• Billy Thompson

    Holy crap Oatsey bounced fast…he really musta had to pee

  • kevin

    gonna watch nightmare on 42nd st and hit the hay…if I’ve settled down enough to sleep

  • hopeless

    he did it on the ice too. so awesome. bam!

  • hopeless

    did you notice alan may’s reaction when the coaches walked by? aweshum.

  • Anon

    I wish Perry would have ended it early. So damn close.

  • Matt

    Long overdue. 5 games and no Perry celebration had me worried

  • Priscilla

    Only good part about watching on west coast. Lots of time to relax and let the sleeping pills kick in.

  • kevin

    can’t find it. just the hockey will be red video. that’ll do

  • Emily Casto

    Ha! Ian, fantastic caption re: MattyP… a “short and sweet celebration”. I see what you did there and I like it!


  • mariochalmers123

    i think he was probably irritated this went to OT

  • Name

    I like how the camera guy knew exactly who to zoom in on. Ward also had a nice celebration if anyone else caught it.

  • Man in the grey suit doing the #PerryCelly is Dr. Ben Shaffer team orthopedist (probably one of the greatest surgeons doing one of the greatest celebrations)

  • PMB

    This is awesome!

  • Akay15

    Ugh that’s why I love this team so much… they have so much fun!

  • yv

    Catching up after the game. Finally, MP85 was not on ice during OTGWG, so we have now to enjoy his freakish show! Probably, there is somewhere better quality video of this, so it would be also posted on VC Jumbotron, like the previous one, to ignite the crowd.

  • Hendybobendy26

    I’ve always admired his love of the game, its why hes one of my favorites! Glad to see him playing so well.

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  • in the excitement of the win we know you got the right person but listed the wrong name, that was Smoken Al. Play on Hopeless i see some Hopeplus in you.

  • Go natural girl… Schlitz is the pill of choice. True!

  • Slapshot

    I think that was Tim Hunter who was shot out of a cannon. Oates briskly walked off the bench in second place. On another note, that poor trainer in the red shirt got crushed! I’m surprised the refs did’t call a game misconduct on that hit!!

  • warriorinside

    SO MUCH WIN, and bonus for the chibi expression XD

  • per our commenting policy, I am now side-eyeing you suspiciously

  • hopeless

    hahaha thanks for the 1-up