• Guess that knee is feel much better.

  • Considering his goal this is the Wardo Redemption, after that bullshit last year.

  • man i wonder how embarrassed the boys are that you all capture this

  • sheena dunn

    They did play jump around at the game. Wardo just wanted to jump around.

  • Bmoreredfury311

    Thats F-ing Awesome!! great win for the team, build on it and go in to new york ready to play another tough hockey. C-A-P-S!

  • I’m hoping it’s the opposite. Keyword: hoping.

  • JenniferH

    HEE! I love their winning joy! 😀

  • Fedor

    Big cheese is big.

  • Slapshot

    That’s some serious hops for a guy on two skates.

  • capsfanbump

    Doesn’t Ovi also have to have huevos of steel to go over the boards no handed?

    Very pommel horse.

    Love me some Jumping Joel Hosefat!

    Let’s go Caps!