Tom Wilson To Make NHL Debut Tonight In Game Five

Tom Wilson NHL Debut

Photo credit: Chris Gordon

Tom Wilson has had a crazy year. He’s played for both the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL and the Hershey Bears of the AHL. Now, after scoring a hat trick with Plymouth a few weeks ago against Dale Hunter’s London Knights and scoring his first professional goal with Hershey Sunday, Wilson will make his NHL debut Friday against the New York Rangers in game five.

The news was first reported by NBC4’s Adam Vingan and confirmed by Wilson himself:

Per Mike Vogel, Wilson becomes the fourth Washington skater of all-time to make his debut during the NHL playoffs:

If Wilson were to make his NHL debut in the Stanley Cup playoffs, heโ€™d be the third Caps player ever to do so, and the first to turn the trick in more than 13 years, since Trent Whitfield on April 17, 2000. Prior to Whitfield, both Chris Felix (on April 10, 1988) and Grant Jennings (April 26, 1988) joined the Caps during the 1988 Stanley Cup playoffs.

The six-foot, four-inch forward will skate on the fourth line with Matt Hendricks and Jay Beagle and wear #43.

Read up on our expansive coverage of Wilson during this season here to get a better idea of what he’s like as a player.

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  • While we’re at it, can we fly Kuznetsov in to make his debut, too?

  • Rob

    I can’t keep up with all these contract related rules, how many games can he play before it counts as a year for free agent purposes? I think I heard it was 6?

  • Colin Annan

    Exciting for him!! This should put some jump in the step of the 4th line, assuming they’ll get more than 4-5 minutes of ice him. I just hope Wilson can avoid taking any unnecessary penalties in his first game.

  • lrhflute

    I’m so excited for him! I’ve been RMNB’s coverage on him all year and I’m super excited to see him in person! ๐Ÿ˜€ He’s my favorite up-and-comer (I know I’ve said that before….but IT’S TRUE!)!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Toronto Caps Fan

    Wow… chose a rookie over Wolski. That being said, excited to see what he can do

  • OlietheGoalie

    What’s Latta up to?

  • Alex

    I hope he lays the smackdown on some Rangers tonight… Wilson, Hendy, and Beags will be the new Bash Brothers

  • We take a lot of pride in giving you guys realistic expectations on what types of players these prospects are. He’s a big guy, but he has great hands and you’ll be surprised at his skating ability tonight.

  • whole latta nothing

  • I’ll be over here

  • He can play five games before a year of his entry level contract would expire. Which would mean that the Caps would be in round two. It’ll be worth it — to me — to lose that year if he has any impact on this playoff series and beyond.

  • yv

    for post-lockout season, 6, normally 10.

  • …all week, and be sure to tip your servers well.

  • Agree on that, but if he turns out to be a surface-to-Boyle missle, it may be worth it.

  • yv

    He can contribute, if he, indeed, so physical, by wearing down Mac/Girardi pair. This will help a lot for Ovi, especially in the third period. And, hopefully, playing great in lost playoffs series for two different teams within previous week, he will be not a bad omen for the third one, Caps)!

  • I see it as Oates picked Fehr over Wolski (for 2nd line winger) and I’m totally okay with that.

  • #jokes

  • yv

    just to clarify (didn’t paid attention to the word ‘before’ in original posting above), yesterday, I already posted here that 6 and 10 games when it will start count as a year.

  • Rob

    I hope he has a positive impact and I certainly hope it is worth it. Best case for me would be he has an impact, plays five, Laich returns and he is back in the press box without losing a year.

  • hopeless

    Beagle? A bash brother? He’s the annoying wily one who is always in the fray, but homeboy is soft as a pillow.

  • If Oates/McPhee had chosen Wolski to replace the injured Erat, could Wolski then be considered the posession Scylla to Reibeiro’s Charybdis?

  • bwahaha

  • That bon mot has been stuck in my head ever since you wrote it….
    (shakes fist at sky and screams into communicator)

  • ImTomWilson

    I really hope he fights tonight and scores!


  • Change Volpatti to Hendricks and you’d be right ๐Ÿ™

  • OlietheGoalie

    No. No no no no.

    Wagon is going nowhere. Don’t you dare say anything otherwise!

  • #bestcomment