Caps beat Ranger 2-1 (OT): Ribeiro Rules!

Patrick McDermott

Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

Ack. I’m all jammed up like a Phish live record over here. This series is not good for people, plants, or other living things. The corrupted bastardization of hockey the Rangers have foisted upon the Capitals is some perverse thing not spoken of in polite circles. Where’s all the end-to-end action? The shot totals in excess of 40? The goalies giving up goals like Galileo dropped the orange? The Rangers forced the Caps into a constipated brand of hockey that is actually making my back seize up as if I were eating pancakes. Everything is all tensed up, and it goes on way too long. We’re supposed to enjoy it, but it’s really just survival.

The Rangers grabbed a lead in the game’s first minute, putting the entire DMV area’s bowels on red alert, but playoff hero Joel Ward tied it up in the second. The Caps leaned in during the third period, but we headed to overtime anyway– where Mike Ribeiro became a Capitals legend.

Caps beat Rangers 2-1 (Overtime). Caps lead the series 3-2. Sunday is an elimination game for New York.

  • One minute in, Brian Boyle scored. I really don’t wanna talk about it, but if you MUST know, John Erskine and the top line were not doing their jobs — either in clearing the zone or taking defensive assignments. It was a pretty goal– a hard-around to behind-the-net to the open man in the slot. And it set a very bad precedent for the game.
  • It wasn’t just that goal: John Erskine was a mess all around. He gave up a (soft?) elbowing penalty, had one nearly disastrous giveaway in the defensive zone, and was diagnosed with chronic anaphylaxis when exposed to opportunities to clear the zone. After a long season of overperforming, Erskine might be coming back down to Earth. He was a particularly stinky part of the malodorous palate that was the first period, in which the Caps– despite winning possession– failed to make a clean breakout or zone entry once.
  • Mike Ribeiro (and we will come back to him) has been known for his hot head all season, but it worked tonight. He goaded Brian Boyle into a slashing penalty, which Joel Ward used to equalize just 11 seconds later. The power play was led by Marcus Johansson doing the Gretzky thing below the goal line. Really pretty stuff (Craig Laughlin called it “tic-tac-joel”), and not at all what New York was expecting. Joel Ward is a playoff rock and a credit to his team. Keep that stick low, Wardo!
  • P.S. Ribeiro was a monster on the faceoff dot.
  • The Caps were roughed up in the first period, but still got a narrow edge in possession. In the second period, the Caps turned that into a monster advantage during even strength that would lead to a blowout against  a team not so dedicated to shot-blocking (shot-blocking (n.) a way to lose, just less pathetically) and backstopped by the ‘Qvist.
  • John Carlson post noooooooooooooooo. That’s all the “”analysis” I can muster right now. Dude beat the other dude, but the metal thing and then nooooooo. I should be upping my game for the playoffs, but this is really hard, you guys.
  • The Capitals dominated the third period with mucho shot attempts, but we had to go to overtime anyway. Alright, let’s keep it short and sweet.
  • The Caps kept piling on the icing penalties– indicating a weak breakout and neutral-zone play, but the defensive-zone faceoffs were solid.
  • Mathieu Perreault had THE chance of overtime, seemingly beating Lundqvist until the Swede put a meaty leg out to kick the save.
  • AND THEN: Mike Ribeiro, your player of the game by a country mile, won the game in overtime, scoring a point-blank slapshot. Ribeiro was the Caps’ best player tonight even before the OTGWG. He won 19 of 27 faceoffs and led forwards in possession (plus-16), but the goal clinched it. What a stud!
Joe B suit of the night

Joe B suit of the night

We always knew Sunday would be an elimination game, but yay it’s not for our team.

Let’s all just forget that first period. That sucked. Let’s linger on the convincing game the home team played in minutes 20 through whatever time it was when Ribeiro slapped in that one past Lundqvist. The Caps rule at five-on-five, and if they can– FINALLY– get their asses out of the box, they will mollywhomp-curbstomp the Rangers on Sunday afternoon (4:30).

I love this team. Have a great Friday night.

Let’s end this on Sunday.



  • Hockeynightincanada

    Well what do you know? We step up our physicality and get in Lundqvist’s face in the 3rd period and OT and we get rewarded. Well done. Hopefully puck battles are what we will work on tomorrow if they practice. Solid game from Holtby and Lundqvist.

  • Dman

    Jorge Mcphee, you sign that man this instant!

  • Austen

    Wow, what a turnaround!!!

  • Tart

    Wait, No “Ribs is killing this team!” analysis?! This isn’t my RMNB!

  • Anon
  • hopeless

    Hmmmmm no. If not him, it woulda been Pereauooo like he scored last game. One right doesn’t make up for a season full of wrongs. But tonight, I salute him!

  • Porty

    “I’m all jammed up like a Phish live record over here” A+ for the Phish reference

  • I will keep it in my pocket forever.

  • Wow Joe B and Locker are smiling for the suit of the night!!

  • I’m just going to sit over here in my rightness and be right.

    That overtime was the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen. I died six times and the lord of light brought me back. I believe. Caps believe. I think this team has a few more ugly as sin wins in them and I can’t wait to watch them.

  • Anon

    Played very aggressive forecheck, pressured the puck and caused lots of turnovers in the Rangers zone. Was a great turnaround compared to what we saw last game. LET’S END IT IN THE GARDEN.

  • Alex

    So what are the thoughts on Tom Wilson for his debut night? It looked like every shit he was out there he was skating hard and finishing hits.

  • Thoughts on Tom Wilson?

  • Alan

    “A season full of wrongs.” Um. WHAT?

  • Danidama

    It’s like you can read my mind and my heart. Except your words are way funnier than whatever I have going on in my head, heh. “Dude beat the other dude, but the metal thing and then noooooooo.” Awesome.

    That was one of the most beautiful wins I’ve ever seen, and I am so happy. Over the moooon. Caps Rule and Holtby is god.

  • cwhedelt

    Any vid on that Erskine penalty?

  • Akay15

    I would like to take back the bad things I said about Ribs… because hockey.

  • Danidama

    I felt the same and it was crazy. But I don’t believe we need to have any more ugly wins; next game we score goals and play shutdown hockey (if that’s possible!). We’ve got to make it through this series and be done with it already because this is brutal. But that win was the mo-fo bomb. I am loving Oates and his system and Holtby and all the rest! *sobs with joyful joyousness*

  • Rhino40

    Mission for Sunday: WIn by skunkage over the Rags in their own stinky building…because I don’t want to hear that obnoxious *#&$@ goalsong agan until at least October!!!

  • Danidama

    Shift! Shift, young man! Or whatever. Tom Wilson was great. Played well, looked good, and seeing him celebrating with the guys at the end was very cool. Also, he’s huge!

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  • Joben

    Did he do anything? Serious question I was at work and missed the game.

  • CDizz

    Hell of a game! Good seeing Ovi FINALLY spring to life towards the end of the game. Hopefully he’ll bring that fire back. Also, how drunk are you, Peter?

  • katzistan

    “A credit to his team.” Awesome.

  • Jamaal

    1 dislike from someone with white guilt.

  • hopeless

    just ask Peter, and/or look back at past posts… like I said, though, tonight I salute him. but tomorrow, ehhhhh

  • Chocolatetown2ChocolateCity

    2nd in points, 2nd in assists, #1 in shot percentage. “Ehhhh” = racist.

  • JenniferH

    Beyond them winning, my favorite moment was definitely Ribs’ run-and-hop after that OTGWG. It was a thing of joyous beauty. Tense and *in*tense game, but for some reason I wasn’t all that worried. I just knew that they were going to win. I didn’t doubt it at all. And if they can go into game 6 with the 3rd period/OT energy from this game, we WILL bring this home.

    And I officially hate the Rangers enough now that I want us to clinch it at MSG to bask in the glory of their loss on their home court. 😉

    Great recap, Peter, but I think Holtby deserved a little love. He made some fantastic saves and pretty much kept the Caps in the game when they were sluggish. All the love for Ribs tonight. ALL THE LOVE!

  • Yay! What a good night. I was interviewed by your own Chris Gordon, watched the Caps win (albeit from the uber nosebleeds) and did Rocky. My sleep is well deserved

  • serpent

    No. This is NOT appropriate here or anywhere else,for that matter.

  • Dman

    Haha I was just excited. Still think we should sign him for the right price/year length. I agree his 2nd half of the season was not up to par, but he was great the 1st half while our team was struggling. He’s still the 2nd line center we’ve been missing since Federov.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Oh lighten up.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Winning at their home a joyous thing. I still watch the Bruins reactions to Ward’s clincher over and over when I’m sad.

    Poor disappointed racist little trolls deflated in their seats.

  • warriorinside

    Doesn’t bother me. It seems kind of stupid that one race can call each other that and if another race calls them that the world blows up. As far as I’m concerned, differentiating is in and of itself racist.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled hockey.

  • When the guy is good, he gets credit.