Erat lies on the ice after colliding with Ovechkin and Stepan. (Photo credit: Bruce Bennett)

The Washington Capitals power play was very good this season; they scored a lot of goals on it. In the first period of game 4 on Thursday Night, though, it was very bad — so bad that the Rangers had more shorthanded chances than the Caps had shots on goal. One of those opportunities for New York was rather disastrous for Washington.


GIF by welshhockeyfan.

With about a minute and a half left in the first period, the Caps’ second power play unit took the puck up ice. Martin Erat attempted to dump the puck in, but it rattled around the endboards before falling into the lap of Derek Stepan. Racing up the ice, Stepan found himself on a partial breakaway, with Erat pressing him from behind. Alex Ovechkin made himself known as well, flying in to break up the play. Ovi clipped Stepan, getting tangled in the Ranger’s stick as he went. With Erat glued to Stephan, the three skaters violently tumbled to ice. Erat landed on his hand before sliding into Washington’s net. He stayed there, in too much pain to move.

Then the refs decided they’d make things worse for the Caps: Erat was given a soft hooking minor and Ovechkin, inexplicably, was assessed a penalty for charging. Ovi didn’t leave his feet or even really deliver a check. He just ran into the dude carrying the puck and happened to get him caught in his stick. Running into the guy with the puck is usually encouraged in the NHL.

Pierre McGuire, who is an idiot, called Ovechkin out for a headshot. But, since you are not an idiot, you can see that the point of contact was in fact Stephan’s left forearm.

Erat did not return.


Ouch. (Photo credit: Chris Gardner)

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  • Pierre MaGuire who is an idiot AHAHA

  • Someone needs to stuff moldy poo-covered socks into McGuire’s mouth …

  • Guest

    Pierre McGuire isn’t just an idiot. Pierre McGuire is a simpering idiot.

  • Guest

    I’m hoping that it’s just a hand injury as his pads should have absorbed most of the force on his arm from falling, but you can see his hand slam into the ice. A hand injury would be much quicker to recover than a broken or sprained arm, for example.

  • Horde22

    If you watch the play closely. Stephan holds Erats stick. It looks like he may have injured his hand trying to get it back. And the refs missed that call too. Stephan goes to the ice with two sticks.

  • Didn’t notice that. Great catch.

  • My takeaway from the last two games between the Rangers and Capitals is that the refs are on The Rangers payroll.

  • Hopeless

    And Chimmera just got cross-checked. WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE REFS?! WANNA SMASH STUFF.

  • hopeless

    No joke whatsoever. Total BS.

  • That was the worst officiating I’ve seen since Game 7, Caps/Flyers where they knocked over Huet and scored and there was no call.

  • hopeless

    Did you notice his hand shaking while he was laying in the goal? Definitely a zinger.

  • hopeless

    If I were on the team I’d pay the $10k to speak my mind to the media about this sh*tty reffing.

  • The refs were paid to extend this series. Period.

  • John

    NHL now rides side by side with boxing….corrupt

  • liquid8d

    I can no longer take it.. I have to watch the games on the national channel with no volume. The announcers as well as the intermission commentary is just appalling.

  • This convinces me something ain’t right here. How could they not call that as either roughing or cross check. Well after the play stopped, unprovoked, blindsided, and right square in front of the Ref.

  • Gary Robert

    Yeah its corrupt b/c the refs made a bad call during game action when things are moving at light speed. Be quiet, guy.

  • Gary Robert

    Yeah, because THAT happens.

  • Gary Robert

    They definitely are. Thats why they gave the Caps a PP with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd of game 3 to tie it up. Holy dumbasses on this reply board.

  • Jason O’Leary

    it is because the Rangers are a big market team…same way that Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh always get the calls…they can’t afford to have a small market team knock out a big market so they always favor the big market teams

  • Yeah… the refs are in the Rangers pocket… uh huh.

    Anyone happen to catch the penalty when Dorsett had a breakaway and the Caps defenseman just fell down on his own?
    Let’s just be realistic here.. Dorsett nor his stick were within 3 feet of the defenseman that fell down on his own. At least with the penalty on Alex, while soft, it is actually a rule ( rule 42 )
    “Charging shall mean the actions of a player who, as a result of distance
    traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner.”
    He certainly traveled a great distance to get to Stepan, he made contact with Stepan so it qualifies as a check, and it was a violent incident.

    It has NOTHING to do with leaving his feet as at least one person posted here.

  • While I agree it appears that way based solely on this gif. It is nothing close to being true.

    Even in this gif you can see a seperation between the Rangers players glove and Erat’s stick as the hit first happens… he wasn’t holding it.
    Notice that both of Erat’s arms are in front of Stepan coming from the right side of Stepan’s body. Erat ( which can be seen from quite a few of the other angles available ) was hooking Stepan and his wrist got hurt because Ovechkin caught Erat’s left arm which took the brunt of the collision.
    When Alex caught Erat’s arm, it slammed the arm into Stepan’s side with enough force that he started knocking Stepan over… you can see Stepan’s right leg lift off the ground from that impact in the gif image just prior to Ovie making contact with Stepan’s left forearm.

    It was actually Ovie that hurt Erat.

  • Mr. Mister

    Yeah, cuz when you get slashed in the face, you totally let that call go, right?

  • Shhh

    Light Speed is a Star Wars term and it doesn’t exist. You’re thinking speed of light and if that were the case we wouldn’t be able to watch the game so… “Be quiet, guy.”

  • blondinwrx

    dorsett had his stick between olesky’s legs and the result was a can opener when he turned. nice eyes.

    penalties or not, the one thing Oates needs to do is find a solution to the diamond. Gauntlet is down. NYR PK is very passive diamond – just get shots through and collapse on the rebound. Ward needs to be involved.

  • blondinwrx

    the problem with calling it a charge is stepan was skating …wait for it…IN THE SAME DIRECTION. He wasn’t stationary on the boards, he didnt just stop – the only momentum was the east west path. REAL far from a charge.

  • Pretty sure we’re a bigger market than Pittsburgh.
    It’s just that NBC doesn’t constantly ride our jocks like they do for Pittsburgh.

  • Ovechkin is lucky he missed. He actually got to Stepan faster than he expected, and threw his shoulder late…if he got there early, he may have gotten Stepan right in the head, and we’d be having a very different discussion.

  • Meh, in my opinion Stepan stopped short and the head didn’t seem to be the target at all.

  • Tommie

    Stepan sucks!

  • You guys really are terrible. There is a second aspect of charging – when you take 2 or more steps out of your normal skating path to hit a player. Ovechkin took a run from the far side of the ice. As for the rest of the series, I sense whiney Crapitals fans compensating for the playoff collapse of your offense

  • Ovechkin was tapped on the arm. watch the replay ya schmuck

  • blondinwrx

    see my post above. Thanks for playing! You go home empty handed, however.