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Henrik Lundqvist is dreamy and one hell of a goaltender. But tonight, you can’t help but feel sorry for the 31-year-old Swede, after stopping 33 Capitals shots and falling just short in overtime.

Oh wait, who am I kidding? No, I don’t. Enjoy the GIF.

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  • Feel worse than I did w/ Tim Thomas that’s for sure

  • Andrew A

    Timmy Thomas tripping into the locker room was better.

  • jeremiah

    not a very Kingly action by Lundy

  • Matt

    hes one of, if not THE, best goaltender in the world and on top of it all hes a f&*%ing beautiful man. o well, maybe he sucks at math or something…

  • Danidama

    I love this site so much. It tends to make my day.

    Carry on.

  • Danidama

    I can’t believe I had forgotten that! Thank you.

  • Holby is too sexy for the”king” #holtbyism
    Good tough win for the Caps

  • Danidama

    Simmer down, there. 😉

  • PS – wah.. wah.. from el lundqvist

  • Sportsmanship. One of the many reasons I love the Caps.

  • rmontcal

    WTF is this “feel bad” & “feel worse” BS for Lundquist?

    Not only is NY a brutal opponent, but HL is a big boy.

    Jeebus, Caps fans!

  • yv

    it costs probably 10K$, maybe not so good idea for NYR owners.

  • yeah- Godzilla woulda made kindling outtta that thing

  • Holtbeast can at least bend a steel bar with one hockey stick smack, this hockey stick slam was ECHL level. True!

  • Dominic

    The anger…..the fury……THE MUSCLES.

  • OlietheGoalie
  • OlietheGoalie

    I wouldn’t have lost the game.

  • Break stick and have shards go through his arm like the Nick Backstrom commerical. Biron starts Sunday!!

  • Rhino40

    Well, mainly it’s because Lundqvist isn’t a douche like Thomas or Fleury…or any other member of their respective teams, for that matter. It’s easier to hate on a douche than a decent guy who has the misfortune of playing for a team of douches

  • Rhino40

    Besides, Ranger or not, Lundqvist will always have my respect for the way in which, a couple of seasons ago, he unmasked Sid-the-Id for the nasty, ill-tempered, spoiled brat we always knew him to be:

    The Pens were crashing the net and a Ranger defenseman skated behind Crosby, making minimal or no contact. Crosby reacted by dropping to the ice like he’d been shot with a high-powered sniper rifle, but the refs were wise, no penalty was called and the play was whistled dead. Before the skaters lined up for the next puck drop, Lundqvist skated to where Crosby was standing behind the Ranger net, begging for a call, and said something to him.

    Nobody knows exactly what was said by Lundqvist except him and Crosby (my money is on: “Nobody touch you, Sid–so qvit diving like p****y and man-up!“), but Crosby’s reaction was to instantaneously fly into an apoplectic rage, whence he tried to viciously crosscheck Lundqvist in the throat. Had Lundqvist not been wearing goalie’s equipment, it’s a safe bet that said attack could have had serious–if not fatal–consequences. Fortunately, Crosby was subsequently swarmed by Rangers before he could get in more than one shot at their ‘keep.

    So no, I don’t hate Lundqvist–it just sucks for him that he plays for an organization and coach whom I do hate.

  • I was just thinking back to that moment. Then when he fell leaving the ice, Priceless!