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Game five of the Capitals-Rangers series was just as taut as the preceding four, but the Caps seemed to have the upper hand from the second period on. Still, it took until overtime for the game to be decided– and by none other than the Caps’ much-maligned bad boy, Mike Ribeiro.

Often known as a hot-head weak on the faceoff dot and prone to bad penalties, Ribeiro was the opposite of that on Friday night. Ribeiro won 70% of his faceoffs– many of them crucial defensive-zone draws– and drove play better than any other Caps forward. His pestering of Brian Boyle drew the penalty that led to Joel Ward’s tying goal, and his relentless occupation of Lundqvist’s net led to a pivotal game-winner.

You wanted CRASH THE NET? I give you MIKE RIBEIRO.




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  • Is this the new “ribeiroing?””
    Oh hey mr. Lundqvist, tanks for the #opennet… all your net is crashed to us

  • why take the clip from NBC and pierres tom foolery when you could post joe b’s

  • Michael

    I love Fehr just celebrating on his own, not even caring about Ribs scoring. Victory lap maybe?

  • Not to take away from monsieur ribeiro. But is anyone else appreciating the grindhouse work of Eric Fehr? Dude’s been playing like tomorrow the zombies will attack and wipe ice hockey from the face of the earth… but since Game 1 of this series?!

  • Jessie

    😀 😀 😀

  • Akay15

    Haha to me it looked as if he thought it was Alzner’s goal and then saw everyone rushing toward Ribs

  • Big Chuck

    I appreciate the extra dallops of horn sauce after the standard serving.

  • My bad, Thomas, for using video that’s mobile compatible and serves 55% of our readers. I apologize and will never do it again. (Also, Doc’s call of the goal is pretty awesome too!)

  • Yeah that was sweet!

  • liquid8d

    You don’t mention Fehr making that happen!? 🙂

  • hopeless

    As soon as he gets a goal, I will alongside Mr. Fehr.

  • hopeless

    ***as soon as he gets a goal, I will rejoice alongside Mr. Fehr.*** yay drinky times!!

  • yv

    What a night in Chinatown. Wild roars and screams on the streets after this Ribs goal were only subdued with a sudden very heavy rainfall and thunderstorm.

    This is typical game of new cardiac Capitals. For second year they playing playoffs games that are not for weak heart fans. The 3-1 win in the first game this year, as well as 3-1 loss to Rangers also in the first game last year, is becoming an aberration. Otherwise from 19 playoffs games played during two years, 17 were decided with 1 goal, many in OT.

    I knew before, that home ice giving some advantages, like rights for last shift change, but I didn’t pay attention before to that the location of your team bench can play so crucial role. In this series, in Verizon Center it is now huge disbalance of how many goals were scored into the south net in contrast to north, where Caps offense shoot twice. After three games the score is 8:0! in favor of the south net. The only time Caps shooting there is in the second period and, importantly, in the first overtime. So, when the game is going to OT I’m more confident that Caps will score first to end the game in the first OT. But they should not go to second OT when this advantage disappears. And, it would be much better if Caps start finishing their games in regulation.

  • JenniferH

    I freaking loved his run-and-hop after the goal. JUST LOVED IT!

  • Ahhh horn sauce… Hhhmmmmmm

  • That wasn’t rain, that was past Ranger fans boo hooing. seems like rain though. i would see a doctor before that poison sinks in if it touched you., just a precaution.

  • Fehr made it happen

  • Michelob Ultras to the sky

  • leaveittobeagle

    Matty P had a game too. Like seeing him, fehr, and wardo step it up a notch and then one more.

  • araporrada21

    Again my wife stays away and we win ! I promise she won’t watch game 6

  • warriorinside

    CSN Washington’s video isn’t playable on an iPad, man. I for one appreciate him using a clip that can be.

  • Travis

    Good ole’ Android can. 🙂

  • warriorinside

    Good for it 🙂 I’m not going to go buy one for one site 🙂

  • Yeah, I always try to use YouTubes if possible for that reason.


  • Rhino40

    Great Zero Wing reference.

  • WhyNotBothGirl

    Why not both?

  • The very end of the last GIF. Statue of Liberty with aluminum bottle.