth stick.

This is the first time in a long time Green has been healthy in the playoffs, and he’s balling. Please, oh please, let it continue.


Photo credit: @Buccigross

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  • OlietheGoalie

    Glove high. Glove high. Glove high.

    This is how you beat Henry. Every Rangers fan knows it. Henry himself knows it. The hot spot graph only helps.

    Will the puck always rattle the twine? Nope. He’s a good goalie. But it’s the best chance.

  • I hear ya, but it isn’t easy to lift a puck even on smooth ice.

  • Ash

    Healthy Playoffs Mike Green is just such a beautiful thing. It’s like a unicorn. Don’t scare it away!

  • Scott

    Easton Stealth not Bauer.

  • OlietheGoalie

    I understand that – I’ve only ever played goalie, so I can’t speak to be a forward… but if I was paid a couple mil you bet I’d hone that skill.

  • Seriously? It’s not *that* hard, especially not for professional players.

  • On bad ice, when the puck is rolling, yeah it is– in my limited experience. And obviously I’m not a bazillionaire pro hockey player.

  • The curve on Ovi’s stick makes is almost impossible to NOT lift the puck! It’s all in the mechanics of the shot, which these guys have mastered.

  • Getting that shot off is a lot harder on bad ice is my only point. Doing it on a fresh sheet? No doubt.